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  • Get real, all you Boyd bashers are complete morons

    All of you who complain about the inner workings of Boyd's shop obviously have never owned your own business. You hire and keep the people who get you the results you want. Instead we got a bunch of couch potato losers sitting at home forming some weak a-- opinions based on a workers 7 minutes of tv face time. You have no clue what went on behind the scenes with this worker or for how long. So she got fired, who cares, it's his business he can hire and fire who he wants for whatever reason he wants. End of story.

    As for all you Chip Foose and Jesse James lovers, neither one of these guys would've ever seen the light of day if they hadn't worked FOR Boyd, that's a fact. The bulk of what they know they learned from Boyd. In the end, they rode his coat tails and screwed him when the opportunity arose. And then Foose goes on to hire the other two backstabbers from Boyd's shop who quit after once again riding Boyd's coat tails.

    There's no disputing it, Boyd's a legend and Foose and James are wanna be's. I'm sure Boyd doesn't give a rat's a-- what any of you tv tools think of him, his wife or who he hires, fires or keeps on board. The results of his work are obvious. RIP Boyd, King of Hot Rods you'll be missed.
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