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Season 14 : Episode 30

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This is American Idol - the hit FOX musical reality series.Three judges: Harry Connick Jr , Jennifer Lopez , Keith Urban , along with host Ryan Seacrest search the US for the next American Idol, a pop star that truly shines above all the rest. Past judges included Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi, Ellen DeGeneres, Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey , Nicki Minaj & Randy Jackson . With help from the viewers, they will decide from thousands of participants who will walk away with a record deal and the fame and fortune that is sure to come along with it. It has since emerged as hit series in its own right, propelling FOX to the top of television rankings, inspiring various merchandise, and launching the careers of many hit-stars. American Idol airs Wednesday & Thursday nights.

John Park

John Park

Twentieth Place - (Season 9)

Tyler Grady

Tyler Grady

Twenty-First Place (Season 9)

Siobhan Magnus

Siobhan Magnus

Sixth Place - (Season 9)

Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall

Fifteenth Place - (Season 9)

Paige Miles

Paige Miles

Twelfth Place - (Season 9)

Michelle Delamor

Michelle Delamor

Eighteenth Place - (Season 9)

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Fan Reviews (1382)

  • I am so tired of this show. American Idol is outdated, outplayed, and cheesy ( for lack of better words ). This show should be cancelled.

    I am so tired of this show. American Idol is outdated, outplayed, and cheesy ( for lack of better words ). This show should be cancelled.

    People put too much into this show, its such a fake reality show, nobody ever sings well and the show is getting to predictable. The only American Idol who has and ever will benefit from this show is Kelly Clarkson ( GIVE HER PROPS! )

    ***2015 Amendment I still am sick of this show, glad to see its finally coming to an end. I still stand by the desire for it to end. However, I would like to correct myself and say that many contestants over the years were and still are phenomenal talents. In addition to winner, Kelly Clarkson I must say that I will be forever grateful to AI for helping Carrie Underwood reach the rest of the world as well as a slew of other top 20 finalists.moreless
  • Scott Borchetta needs to go!

    This was the worst year ever for American Idol. We would love to see Jimmy Lovine or someone else back. It was so clear that Scott Borchetta did everything he could to skew the vote to his record label BMLG (Big Money Label sorry.. Big Machine Label Group!) Lovine would not be vindictive when the Contestants disagreed with him. It was so Blatant what Borchetta did to Clark Beckham in the last 3 shows! It was all about Borchetta making money off Jax and I can't say so much over Nick. He is good but he is 30 and has limited staying power! If Cry Baby Borchetta is on for the final season I for one will not watch and am going to start a petition to have him removed for the coming final He should be investigated for what he did along with his company!moreless
  • I'm still in shock!

    I'm still in shock that Clark Beckham didn't win American Idol. He was far superior as a musician, vocalist, personality, performer, not to mention his drop dead good looks. Scott is the one who needs to be fired. And I was very disappointed in the judges allowing Scott to sway their critiques.

    I'm still pulling up You Tube to re-watch his awesome performances several times a day. American Idol will rue the day they picked mediocre Nick over Clark. What a fiasco. Boo!!moreless

    Nick winning American Idol was like Chris Allen winning over one of the best Idols Lambert.

    Nick's a nice guy, but I wouldn't spend a penny on him. his facial expressions when he enunciates the words, drives me up the wall. What a joke, quit letting little girls pick their fan favorites vs. having the best singer win, like Clark vs. Jax the way it should have been. Nick shouldn't have been in the top 12.

    He never sang a Ballad, so I could analyze the complete voice. Another disappointed Idol outcome.

  • Nick LIED TO AMERICAN IDOL 2 TIMES !! A I, WHY let him get away with itClark should have won !!!

    clark should have won, i believe American idol is fixed... nick is not a good singer at all.. and ALSO HE LIED ABOUT NEVER AUDITIONING BEFORE AND HE LIED ABOUT BEING IN A BAND.. WHY DOES AMERICAN IDOL ALLOW HIM TO GET AWAY WITH LYING TO THEM ? this show should be no different from any other talent show, auditions.. for example miss america , if miss american lied to the judges or donald trump, or the producers, then she should not be the winner, correct ? so nick who i think is a joke, should be fired as the american idol.. HE IS A LIAR, LIAR.. who lies at an audition and gets away with it, and he is laughing at everyone.. why should he be able to do this & get away with it.

    come on think about it..... he should be punished for lying to a great show like american idol.. so now he is laughing at all of you , and is laughing all the way to the bank.

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