American Idol

Season 6 Episode 33

5 Finalists Remain And America Makes A Difference, Idol Gives Back Part 2

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on FOX
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5 Finalists Remain And America Makes A Difference, Idol Gives Back Part 2
Last night, American Idol and the Charity Projects Entertainment Fund made history when the Top 6 finalists sang their hearts out and viewers helped change the lives of the less fortunate here in America and in Africa when each of their millions of votes netted a charitable donation. Find out tonight live, during this star-studded evening, who will sing again next week and who will go home. World-renowned artists and celebrities scheduled to appear include Kelly Clarkson, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Forest Whitaker, Gwen Stefani, Josh Groban, Michael Bublé, Annie Lennox and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat), among many others. In addition, America will have an opportunity to make their own donationsmoreless

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  • So many performances, so many stars, and so many people donating to charity. Good episode!

    This was the special episode where the America is asked to donate for hunger in the US and in Africa, as well as other help for literacy etc. The much hyped guest stars turned out to be Celine and Elvis, which was kind of neat, but there was a lot of funner stuff than that. It was great to see a bunch of celebs dancing and singing to Staying Alive, and there were some good performances, and the best I think was Carrie Underwood. She is one awesome singer, and it was also very touching to see so many of these stars reaching out. It was also a nice touch that nobody was really voted off this episode.moreless
  • very touching, but could have been better.

    i think this show may have had less biewers than it could have. i felt like becuase of most of the guests and the entertainment that it was directed at people of the older generation. i mean seriously. how many musicians that sang were from anywhere later than the eighties? how many did you recognize? i gotta tell you, i didnt know any of them that well, and found myself fast forwarding past most of their performnaces.

    all of the clips of the poverty stricken people in africa and the usa were very touching. if you didnt pick up the phone and vote, then i feel really bad for you.moreless
  • I felt like I was watching an infomercal

    I understand they did this show for a good cause but I think it was drag out too long. Instead of making it a two hour show, why not let people donate money every week. There should be a number we can call each episode to give money. After awhile I was bored and stopped watching till they announced who was leaving. Then they didn't even kick anyone off, which I was happy about BUT they scared the crap out of Jordin! Poor thing could barely sing the last song after they freaked her out like that. I was going to be mad if she was kicked off. I want her to win.moreless
  • In a word, 'shocking.' When the six became two and the two became one I knew the Idol first had to have been something pleasant given the season of giving.

    I was on the edge as I watched the recap show given how typical it is to see Idol upsets occur at this stage. Ryan certainly didn't help calm the nerves of the audience or contestants as he stretched the show to what I believe was an hour or more only to end up with the new favorite, Jordin Sparks in the bottom two. The real question at the end was whether or not she really was in the bottom two as I know my charity texts were certainly cast more so on her behalf than on anyone elses. It's nice to know that AI wants to save the world but I do think that in some ways it gets in the way of the show. I'm sure all the mega stars and celebs that contributed by lending their name and face to the effort could have just as easily made donations to the various causes. It's always a concern when a show gets a bit gimmicky or even tout changing the world. I must admit, I had moments where I did tear up but the only thing I walked away from the show feeling was having forgotten the performances and remembering that I appreciated the opportunity to have had my vote count as dollars toward the cause and that I only got to see two seconds of my favorite artist, Michael Buble.moreless
  • Wow!

    First, let me say, it's too bad they had to wait for six season before thinking about this, as the most watched show in the U.S. they know they have a lot of influence.

    The best part of the show, I think, was the Elvis - Celine duet, it was amazing and looked very natural. The next best thing was The Simpsons episode with Simon Cowell. I also likes Carrie Underwood's trip and song, and Josh Groban's performance. Other amazing moments were the final song "American Prayer" with the six contestants. Il Divo were good also.

    I didn't like Annie Lennox, and most of all - the fact that until the end of the show the viewers were led on to believe that there was an elimination.

    Still, the performers were amazing, the stories were true, a great show overall.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Pink and Gwen Steffani were both announced as performers, however there was not enough time to show their pre-recorded songs.

    • ASimpsonsanimated short was aired with Bart as Ryan, Marge imitating Randy, Lisa imitating Paula, and Homer imitating Simon while listening to a much mellowed Simon Cowell's audition of "Don't Cha".

    • After the AI Challenge there were some issues so Ryan had to stall.

    • At the very beginning Ryan messed up his line and actually told the camera man to go back so he could redo it.

    • Bono was revealed as the mentor last night, and tonight you see his meeting with the Idols.

    • Ellen DeGenerous co-hosted with Ryan. She was in the Disney Concert Hall, where most of the performances took place.

    • The following celebrities all made at least ONE appearance either in a video (with the exception of Jack Black and Seal *See note below):Kirstie Alley,Marc Anthony,Gillian Anderson,Kevin Bacon,Antonio Banderas,Jason Biggs,Blue Man Group,Jack Black,Emily Blunt,Bono,Michael Bubl�,Helena Bonham Carter,Tom Cruise,Matt Damon,Chris Daughtry,Micky Dolenz,Kyle Gass,Sarah Michelle Gellar,Hugh Grant,Teri Hatcher,Goldie Hawn,LeBron James,Chris Kattan,Keira Knightley,Lisa Kudrow,Hugh Laurie,Rob Lowe,Joel Madden,Benji Madden,Madonna,Eric McCormack,Ewan McGregor,Kevin McNally,Helen Mirren,Parminder Nagra,Shaquille O'Neal,Gwyneth Paltrow,Bernadette Peters,Dr. Phil,Miss Piggy,Seal,Rob Schneider,David Schwimmer,Ben Stiller,Twiggy,Harvey Weinstein,Forest Whitaker.
      *Jack Black and Seal were at the Idol area. Jack came up and sang for the judges, withspecial judge Seal, who showed his approval.
      *Ben Stiller decided he'd help by saying he would sing (badly)Little River Band's "Reminiscing" until a total of $200,000,000,000 in donations was reached. Throughout the show, the camera cut to him continuing to sing as the goal was not reached.

    • All the special musical performances from tonight:
      -Earth, Wind, and Fire- Medley: "Boogie Wonderland," "Shining Star," "September"
      -Top 6 Contestants - "Time to Care," an anthem written and composed specially for the occasion byQuincy Jones, who conducted the band.
      -Il Divo- "Somewhere" (fromWest Side Story)
      -Carrie Underwood -"I'll Stand By You" (Originally by The Pretenders) in Africa, which was used as soundtrack for a video vignette.
      -Rascal Flatts- "My Wish"
      -Josh Grobanbacked by theAfrican Children's Choir- "You Raise Me Up"
      -Kelly ClarksonwithJeff Beck- "Up to the Mountain" (Originally by Patty Griffen)
      -Celine Dionduet withElvis Presley(together on stage with use ofrotoscoping) - "If I Can Dream". The Top 7 joined them on stage part way through to do backing vocals.
      -Annie Lennox- "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Originally by Simon and Garfunkel)
      -Top 6 Contestants - "American Prayer" (Originally by Bono)

    • This results show marks the second time where no one is sent home. The first was after Corey Clark was kicked off, that result show ended in no one being voted off. This is the first time that there wasn't a Bottom 2 or 3 though.

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  • NOTES (7)

    • The episode won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special and an Governor's Award.

    • The American Idol Challenge question was: "Which of the Idols sang the last song in the Season 5 finale?" The options were Taylor, Katharine and Elliott.

    • The Ford music video was "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen. The Idols are driving in two cars and stop for gas. They continue on where they pull into a drive-in movie and watch a bunch of celebrities (including Ryan Seacrest) lip-sync "Stayin' Alive" by Bee Gees.

    • There were over 70 million votes.

    • Audience Members included: Sanjaya & Shyamali Malakar, Tom Anderson(MySpace creator), Seal, Jack Black.

    • The way that Ryan revealed the results was to go one by one (in no particular order) telling them that they were safe until it came to Chris and Jordin. He then said Chris was safe making everyone assume that Jordin was eliminated. He then revealed she was safe. Because of the special week AI thought it would be best to not eliminate anyone. He announced the votes would count and be added to next week and the bottom 2 would go home.

    • This is a special 2 hour episode, "Bones" is pre-empted.