American Idol

Season 6 Episode 31

6 Finalists Remain When The Voting Results Are Revealed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • yay

    Sanjaya is gone, finnaly gone. Gone i say gone mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha( no offense to those who like him) But I can't belive sanjaya stayed so long. I mean his horrible( his singing sorry). His not talented at all. I was like screaming Yes yes yes yes yes yes an yahoo sanjaya is gone =P. Anyway i cna't belive blake is bottom three. I mean seriously, Blake bottom three no way man. I was damn sad. Everyone in my class had the same reaction, Sanjaya is out and Blake bottom three? my god.
  • finally gone!!

    I rated this episdoe high because Sanjya is finally gone!! That goof ball of a kid has creaped me out since the first night he sang. SInce then every night he came out with a differnt look to himself like he was trying to be somebody else each week. At first when other people were going home and he wasn't he looked a little upset but then he really got into and I think he started to believe he was going to win! When they annouced that he was the one going home the crowd went wild! I was at home clapping for joy! He's finally gone and we can get down to the real competetion!
  • Sanjaya finally gone!

    I had another show to watch when this episode aired so I went online and found out who got eliminated and I was SO happy. I ran into my mom's room with a huge smile on my face and said that I knew who got eliminated and she immediatly put on a sad face and said Sanjaya? and I nodded. She is a huge fan of his so she was mad. It is about time that he left. I don't why this week he left though. It seems pretty random since he has been bad all season. But whatever! :)
  • It's about time!

    Yes, finally, not only was Sanjaya in the bottom three, but he was voted off! It's about time, really. His so-called singing has been painful for many weeks, and he really should have gone home a lot sooner. It was horrible to have to watch as other singers, who were better than he was, got voted off and he stayed.

    So he's finally gone. Otherwise, there's not much to talk about with this episode, other than... why was Fergie there??? What was she there for? I don't get that at all. Fine, have Martina McBride sing, that's great. She was the 'mentor' for the week. But Fergie? What was that all about?

    I wonder how much she paid them to let her be on the show?
  • The thing that ruined my good day

    I think I can predict the future. I was having a good day, got capris that fir perfectly, got my hair colored blue-black. And I knew "American Idol" would be on. I was nervous from the previous night because Sanjaya did not do well at all. And as a joke I said, "My good day will be ruined because for me, good things never stay. Sanjaya will be voted off American Idol tonight."

    So I tune it. And it turns out he is in the bottom 3. But he's Sanjaya and has a lot of fans for various reasons. He's knocked to the bottom two then. Ryan says his name, and pauses. Whenever he did this when I watched years ago, that person was safe. But no, he went home.

    I was shocked. I even start crying a bit. I didn't want to see Sanjaya go. I adored him. He was very sweet. It's off for me to say he is cute cause he is younger than me, but he was really adorable. That ruined my day.

    But at least I no longer have to watch "American Idol," until the last show to see him make a final appearance. I'm not a fan. I just thought Sanjaya was awesome.
  • So SANJAYA is out and Fergie perform... what else do you need?

    Today, i think it was the best episode of this season ever ... We had Fergie, great performances and ... SANJAYA's best performance ... leaving the show !

    Not That i have something against him ... i just don't think he can actualy SING ! Not along with the gang anyway ... but i can be wrong ...

    Along with America i was wrong about Jen Hudson ... so who knows ?

    I'm glad now we have 50% of chance, that the next american idol from this season will be an artist with "talent" !

    Not that i'm cheering for a next Kelly Clarkson...
  • Far from impressed with this episode

    Ok don't get me wrong I was never a Sanjaya Fan and am glad that he has departed the show. However the whole split into teams and then trying to force Melinda into a unwelcome predicament was just not noteworthy of good television. This is supposed to be a show about American Idol not a run on how contraversial we can make this show. A contestant should never have been put in that position and am glad Melinda took the high road and forced them to tell her what to do. Aswell as doing that to me is show's that they are running a favortism slant on it. I am a Melinda Fan however I don't view that as something worthy of her nor the show. Also the constant bickering between Ryan and Simon was fun to start off with however has no taken on a more detremental tone which again is taking away from American Idol and into the whole "drama queen" phase. When does it end and American Idol Begin again ???
  • Best results show ever! Finally Sanjaya leaves!!!

    Oh my gosh. Best episode yet. Sanjaya leaves. The entire crowd cheered! Unlike when Gina left. I mean I cannot even explain how much I loved this! Also, I loved the performance from the top 7(besides Sanjaya) who sang I'm Alright. Than when Fergie sang it was awesome. I loved this so much and Simon's apology was nice. I just loved how Sanjaya left. And Jordin was in the top 3 so everything worked out correct. Finally, now the real competition will begin that Sanjaya has left. At least he didn't make it to the top 5. That's my review, I loved this so much.
  • Finally Sanjaya is voted off!!

    Thank god the results went the way they did, or i don't think i could watch this show another week. Sanjaya is finally off. He defenitly did not deserve to be number 7, but at least he is out. All i can say is thank god Sanjaya was voted off!!! But the thing that made me laugh was that Sanjaya actually thought he was good. He cried after he got voted off. It is one thing to be bad and at least no it,( or in Melinda's case, be good and not know it...) but to be bad and actually think you are good... it's pathetic. And so is Sanjaya. Also, why do fans boo Simon, when he is 100% correct. Sorry people, but he is going to tell it like it is and not make him seem like he can sing. And that is why people don't like simon: he tells it like it is... ( back to sanjaya...) So anyway, after this long and off topic disscusion, I am just glad Sanjaya is finally voted off. As for the next few weeks, here is who i want voted off in order of week:
    Top 6:Chris
    Top 5: Phil
    Top 4: LaKisha Top 3: Blake
    I want Jordin and Melinda to be in the finale. ( haven't been in bottom three ever...) Not only that, they sing well. Bye...
  • It's about time Sanjaya's off! This was my favorite result show of the season.

    I am extremely happy about the elimination last night. Finally, Sanjaya has been voted off. I agree about the bottom 3, also. I was so happy when Ryan said Melinda was safe! When he asked her to join the group that she thinks has the highest number of votes, she sat in the middle. That was smart of her to do that! Martina McBride and Fergie both performed. Martina's daughter was very funny. Also, we saw that the 7 finalists went behind the scenes at Dream Works Animation Studio and they had watched Shrek 3 before it comes out in the movies. They were so lucky! So overall, this was my favorite elimination night of the season!
  • Finally, say bye bye to Sanjaya

    Fergie and Martina McBride performed tonight and I must say that both of them were awesome. Now, to the results:-

    The finalists were divided into 2 groups, one with the highest votes and the other with the lowest votes.

    GROUP 1 - Jordin, Chris R. and Phil
    GROUP 2 - Sanjaya, Lakisha and Blake

    Melinda is in neither of the groups, and Ryan announced that she's SAFE. She was then sent to join GROUP 1, who's safe for another week, which leaves us with GROUP 2 in the bottom 3.

    Blake was first sent back to join the rest and Lakisha and Sanjaya remained in the bottom 2. Finally, Sanjaya's going home.

    I must say that if Sanjaya had been safe for another week, then I would seriously think that America's definitely tone deaf. It wasnt surprising to see Lakisha in the bottom 2 coz I didn't think her performance last night was anything to shout about. I was surprised with Blake being there though coz he was one of the better male singers.

    Anyhow, justice has been served. I am actually looking forward to a Sanjaya-free show next week. Yippee!
  • Sanjaya and his hair wave goodbye

    Well, he's gone. Sanjaya's new hairdo couldn't save him. Now he can resume working on his GED.

    I think the most comical moment was watching the horrified expression on Jordin's face when all were divided into groups of three and Jordin was in the Phil/Chris camp. It was as if she was thinking "What am I doing between these two losers? I must be in the bottom three!"

    I was surprised that voters found Blake worse than Chris. Also, LaKisha did not belong in the bottom three. Since Melinda wasn't put in any category, she most likely got the most votes.

    So far I think Jordin has outdone Melinda in a number of contests and if it wasn't for Simon's constant campaigning for Melinda, I don't think she'd be at the top.
  • Finally! My least favorite idol is gone!

    Ok so i didn't watch the show but i read what happened...kidna shocked that blake was in the bottom 3... not really surprised about lakisha, and i was happy that sanjaya finally gets the boot. i read stuff that oh he wasn't really that bad...yes he was...i mean i admit hes definitly was good enough to make the show and hes better then me...but his voice was just week. he couldn't hit a high note if his life depended on it. I mean listen to the girls...jordans voice is amazing and she has some power in it...same with dolittle. they have power and control...sanjaya never had that...he sounded weak a lil sickly at times...anyways so happy that hes gone...but blake and lakisha...those two were favorites to be in the final 3 i believe about a few weeks ago...for them to drop this is not a good thing.
  • We say goodbye to Sanjaya Malakar.

    Yesterday, the "Idol" finalists performed on the very stage where they will find out their fate.

    The show starts off with a recap of last night's performances as usual. Simon also gives an apology to the friends and families of those who passed away during the Virginia Tech shooting. They show a clip of Ryan going around town to ask random people on what they thought about the contestants. After that, we are shown another clip on what music our top 7 "Idol" finalists are currently listening to. After that Fergie performs on stage. Let's also not forget that they had the "American Idol Challenge" somewhere in between those events. And of course, more info on the "Idol Gives Back" project was revealed. A preview of "Shrek The Third" was also shown. Martina McBride performed on the "Idol" stage as well.

    The contestants were first separated into two groups. The first group was Sanjaya, LaKisha and Blake, while the other group was Phil, Chris and Jordin, leaving Melinda in the center. Ryan kindly asks her to join which group she thinks is safe. She pulls a Melinda and sits down on the center of the stage, refusing to pick a group. Ryan then reveals that Melinda, Jordin, Chris and Phil are safe.

    Later on, Blake was sent back to safety, leaving LaKisha and Sanjaya as the bottom 2. It is revealed that Sanjaya goes home, and we get a look at Sanjaya's journey on "Idol." As usual, the eliminated contestant sings for America one last time.

    I think America finally got it right. Fergie's and Martina's performance were both great as well. I do agree that LaKisha deserved to be in the bottom 3, but no way did Blake deserve to be there. I'm glad America decided to keep Phil in the competition. I still think 1-hour is still too long for a results show though.
  • Time to hit the dusty trail, Sanjaya...

    First off, I'd like to say I'm satisfied with the results show tonight. Overall, LOVED IT!!! I loved remembering what makes Martina McBride a wonderful country singer. She was definitely right to guide the finalists in Country Week.

    That being said, it does not apply to one of the most talked-about singers in Idol history --- Sanjaya Malakar. Love him or hate him, Sanjaya has now become a household name. This time around, for once, the audience finally listened to the judges. His vocals were unfortunately not up par with the performances from last night.

    There is a silver lining to these past several weeks: American Idol is a reality TV show. If the judges were judging the competition and not America, Sanjaya would've been voted off in the Top 10 Guys Night. People get to vote who they think deserve to go through. So America got to keep Sanjaya for as long as he has. Now we have a competition!

    Who's left:
    Melinda Doolittle
    Jordin Sparks
    Blake Lewis
    Lakisha Jones
    Phil Stacey
    Chris Richardson
  • Farewell Sanjaya

    I know that Sanjaya wasn't well liked by most American Idol fans. He was one of those performers that marched to his own drummer and people didn't "get" him. I think the week he donned a mohawk, he was ridiculous and should have been voted off then. The last two weeks, he actually was really good. I did feel sorry for Sanjaya tonight when he was crying. In hindsight, he wasn't really that bad. I think that he was one of those that his age and immaturity was a factor. He just needs more experience and training to get to the caliber as some of the others.
  • My wish finally came through, I can't believe it!!!

    Well too bad for Howard Stern and everyone else voting for the worst on Idol. This craziness is finally over. When I found out who the bottom three were tonight I was glad because Sanjaya was finally there and I was nervous because two of the better singers were there as well. It really felt like it was to good to be true when Blake was safe and that just left Lakisha and Sanjaya out in the middle of that stage. Still, I was nervous for Lakisha for the judges didn't say good things about her performance. Then, when Ryan said Sanjaya's name I couldn't be more happy (it was as if Clay had just won American Idol a few years ago, which should have happened). Anyway, now I (and many other fans, I know) can go on happily watching Idol for the rest of this season, which could have turned out to be my last season tuning in. Now, though, I am looking forward to the last weeks of Idol with great anticipation (with still some of the best singers on the show!!!) Congrats to: Blake, Chris, Jordin, Lakisha, Melinda, and Phil for making it this far and for all the fans that voted to keep them on!!!
  • I can't believe it!

    Sanjaya finally bites the dust!!! It doesn't get much better than that. I cringed every time he sang and felt sorry for the original artists of the songs that he butchered week after week. I won't miss him, his stupid hairdos or that annoying grin he always had on at all. No more camera focusing in on him a million times per episode.

    I can finally get back to enjoying the show. I've missed that this entire season because of this no-talent, girly hack.

    There are 6 pretty decent contestants left so the remainder of the season should be fairly entertaining. It can't get worse without Sanjaya, that's for sure.
  • Praise the LORD!!!!!

    Wow, I never thought I'll see the day! Bye-Bye to Sanjaya!!! I have been waiting weeks, months, and finally all of my dreams have come true. I mean once they announced the bottom three, I was like theres no way Sanjaya is going to beat Blake and Lakisha, he beat Gina, A.J, Stephanie, Haley and everybody else who went home before he did! Sanjaya all I can say to you is that please don't pursue a singing career, do something more like acting in a childrens show or just become a hairdresser. So long Sanjaya, see you at the finale which you won't be winning, although you can thank and that little girl who cried for letting you make it this far. So long Sanjaya! Wooooo-hooooooooooo!!!!!
  • The wicked witch is dead.

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!Finally!!!!! Sanjaya is gone! Okay, so Sanjaya is finally voted off from American idol. Although it's been a LONG time coming, I'm just elated that America has finally sobered up and voted for singers. I was worried about Lakisha going home, and if she did I probably would have punched a hole through the wall. The show itself was pretty decent, with a nice performance from Fergie and a great performance from Martina. Also, Melinda added character and some laughs to the show...go Melinda!
  • OMG!!!!! Finally!!!!

    This episodes proves there is a god in the world. Finally, Sanjaya is gone!!! I don't have to see him waste a spot in the top 6! Thank god! Perfect 10, best episode ever, justice served! I don't know what else to say, I guess the episode was good, Martina McBride was amazing, but it all pales in comparison to the fact that Sanjaya is gone! Aww...this feeling is amazing! It really scared me when Lakisha was stuck in the bottom 2 (common america!) I thought for sure she was gone, but thank god. Best episode ever on American Idol.
  • Review

    1. Jordin Sparks
    2. Melinda Doolittle
    3. Lakisha Jones
    4. Phil Stacy
    5. Blake Lewis
    6. Chris Richardson
    7. Sanjaya Malakar

    Bottom Three- Sanjaya Malakar
    Bottom Three- Blake Lewis
    Bottom Three- Lakisha Jones

    Finnaly Sanjaya is in the Bottom Three. I have Phil and Chris ranked overall below Lakisa, but it doesnt shock me that American put her in the bottom three after one performance. A lot of people vote on a week by week basis instead of overall and the bottom three all deserved to be there tonight, maybe with the exclusion of Blake. Without a doubt I think that Sanjaya should be the one to go, if hes not both of the other two will be a bad choice.

    First to go back- Black Lewis. No argument

    Elimination- Sanjaya Malakar. About Time. My hallway at college is exploding and this episode just got a 10.