American Idol

Season 6 Episode 27

8 Finalists Remain When The Voting Results Are Revealed

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on FOX
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8 Finalists Remain When The Voting Results Are Revealed
Last night, after coaching by legendary singer Tony Bennett, the Top 9 finalists sang American classic songs in hopes of winning America’s votes. Tune in tonight to enjoy a special live performance by Bennett. The contestant receiving the fewest votes will be eliminated from the competition
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  • Sangina is still kicking off the best ugh! Stupid Howard Stern!

    Ugh you know what? I do not even remeber their performances last tuesday night. I rember that Gina and Phil were really good like usual. And yet, the ironic thing is that they are in the bottom three? What's up with this? I can understand why Haley is in the bottom three but them too? And when I heard the results that Haley, yes Haley, was safe and not Gina, I thought I was imagining it! Her and Sangina(yeah I said it) are the worst that the show have ever had in the top 12 let alone 8. I mean what is this show coming too? Now I fully understand why voting has dropped 20 percent. Half of the votes are going to freaking Sangina from Howard Stern listeners! UGH!

    A very TICKED OFF,

  • A big miskate to kick Gina off!

    I tune into "American Idol" from an documentary on Tiger Staduim from my local PBS channbel and came into the middle of who will they eleminate. I was very sad that Gina Glocksen got kicked off the show. I like Gina, she is a talented singer and is my favorite idol. it's too bad that the voters can agree with me. They voted her off and that's too bad. She's beautiful and sexy and you can't kick off anybody who is sexy and beautitful. I hope to hear from Glocksen again, because I think I'm in love with her. Really!moreless

    How could they vote off Gina!! SHe was my favorite!! omg GINA!!!!!

    How could they?? What was America thinking, Gina is gone and Phile, Haley, and Sanjaya are still on?? I asked my friends what they thought of this, and they said it was because of her tongue ring, I got pissed at that. How dare they? SHe had talent and personality!! Phil should have gone. It's horrible. I don't know if i'm going to watch it next week.moreless
  • What is wrong with the American Idol voting procedure? Each week it is more and more apparent there is some voting irregularities or else we have to admit, Americans have made this a popularity contest and not a singing contest. Gina!!! Are you joking?moreless

    Well, Sanjaya has outwitted us again. Actually, he is not so bad, it is just that everyone else is so much better. Including Gina. The girl can really sing. While she is not my favorite, she certainly deserved to stay a couple more weeks. It seems that the voting public does not listen to the judges or to the experts. Tony Bennett made good judgment calls with each performer, but the voting certainly did not reflect that "we" listen to the experts. As we can expect Sanjaya to hang in there, it is a real disservice to those that have the professional edge to lose the ultimate prize to a boy who needs a few more years of training in order to compete outside of the contest. While we don't like Simon's critiques, we have to admit, he knows better than us who will have worldwide endurance. Gina should have stayed. Hayley, of those bottom three should have gone. Too bad her legs can't sing. (I'm discounting the fact that each time it should have been Sanjaya.)moreless
  • Gaarrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck is up????

    Why the hell is this happening??? Gina Glocksen definitely did not deserve to get voted off so soon. I still can't believe that Sanjaya is still struting on the show for another week. SANJAYA!!!!! Need I say more?? I'm about to stop watching this show!!! If he's going to continue to sing in his tone-deaf voice and walk around with his crazy hair, I may as well not even watch it at all. Before we know it, he'll still be on while such great talent like Melinda, Jordin, and Lakisha will all be gone!!!! This is definitely become some fixed show that only cares about looks and doesn't even focus on singing.moreless

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