American Idol

Season 9 Episode 43

And The Winner Is............

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 26, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

The top twelve are out to sing, led on guitar by Orianthi. They're all dressed in the preppy gear. The reason is they're singing School's Out for Summer. There's also some Alice Cooper-inspired singers, as Casey introduces the man himself, Alice! He looks obviously older, but not as old as he probably is. He's got some jowl issues, meaning a need for less makeup. Kris Allen takes the stage to sing The Truth. It's our first tribute to Simon as Ryan sits with Randy Jackson and looks at highlights of these nine seasons. And hey, we have clips about Paula Abdul talking about him, and Ellen DeGeneres mentions he's the reason she was drawn to doing the show, as she facetiously explains his better characteristics. Kara DioGuardi mentions his "poker face" he utilizes to hold back what he's feeling. The judges and Ryan all do a fake celebrating thing that he's leaving at the end. Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly are out to sing How Deep Is Your Love, The curtain lifts and its the surviving BeeGees to finish the song with them. Michael Lynche takes the stage next to sing Takin' It to the Streets. Here's a special song set to some of Simon's insults. Dane Cook sings it, and it's pretty funny all strung together like this. He adds in some comedy, telling him the only way his shirts could be tighter is if he put Randy in there with hm. Added to this at the end are a bunch of people that Simon has made fun of through the years, including his brother forever, Renaldo Lapuz. That was just weird and funny. The top six girls are out singing a Christina Aguilera medley. This of course means we're just waiting for Christina herself to join them. The girl make great backup singers for her. Christina stays out to sing another tune since she only got to sing a few lines. And this time she has no aid of Idol backups. Ricky Gervais is live by satellite and says when the producers asked him to come out and say farewell to his good friend Simon Cowell, he asked how far it was, then decided to do it by satellite. He takes about the stars Simon has created and how much money he takes from them. He basically roasts him here. The top six guys get their shot onstage, and for them it's a Hall and Oates medley. It seems like a strange choice to go all the way back to the '80s for this pairing, and I'm not so sure these guys the oldest of which is Casey James have even really heard some of these songs. They're great to listen to, nonetheless. Here's the group in Toledo who are going nuts, led by Janelle Wheeler. Ryan talks to Crystal's dad, who it's obvious is really proud of his daughter. She takes the stage and sings Ironic. Alanis Morisette of course comes out to sing with her. Wow, how to do you score that duet? They do You Oughta Know together. Let's not forget that the first week of the semi-finalsCrystal sang Hand In My Pocket. Carrie Underwood is with us tonight to sing her latest hit Undo It. We're having quite the rocking night tonight. Kris Allen is back to show the final two a surprise. They think they're going to a photo shoot, but instead run into Kris who tells them the Ford Fiestas they created with their own graphics are now theirs to keep. They're excited. The Idols are back to sing My Wish in one last Ford video, that seems to be a culmination of the other videos put together. Ryan's out onstage with the final two, and Crystal says she's having a blast, and Lee agrees. Casey James is out out playing his acoustic guitar singing Every Rose Has Its Thorn, and an electric guitar slung around his back. And we know what this means by this time. . It's Bret Michaels onstage singing alongside him It's Lee Dewyze and Chicago singing a medley of hits in honor of him and his hometown. Ryan wants to return to Simon's favorite subject, himself. This one is called The Flirt. He flirts with his favorite subject, the mirror. We get treated to Bikini Girl again, along with Paula and Simon kissing, and every time he touched his own chest, culminating in Randy waking up in bed with Simon. And here's our man, General Larry Platt, singing Pants On the Ground. We had hoped he'd be back here for this. He's a pretty good dancer, I have to say. The backup dancers all have their pants below their asses, of course. And who comes out next to sing but William Hung. Paula is in video again, talking about working for the first day with Simon, how he was loud and proud telling everyone how they sucked. She couldn't believe what was coming out of his mouth. They were like family, then became like America's favorite dysfunctional family. And here she is ... live tonight. She tells Randy he looks charming, tells Ellen she loves her and asks her to dance, tells Kara she looks beautiful, and tells Ryan he's so cute and she wants her lip gloss back. She wants to let everyone know the real reason why she left. There's a baby backstage with Simon's haircut, and it's Simon's turn to feed him. She's worked with a lot of people over the years, but none of them hold a candle to him. Their relationship on the show has brought her immeasurable joy, and American Idol won't be the same without him, but as only she can tell him, it will go on. She's right about that. The past winners come out to sing, but David Cook is missing, as only one Cook could be on the stage tonight. Wow, this is impressive. If you're Simon sitting there, you helped create this. OMG, it's all the Idols, or a lot of them, onstage singing along. Paula enjoys the show from Simon's lap. Ryan asks Simon to come onstage, and he clearly doesn't want to, but Paula holds his hand and drags him up. Simon says he didn't think he was gong to be this emotional, but he genuinely is, and is happy to have Paula back. What Paula said is true, the show will go on, and he thanks everyone as he's clearly holding back his emotion. He says when everyone asks who's going to replace him, the truth is the fans are the judges of the show. He's going to honestly miss everyone, even Ryan. He wants to thank everyone, and says it's been a blast. The top 12 from this season are back onstage singing, and are joined by Janet Jackson. She's sporting a cute shorter do. It doesn't look pulled back, but shaved recently. She takes over the song from them. She's singing really whispery soft, so it's hard to hear her. She follows this with an updated version of Nasty. I wonder if Paula choreographed this for old time's sake. It's the journey of Crystal and Lee which actually started together during the Chicago auditions. It's the story of a single mom and a paint salesman who traveled 1700 miles to follow their dream. Crystal said in Hollywood she believed she was the next Idol because her kid deserved a better life than she ever had. Lee thought it was his time and his place, knowing there's a time and a place for everything. "Together they took a journey to become something extraordinary." Tonight, they do yet another duet, this time to With a Little Help From Your Friends. And wow, it's Joe Cocker out to finish singing the song with them It's time to find out who the winner of American Idol is, as the official results are delivered onstage. Lee is already crying, and Mamasox is patting him on the back. The winner is Lee! He is crying even more. The paint salesman does good. He's congratulated by all the Idols. He's asked how he feels, and he says he doesn't know. He thanks everyone and tells them he loves them, then tells Crystal he loves her and hugs her as she's now crying. He tells Ryan he's so happy and has never been happier. He sings us out with Beautiful Day.

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