American Idol

Season 4 Episode 43

And The Winner Is.......

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 25, 2005 on ABC

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    This was the first year that I watched this show and I had loved Carrie Underwood from the beginning! I knew she would win (as did my mom) and when she did win I was so excited! Now that I look back on it and rewatch the episode it still makes me so happy when I see her winning moment! I do think some of the stuff inbetween finding out who won was a complete waste of time! Especially that thing about Simon being in love with himself! That was stupid... But it was funny! Anyway, I loved the episode alot!!
  • Carrie Underwood wins!

    This was the best season of American Idol! Carrie Underwood was the best and she deserved to win! She is the best American Idol winner and will be the most successful out of all the seasons! I think the entire season was fair for who got voted out and it all ended exactly as it should have! Bo Bice was good too, but Carrie Underwood was by far better! She has a better voice, personality, and stage presence to become the next American Idol! Her debut album \"Some Hearts\" is way better then Bo Bice\'s \"The Real Thing\". Carrie Underwood is the best!
  • End of season 4 and Carrie Underwood goes home victorious

    Great episode. I really didn't care who would win, I thought they were both terrific singers. In my opinion I would have liked Bo Bice to win because I liked him over Carrie Underwood, but America voted Carrie Underwood as their next American Idol. However, I had a feeling that Carrie was going to win no matter what. But it could have been the fact that she had never made it into the bottom three.
  • someone won american idol

    I never actually wanted this show, however the other day i was watching music videos and carrie underwoods popped up. She was really good. The music video was a little bit confusing because i couldnt have been able to tell what the song was about if i didnt have lyrics to go with it.
  • Its an amzing showwww....i love it!!!

    Wow!! I love this show!!!'s AMAZING!!! I voted for Carrie to win...i guess...a thousand timess....i really love her...she's got a great voice!!! It's powerful...

    What about the judges?? do you like them??? I doo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mainly Paula Abdull...she' so sweet....and really supportive!!!! She helps the canditates on stuff!!! Watch it.... you'll like it!!!