American Idol

Season 11 Episode 32

Another Finalist Is Eliminated

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on ABC

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  • Most Awaited Elimination...

    This is my most awaited elimination from American Idol Season 11...

    I'm not saying that she cannot sing, for me she got talents and experience to perform... But she just needs guidance (lots of them) which the show cannot offer...

    For the past few weeks, it is very noticeable that both Elise and Hollie are falling away from the crowd, their performances plateaued... but last night one manage to step up and the other continues to the same path...

    Yes, most awaited in the sense that i though she would be eliminated before Jessica (and was saved) and Colton...

    I know we will see you again and she would be better... and like she said before, if she have months to prepare she could have done better.
  • It's about time

    I believe that Elise can sing, but I think that she should have been voted off before Colten. Ke was a better singer to me. Good Luck Elise with your singing, I know you will go somewhere and anywhere you want to go. Call out Stevie Nicks on her offer. Agian best of luck to you and give it heck.