American Idol

Season 11 Episode 28

Another Idol Finalist Is Eliminated

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

Here comes the business. Hollie and Jessica are called center stage for the first round of results

The lights are dimmed and Ryan sends Hollie to the right side of the stage, while Jessica is sent to the left side of the stage

The results are put on hold for a moment while Season 10 favorite James Durbin takes the stage and sings "Higher than Heaven."

The results are back as Phillip and Elise are both called for their results.

Ryan wishes them luck and asks Phillip to join Hollie, while Elise is asked to join Jessica

Once again, the results are put on hold as Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo take the stage

Colton and Joshua are brought center stage to hear their results

The lights are dimmed once more and Joshua is sent to go stand with Jessica and Elise. Colton heads to Hollie and Phillip's group

Skylar is last up Skylar is center stage with Ryan. Ryan tells her she is safe. He then tries to force Skylar to pick the group she thinks she belongs with and Skylar tells him she will not choose. So Ryan asks Skylar to stand in with Hollie, Phillip, and Skylar. This means the other group Jessica, Joshua, and Elise are in the bottom three

Joshua is the first one to be sent back to the couches, leaving Elise and Jessica

Next Elise is safe and Jessica will be singing for her life

Jessica takes the mic & starts to sing, butJennifer, Steven, and Randy head to the stage, stop Jessica from singing and announce they will save her