American Idol

Season 11 Episode 22

Another Singing Hopeful Is Sent Home

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ryan calls Hollie, Skylar, and Elise center stage to watch their highlights and also hear what Jimmy Iovine had to say about each performance. Hollie is first up for her results. Jimmy knew Hollie would have a hard time with Billy Joel, since the two voices are so different. According to Jimmy, Hollie looked a little like a diva in the headlights…

Skylar is now up to see her recap and hear from Jimmy. For Jimmy, Wednesday night was not herbest performanceand he knows Skylar needs to be more creative. She is starting to stall and move back. If she wants to win, she needs to grow and do it now.

Lastly, Elise hears from Jimmy and finds out that in Jimmy's eyes (or ears), he was originally concerned for her, but his thoughts changed after it all. Jimmy thinks Elise showed confidence like she had never had before. Jimmy predicts she will go right to the top this week.

The lights are dimmed and here we go. Hollie is first to be sent through to the next round, as Ryan says, "Say goodbye to Hollywood and hello to the Hollywood Hills!" Skylar and Elise are left on stage. The person safe to move into the mansion is Skylar. Also Elise is also safe.

Lana Del Rey performs next.

DeAndre, Joshua, and Jessica are next to hear from Jimmy. Jimmy believes that DeAndre "frolicked" way too much and didn't study the song well enough. It was not his best night, in Jimmy's eyes. As for Joshua, Jimmy doesn't think he understood the song at all and needs to (just like Skylar) grow in order to win the competition. Jessica is up next, and according to Jimmy. Jessica received A's across the board from him,

We're back on the stage and the lights are dimmed. Jessica hears that Billy Joel enjoyed her rendition, and so did America. She is safe. DeAndre and Joshua are left on stage. Joshua is safe, leaving DeAndre in the bottom three tonight.

Haley Reinhart performs next.

Our results are back and Ryan brings Heejun, Colton, Erika, and Phillip center stage. Colton is first up to hear from Jimmy. For Jimmy, Colton "killed it." (Apparently Billy Joel emailed Jimmy last night to tell him Colton did a good job.) Colton had an advantage on everybody else last night. Jimmy also believes Colton is a third horse in this competition (after Joshua and Jessica).

As for Phillip, Jimmy says to take all the advice he can get. Jimmy believes Erika deserves to be in the top, based on her singing. The only bad thing Jimmy has to say about Erika's performance is directed towards Randy. Next up is Heejun Jimmy believes Heejun disrespected the singing process, comparing his performance to a bad Adam Sandler movie and a stunt that goes wrong.

After the nationwide vote, Colton is safe and will move into the mansion. For Erika, unfortunately, the news isn't the same. She is sent to the bottom three with DeAndre.

Heejun and Phillip are both left to hear what America thought. Heejun is put into the bottom three, along with Erika and DeAndre

DeAndre, Erika, and Heejun are on stage and Ryan immediately sends DeAndre to safety

The person who will have to sing for their life is Erika

Heejun is safe and Erika must sing for her life. Erika sings "I Believe In You and Me" from the Whitney Houston night

Erika hears that the judges… will not be saving her.