American Idol

Season 5 Episode 6

Austin, TX Auditions

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2006 on FOX
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Austin, TX Auditions
The best and worst of auditions around the country from Austin, TX.

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Julian Riano

Julian Riano

Rejected auditionee

Guest Star

Michelle Lapoint

Michelle Lapoint

Rejected auditionee

Guest Star

Arthur Mayfield

Arthur Mayfield

Rejected auditionee

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (The judges told Alison Schoening to return later to overcome her nerves)

      Simon: And when you come back here, imagine Randy in his swimming trunks.
      Alison: (to Simon)
      I was already imagining you but that's probably why I sucked so..
      (Randy & Paula screamed)
      Paula: Touchdown!! Touchdown!!
      Randy: The best comment of the day, I love that!!

    • Simon: (on contestant Tessie Mae Reid) You know when you buy a sack, and you try and stuff it, stuff it full of potatoes, and you just keep pushing and pushing.

    • (during Allison Schoening's audition)
      Allison: Okay you're laughing, I'm going to stop.
      Simon: I'm laughing because I had a cat once ...
      Allison: I'm nervous and shaking.
      Simon: ... who's tail got in a door ...
      Randy: Aw, stop it Cowell.
      Simon: ... and I swear to God it reminds me of that.
      Randy: (to Simon) Stop it! Stop it!
      Allison: I know I didn't think I was going to be this nervous.
      Simon: It was absolutely ... it made me think of it.
      Allison: I swear I don't ordinarily sound like this.
      Simon: It was like, Slam ...(imitating a cat) Rrrrowww!
      Randy: Now that's rude dude, that's rude.

    • Simon: (commenting on Cierra Johnson) Absolutely awful. I'm really surprised. I ... for whatever reason, I thought you were going to be really good. It was terrible.
      Cierra: Can I try a different song?
      Randy: Nooooooo.
      Simon: (trying to be funny) Silent Night, but take off the Night.
      Cierra: (starts to sing Silent Night) Silent Night. Holy Night ...
      Simon: No! I didn't mean it! I didn't mean it! No, I didn't mean it!

    • (commenting on Jason Horn a contestant who works and a funeral home)

      Randy: Wow. I guess you can learn from the, uh, dearly departed, dude. I mean that was really good.

    • (commenting on Paula Goodspeed)

      Simon: I don't think any artist on earth could sing with that much metal your mouth anyway. You have so much metal in your mouth.

    • (talking to Julian Riano)

      Simon: There are so many reasons why you are wrong for this competition. Where do I start?

    • Paula: I hope Simon is in a good mood today. Because he hasn't been. Yet.

    • Randy: Smiling Eyes of Texas. Come on Austin show me what you got!

    • (Rene Norman's performance of Ain't No Sunshine)

      Randy Jackson: Welcome to Hollywood!
      Rene Norman: You're gonna change!
      Randy Jackson: Change me, change me!

    • Contestant: Jigglypuff, Jigglypuff...
      Randy Jackson: What's wrong with Austin?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Two contestants were judge lookalikes. One looked like Randy and another like Paula. The contestant Paula Goodspeed, was a huge fan of Paula Abdul, changing her name and style and she became even more famous after she committed suicide outside of Paula Abdul's house in 2008. Reportedly Paula Abdul had asked to not let her audition because she knew her (which seemed to be true based on how she acted when Paula G. was performing). The show's producers denied any knowledge of Paula's fears.

    • Austin Semi-Finalists:
      Will Makar (Student) Age:16 The Woodlands, TX

    • 12 people made it to the Hollywood Round from Austin, TX.