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American Idol has named its lucky Season 13 winner.

During Wednesday's two-hour finale, the finalists had the opportunity to sing with some of their biggest idols in a star-studded extravaganza. 

But after a night full of performances and contestant collaborations with J.Lo, KISS, Demi Lovato, John Legend, and more, was it Wild Card pick Jena or or rocker Caleb who prevailed?

The judges were torn. I wonder how close the vote was. And the winner is... 


I admit that I didn't see his potential at first since he appeared to be more of a cover artist, but his ballads ultimately changed my mind. He definitely has more depth than I initially thought, and he certainly has the singing chops. 

"This is crazy," he said before taking the mic from Ryan and screaming out, "Yo, make some noise!" in tribute to his runner-up, Jena. But he didn't actually sing at first because he was too busy hugging all of his Idol pals. Eventually he rocked out with his winner's single as the confetti fell. Congrats, Caleb!

Are you happy with the results? Did the right singer win? Which of the finale's collaboration performances was your favorite?

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