American Idol

Season 9 Episode 41

Find Out Who Makes It To The Finale When The Next Finalist Is Eliminated

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ryan sits down with the contestants to discuss how their perspective has changed since the beginning. They talk about what a crazy ride it is, and how it is a lot of hard work. Lee notes that you learn a lot about yourself along the way. Casey remarks that he's grateful just to have made it this far, but Crystal and Lee both express a hunger to win.

Wild One is the tune for the Ford music video this time around. Ryan then explains that the top three had a chance to go home this past week, where they were treated like royalty.

Casey James headed home to Texas, where he was stunned by authorities actually stopping traffic for his limo. The girls go crazy when he tells an interviewer he has no one in his life right now - he's single! Casey signs autographs and is even greeted by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! Six years ago, Casey was in an accident, so he takes the opportunity to go back to the hospital and thank the doctors and nurses who fixed up his arm and leg. Back in the studio, Casey tells Ryan how much it meant to go back to the hospital, and to Texas.

Ryan speaks to Perez Hilton, who is in the audience, and who discovered newcomer Travis Garland doing a Justin Timberlake cover on the internet. Ryan introduces Travis, who takes the stage and energetically delivers his pop tune, Believe.

Crystal Bowersox went home to visit in Ohio. Upon learning it would be 'Crystal Bowersox Day', the singer exclaimed, "So weird!" She traveled around signing autographs, waving in parades, even accepting the key to the city of Toledo! Crystal stops at her dad's place to see family (and her son), and they awkwardly pose for photos. Next, it was off to 'Bowerstock' where Crystal performed for the screaming crowd. Back in the studio, Crystal gets emotional as she tells Ryan about writing the song, Holy Toledo for her home state.

Lee Dewyze returned to Michigan, where he got to throw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game, and generally marveled at the reactions he got, including in his old elementary school and his former place of employment - the paint store! He is quite overwhelmed at the attention, blurting, "Holy crap!" more than once, and tearing up. Lee performs for his adoring fans and family and breaks down a little during the song. He tells the crowd it is the best day of his life! Onstage with Ryan tonight, Lee thanks his parents for their support.

Justin Bieber takes the stage live next on Idol and performs his hits, U Smile and Baby, he even wraps up with a drum solo!

Finally, it's time for the results. Ryan reads back the judges' comments from last night to each of the contestants. He then says that the first person who will be in the finale is…Lee Dewyze! Joining Lee for a shot at the title will be…Crystal Bowersox! Casey nods and hugs Crystal. He thanks American Idol for the opportunity, and sings one last time.
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