American Idol

Season 7 Episode 13

First All New Live Results Show

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on FOX
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First All New Live Results Show
The 24 semifinalists performed for America this week, and the viewers have determined their fate. Tonight, four contestants – two males and two females – will go home, leaving 20 finalists vying for the American Idol crown. Who will make it through the first round of cuts?moreless

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  • I can't believe who got voted off.

    I can not believe Joanne got voted off she was my favorite and I even called in an voted for her. Then she gets voted off, what is wrong with america, can't you see talent when it's there! Then Amy got voted off I love where the Boys are and she did great at singing that song. As far as the boys, I'm not surprised they got voted off they really didn't impress me much. For me the highlight of this episode was Paula's new song. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow is now one of my favorite songs. I was never really a big fan of Paula Abdul, I do enjoy her song Straight Up and Opposite's Attract, but Paula just attracted a new audience with her Dance Like There's No Tomorrow, hopefully there is more to come from Paula.moreless
  • Paula Abdul releases her first new album in over 12 years, and tonight we got to see her hot and sexy new video. It was great. I was a little sad and disappointed at the results of the eliminationmoreless

    In tonights episode of American Idol, You will get to see the ever so fabulous Paula Abdul release her new, hot and sexy video for Dance Like Theres No Tomorrow. It truly was devastating to see Melinda go, who sang "Where the boys are." There were a million other girls who sang horrible, but they didn't get kicked off. All in all, it was a great episode. Paula's video was worth it too! Now, the guys elimination i was very happy too see. Colton, who really didn't sing all to well, was very shy on the stage. I felt myself, actually, for once sympathizing with Simon.moreless
  • They only got 1 right, the rest could have stayed around a little longer.

    After 24 so-called "amazing" performances, America chose those whom they believed to be the best, but for those who didn't arouse fans with their voices as those who gave orgasms to the ears of America it won't be such a great night for them as they will be going back home and only American Idol addicts like me will remember their names one year from now.


    First to have his dreams shattered tonight brutally was Garrett Haley. He wasn't the best the other night, but he was not bottom two, I actually didn't hate his performance, but I would not want him in that top 12 either, so I don't care much for him, but if he could save me from Chikezie's whinny little voice next week, he should have went on.

    The ladies aren't safe tonight, in fact one of the judges' early favorites was just voted off, thanks to good ol' America. I did believe she deserved to go home, and her voice with that final performance of hers didn't make me feel sorry for her. Let's put it this way, a soldier who just tortured you the other day just got fired, and then the soldier got fired, he decides to torture one last time before he leaves, would you feel sorry for this soldier who just lost his job? Maybe, if he hadn't tortured you that second time.

    I totally disagree with America's decision for the departure of Joanne Borgella. She had the capabilities of making it to top 16 at least or one of those contestants who leaves early on in the top 12, but she did not deserve to leave this early. America, are you smarter than a 5th grader? I guess not.

    The last to be eliminated was the biggest mistake America had made as of the time given for them to vote. Colton Berry got eliminated. Could you believe it? The guy who plays the Teletubbies theme song in his head before performing, so as to calm his nerves. He was better than Jason Yeager, Luke Menard, David Hernandez, Danny Noriega, Chikezie Eze and Garrett Haley, yet he goes home before nearly all of them.

    Should Have Went Home: Jason Yeager and Danny Noriega * Amy Davis and Amanda Overmyer

    Extra Stuff:

    Paula's Music Video: Not bad Paula, but that would not be a song I'd listen to constantly, it was just interesting to see the constantly drunk judge panel member to show her drunk/wild side alongside the "Dog" himself, Randy Jackson.

    Top 24 Medley: I hated it, except for the last part where Amanda and David Cook had their very little solos, but I have to admit Amanda's solo was very awkward.moreless
  • One of the "mystery" male contestants leaves us.

    Well, it was obvious at least one of the unknown male singers (Jason C, Jason Y, Garrett, Luke, Colton) was going home, so it didn't come as a surprise to see the pale kid and the gay theater guy go. I think the elimination of Amy, Garret and Colton was totally justified. All of them aren't great singers and performed terribly that week. I was surprised to see Joanne go, she's a very talented girl and she got plenty of camera time. Too bad, she was one of my favorites. At least Amanda is still in. I also liked Paula's video, the song it really over-produced but not as bad as I though a comeback song from Paula might be.moreless
  • Obvious conclusion.

    Well I think the two girls and the two guys that left tonight did derseve to leave. I think I would have kept Joanne and Colton around a little bit longer though. Amy and Garret definatly deserved to go. Whats with the 60's theme this week, I hope next week is a little bit more our time. Because the 60 songs are just boring. Maybe they'll do the 90's next week. My two favorite guys are David Archuleta and Michael Johns. My two favorite girls are Carly Smithson and Alaina Whitaker. The guys are so far much better then the girls this year, but we'll find out how the girls do next week.moreless
Alexandrea Lushington

Alexandrea Lushington

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David Archuleta

David Archuleta

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Alaina Whitaker

Alaina Whitaker

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Danny Noriega

Danny Noriega

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