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Adam and Anoop NEED to go

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    anoop and lil just aren't in this anymore. access to final 5 denied (i used to think they both had a lot of potential but... come on).

    shocker of shockers, i love adam to death but i dont believe he will win. david archuleta was the jordin sparks of last season. adam is this season's david cook. you just don't have analogous winners 2 years in a row. it might be up to danny/allison.

    i forget who i'm responding to now, but yes danny is cute and no, the existance of an artist's significant other or non-heterosexual nature does not detract from their appeal, sexually or otherwise. personally i still think adam is just as gorgeous as if he liked women, i wouldnt mind trying to change him and while i am angry with ashlee simpson for marrying pete wentz, i can still fantasize about him even as a new daddy.

    above all, THIS IS ABOUT THE MUSIC. period.
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