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    So Late in San Diego

    We're in San Diego! And … JLO's FACE.

    When Jennifer Diley walks into the San Diego auditions wearing a bikini top, daisy dukes and heels. JLO's FACE. Hilarious. She'd get a NO even if her voice was spectacular.

    But it's not. J-Dil is bland and uninspiring on a Jessica Simpson and a Mariah Carey song. She's no Bikini Girl. She's not even an Antonella Barba.

    Single mom Ashley Robles breaks one of our cardinal Idol rules. DO NOT SING I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. It makes me want to not like her, but I can't hate. She's good. And she seems sweet. BUT NO MORE WHITNEY. I'm keeping my eye on her.

    Jayrah Gibson had a few too many Red Bulls. It makes me tired just watching him. He's not bad on a Musiq Soulchild song. But I wonder if that wispy voice will become a bit one-note after a few weeks if he makes it past a certain point?

    A FLURRY OF YES! YES! YES! Happy dances!

    Aubree Dieckmeyer, I'm just not really feeling you. Her song choice (Feelin' Good) is, to say the least, tired. (AGAIN!) And is anyone else weary of these "quirky" girls? We've seen, and heard, them a million times before, too. I'd be amazed, and dismayed, if she lasted long.

    I remember Ali Shields from Ellen. She was funny and adorable and didn't have a bad voice.

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