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American Idol Roundtable(W/Discussion)

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    As for Adam, he can sing, but not great. I will not jump on the Adam-is-great-wagon. He IS great IN Musicals, where you R told how to sing. On Idol, his screechieness, redundant flat-tones were just too annoying. Range? Hes got range, but its always tone-flat, castrati-like. He did not do anything otherwise to help see he is talent. Nothing. What, simple dancing, head-banging, wearing leather and make-up talent?! Please!, stuff like that is done daily on the streets, bars/clubs, malls and school campuses. ITS ALL SIMPLE. BASIC. It was all an illusion. Adam needed flashing lights, its shadows and special camera angles to hide under, and make up and favortism to cover up. Simon had it right from the start:"you will be hated, or you will be liked." Simon was reffering to his annoying flat-tone screechieness. That castrati sound. And yes, EVEN some of the celebrities who think him great fall under any stage sale:after all, its tinsel town. Green dan, Slash...please, Green Day wears make up bcause they R getting older, and Slash bcause Axl screams screechie. Screaming is not talent, no matter who does does it, and Adam should have been judged accordingly. G&R and any REAL rockers are not being judged by Idol judges, so they can do whatever they friggin want. Adam was on a stage with other contetstants, and needed to be judged fairly and equally-well he was shown favortism, or was given a favored blind eye. Hec, Simon and Paula did not need to B in the building when Adam was singing-LOL- and would have come back and called him a genius. Please. If you read what I said above, its all basic. It was all an illusion. Adam might make it, and one:it will all be pretention, two:he will only last a year or two. Three, he will be a name heard here and there, with no merit for support.
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    numbr1alli wrote:
    please, Green Day wears make up bcause they R getting older,

    Hey, don't be hatin on Green Day. Sure, they wear makeup, but they still friggin rock!
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