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Ju'Not Joyner Spills the Beans!

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    While I don't really understand what happened (lol) I managed to piece together enough evidence to deduce season 8 finalist Ju'Not Joyner revealed a huge secret about American Idol. Here is an artcile posted on VoteForTheWorst:

    Ju'Noy Joyner opened up in today's AI Now chat about how he was labeled a "troublemaker" by Ken Warwick, producer of American Idol, because he asked "basic legal questions" about the Idol contract. Ju'Not was told by Ken, "Shut up, you're not going to ruin my show." Of course, the tween morons in the chat with names like MATTSTHIGHS were saying "OMG IDOL IS RIGGED??? I DON'T GET IT!!!!" so it didn't leave much time for Ju'Not to expand. But here are the highlights:

    • Ju'Not mentioned that the Idols are given one collective lawyer by the Idol staff that is then supposed to negotiate with the Idol lawyer, which clearly is a conflict of interest and results in the Idol contestants being taken advantage of in the end.

    • The semifinalists had a few hours to go over the details of 6 or 7 contracts that they didn't get to keep a copy of. They also were also not allowed to send the contract to an outside attorney during that time. If they didn't sign on the spot, they couldn't be on the show.

    • Ju'Not says that the judges' comments are scripted and that AI is a reality show, not a talent competition.

    • He calls his contract a "slavetract" (heh).

    • Ju'Not also says the show wanted to talk about his personal business and background living in the hood for ratings, which he refused to do.

    • He also says that after the show, Idols are supposed to talk to the PR department to clear any appearances and get permission for them. Ju'Not never got return calls, but then found out that other Idols were allowed to participate in appearances that he was not allowed to.

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    I read about this story in the paper. While most of this sounds like sour grapes for not advancing further, I think there's a bit of truth in his story. I'm sure the producers have ultimate control and the final say regarding who gets chosen. When misfits like that screeching, bi-polar chick with the Hyena laugh and that flamer that humped the AI logo get chosen over people with actual talent, then you know that the fix is in.
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