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Make it at Top 13

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    [1]Mar 12, 2010
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    I think we need to see Lilly Scott on the big stage, and give America a chance to correct their mistake.

    Lillyis clearly one of the most consistent performer of the bunch. On top of that she has a great voice and a clear image.

    Whats up with a girl like Katie Stevens, she is clearly confused and nervous and has a soul of a 80 yearold woman... Boring!

    And I dont know whats up with te two strawberry helmets Alex Lambert and Tim Urban they have nothing too bring too the table...

    Todrick Hall on the other hand has personality (and as you know personality goes a long way). He put on a show and is a real performer.

    I am very sorry that the voting went as it did...

    Have a great one...

    Benami = Punani...

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