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Megan Corkrey

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    [81]Apr 3, 2009
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    Also, people at MSN still keep calling her "Megan Corkrey". I swear, they still act as if "Joy" were a married name instead of "Corkrey".
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    [82]Apr 6, 2009
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    Hot girls never make it far! Because ,us men, don't vote...SHe can be cute, but not sexy. She was so different, so it gave her an edge for the first shows. But she couldn't nail it ( i was a big fan), she couldn't impose her style on her songs. So girls left her to get eliminated.
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    [83]Apr 6, 2009
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    simpsonian100 wrote:
    She is easily my least favorite Season 8 finalist and possibly my least favorite of all-time! Her stage prescence is dorky and sometimes awkward looking, plus her singing sounds so forced, as if she tries so hard to make her voice sound the way it does. She took "Rockin Robbin" and made it dorkier than it already was. I thought that was impossible! Then she cheesed up Patsy Cline and followed it up with a sleazy sounding motown performance. Her final performance I didn't enjoy either, but it wasn't as bad as the previous. I loved how Simon just came out and told her he was considering saving her no matter what she did. It amazes me that Alexis got eliminated two weeks before her, when Alexis had the potential to go top 5. The cool thing is, I can at least tolerate everybody else who is left.

    I could not agree more with you. Her voice is cool you know, if its edited to the max. Those that have said this girl has raw talent must be watching some other show and some other Megan because as cute as she is, her voice literally makes me want to plug my ears, thank god I could DVR right past her after hearing the first 30 seconds of each performance. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion yes but really kids, really would you seriously for a minute stop to listen to this girl sing if you were out and about, or at a show and she sang and danced the way she has the past four weeks? You wouldn't, you may give her a sympathy listen because she is adorable and IF, IF she hits the notes right on the occassion that she does. I'm sorry Megan but girl you need to learn how to control those notes, hold onto the melody and learn some real stage pressence.

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    [84]Apr 7, 2009
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    I will say this for the 2903923 time, i loooove Megan. She was cute, hot , she had an unique voice, she was fun. She was doind just fine but she picked bad musics for her to sing and thats was shes gone. she had potential, if only she choose some Winehouse or another R&B singer.. But i confess that she wasnt the best and couldnt compete with some of the others =( going to miss her
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