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Official Thread For The Top 10 Perform & The Results Show

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    [1]Mar 25, 2009
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    Post anything to do with these 2 episodes here & no where else in the forum!!
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    The Best IMO
    Allison ( She was awesome! )
    Adam ( Greatness as usual )
    Matt ( just keeps getting better)

    Bottom 3: Megan, Michael and Scott.
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    Pretty much agree with everything you said! Im not sure who out of those 3 will guessing Michael or Megan tho!

    LOVED allison, if she is in the bottom 3 again i will throw a fit!

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    10. Michael
    9. Megan
    8. Matt
    7. Kris
    6. Scott
    5. Lil
    4. Danny
    3. Anoop
    2. Adam
    1. Allison
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    Matt Giraud -- Ha, interesting song choice, Matt! Didn't expect him to sing that one. The beginning was really, really great, but I wasn't too crazy about the rest of it. I'm actually going to treat this as I did with Ricky Braddy's "A Song For You" in the Top 36. Wasn't too crazy about the actual voice, but the singing was great. Didn't beat last week's performance for me, but this performance wasn't bad.

    Kris Allen -- Hey, he's growing some facial hair. Anyway, I've always thought he was a good singer, but it was last week when I realized just how good he was (pretty damn good), and he continued to impress me tonight. He hit every note right, in my opinion. He's really been consistent so far in this competition. He's had a great performance after another. I'd like to see him go far 'cause I think he's really got an impressive voice.

    Scott MacIntyre -- The beginning was better than the rest of the performance. Um, that wasn't really a performance that would make the people who think Scott is one of the weakest in the competition take back their words. I'm started to think that now. I like that he decided to do a faster song this week rather than the slow ones he's been doing all season. I appreciate that. His vocals just really didn't cut it. I agreed with Randy and Simon; I think Paula is just trying to be nice to Scott too much on this one (Although, what she did and said to Simon after the judging was absolutely hilarious!). Simon and Randy hit it spot-on; this wasn't a stand-out performance. I like Scott and all, but he's not bringing it at this important part of the competition, and I would like to see him at least in the bottom 3 if not going home.

    Megan Joy -- Doesn't that tattoo go wonderfully with that dress? Of course it does. [/end sarcasm] OK, now I don't want to say this, but I absolutely HATED(!) that performance. Simon took the words right outta my mouth. I mean, God, what was that? She can do better than that! Her vocals were all over the place, out of tune, pitchy, and a whole lot more adjectives I can't think of right now 'cause I'm still in shock. Now THAT was disappointing since I thought that she would be one of the best with Motown since it seems it would suit her voice well IF she chose the right song. It was all wrong for her. Forget about Scott going home, that def. put her in danger over everybody else (and I hate to say that since if she leaves, there's only 2 girls left in the competition). Not good, not good, not good...

    Anoop Desai -- (First off, just wanted to take back my review for last week's performance, 'cause I listened to it a few more times and now think that it was much more than average. It really grew on me. Anyway...) Don't know if I can say the same about this song. I mean, it was good, it was pretty sweet, just not interesting. His falsetto was great and he had alright singing, but just boring. I changed my mind about "Always On My Mind", but I don't think I will on this one. He was fine, though. I don't have a problem with him. EDIT: After the show, his performance seemed very forgettable. I keep saying that about Anoop lately. Some people might disagree, but oh well, that's just me and my attention span.

    Michael Sarver -- Hmm, it was kinda mixed for me. About half the performance in various parts were pretty strong, the middle was really rough, and the ending was not good at all. Bordering on or hitting the point of oversinging. I agree with the judges (I'm agreeing with them most of the time so far tonight). But, I really liked Michael's comments after the judges; gotta love what he said.

    Lil Rounds -- Ugh, 2 weeks in a row she has disappointed me. Come on, Lil! She was trying too hard, she hit the wrong notes, she actually looked pretty insecure in my eyes, and... she was just not good. I don't know. Forgive me, I'm not on my A-game tonight due to sleep deprivation, but all I can say is I am not happy about how she's going about the competition. She's not embracing her effortless voice. If she gets through next week, I agree with her to take it slow for a week. Just take it slow and get it all back! I'm gradually losing interest in her.

    My 3 favorites are last, ooh!:

    Adam Lambert -- ..... Suit? Hair? Damn. He cleans up good. I gotta say when I first saw him, I actually let out a gasp. He really looks different than usual, but he looks really great! *commercial break*
    Well, there you have it, people. A ballad. And it was utterly spectacular. I heard that he said in a confessional on the iTunes AI app that he wanted to do a ballad and do something that was less theatrical and more intimate. He did it right there; it was beautiful, of course the falsetto was perfect, it showed a different side of Adam that people (who've only seen his AI performances, I've seen him sing a ballad before. Pre-Idol) have never seen before. I think it'll please the people who don't like Adam's 'over-the-top' ways; that was the kind of performance that can appeal to everyone, it really brought him back from last week (even though I loved him last week, a lot of people didn't). I think he proved himself right there to doubters that he can tone it down a bit on stage and still be absolutely unbelievable as a singer. I'm more proud of him than ever! I would love to say much more, but Danny's up...

    Danny Gokey -- I liked it some. I don't think fast songs are really his thing; i.e. P.Y.T. That wasn't exactly an amazing performance from him and neither was this one, but it was a fun performance and his vocals were pretty good. Not my favorite from him, but he was better than about 80% of the other contestants tonight.

    Allison Iraheta -- Yes! Now THAT is what I am talking about! haha Now, she redeemed the girls tonight. One thing I like about her is that she has an edge and she flaunted that in this performance. I was snapping my fingers to it (what? I liked the beat, OK?); it was SO enjoyable. She made it look so effortless (Lil can learn a thing or two from her). That should get her out of the bottom 3 this week, and if it doesn't, there is no justice in this world (er, country). My favorite performance from her since "Alone". She is complete awesomeness.


    Overall, this was a decent night. Not as good as the last two weeks, in my opinion. There were a few really good stand-outs, but I was disappointed a lot tonight as well. Anyway, here are the ranks (ha, guess who's #1. I can't help it if I've loved every single performance he's done so far, these are my ranks):

    10. Megan Joy
    9. Scott MacIntyre
    8. Lil Rounds
    7. Michael Sarver
    6. Anoop Desai
    5. Matt Giraud
    4. Danny Gokey
    3. Kris Allen
    2. Allison Iraheta
    1. Adam Lambert

    My choices for bottom 3 are the lowest ones on the ranks, with the last one my choice to go home.

    Happy voting!

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    Adam, Allison, Danny, Matt and Kris should sail right through. Michael and Megan should be the bottom two. Lil might be in trouble after a second week of just being average.Anoop and Scott should survive on the likeability factor. Might be a tossup on who goes home. Megan is starting to get a little annoying and Michael is just not bringing it. neither one deserves to be saved.
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    I agree!!! Great night for Adam and Allison
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    Bad week overall. It was the worst since they chose the final 13, although nowhere near as terrible as the weeks before then. This is how I'd rank them:

    Adam: I was worried when Ryan said that he would be doing something different, and then when I saw his suit. I didn't think it would be right for him, because it isn't his style. But he proved me wrong. That was great. Amazing vocals and performance.

    Danny: There were parts where he was kind of shouting the song, but overall I thought it was a great performance.

    Allison: Vocally, it was probably the second best of the night, after Adam. She did a great job singing the song. But honestly, I couldn't really understand most of the words she was singing, which hurt it a little bit, but it was still great, especially compared to the rest of the people.

    Anoop: I thought he did a good job with the vocals. Not as good as last week though, and I agree with Simon that he looked bored while singing which took me out of it a bit. I would say it was probably his second best performance of the top 13 (I didn't really care for him until last week), and much better the ones listed below, but hopefully he improves next week.

    Kris: Probably his weakest of the top 13. It was OK, but I had a hard time really getting into it.

    Matt: Again, I didn't really get into it that much. He had some good moments, but overall, he could have been a lot better.

    Lil: While it wasn't the worst of the night, it was definitely the most disappointing of the night. I agree with the judges that she went a bit too fast and shouted it a bit, and I just expected a lot more out of her this week.

    Scott: I will say that I'm glad that he tried to change it up a bit. I think he is a very good singer, but even I admit that he'll have trouble sticking around if he just sticks to what he has been doing, so it's great that he's trying to do something else. But with that said, this was not the right song for him, and the vocals were usually bad. There were some good moments in there, but overall it really wasn't that good.

    Michael: Bad performance.

    Megan: I can't stand Megan. She is easily the worst singer out of all the top 13, and even worse than some of the people who didn't get through to the top 13, and the sooner she's gone, the sooner the real competition can start IMO. I will say that, as much as I hated her past performances, this one made me miss those other performances. It was just terrible.
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    Matt Giraud- SO GOOD!!!! Perfect song for him. I really think he is improving immensly week by week. I hope the best for him! 9.4/10 stars

    Kris Allen- I also believe he is doing very good right now. I think he needs to have better pronounciating when he sings, but he is improving and doing quite well. 8.8/10 stars

    Scott MacIntyre- I'm actually getting a little T-d that he is still here. His voice is soooo mediocre and that song is SOOOO cheezy for him to sing. I think he deserves a taste of the bottom three, but more so he really should go home. 3.4/ 10 stars

    Megan Joy- Well, I do like her but she wasn't very good, and in some parts -horrible. I think she picked a totally bad song for herself to sing. I wish her luck, but I think she is a candidate for going home. (By the way, I really hope she doesn't go because then there would be 7 guys and 2 girls left. That is a terrible guy:girl ratio) 5.7/10 stars

    Anoop Desai- I feel alone, but I don't like him that much. I'm being absolutely honest when I say that I wanted to fall asleep during his performance. HE HAS A VOICE, but he NEEDS to pick a song with a faster tempo. 6.0/ 10 stars

    Michael Sarver- The streak of the night continues. BAD, BAD, BAD! Nice guy, but America please listen to him. He screamed more then sang. YIKES! 5.4/10 stars

    Lil Rounds- The screaming didn't end with Michael. I think she can sing like no ones business, but song choice, song choice, song choice is killing her. This is a week she could have owned, but she was just okay. 7.7/ 10 stars

    Adam Lambert- In eight full seasons of idol, I have never considered crying over a performance, but holy crap that was amazing. Beautiful. WOW! His voice I would die for. 9.9/10 stars

    Danny Gokey- I finally figured out why I don't like him like everyone else does. He reminds me of David Archuleta. No matter how dumb of a performance, he gets praised. At least Simon didn't like it. It was just bleh. He's more talented than that. 7.6/10 stars

    Allison Iraheta- Shaky start, but a fantastic ending. I LOVE her voice. The song was a risk that paid off. 9.0/10 stars


    1) Adam Lambert

    2) Matt Giraud

    3) Allison Iraheta

    4) Kris Allen

    5) Lil Rounds

    6) Danny Gokey

    7) Anoop Desai

    Megan Joy

    9) Michael Sarver

    10) Scott MacIntyre




    Anoop, Megan, Michael


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    Pretty average week. Allison, Adam, and Matt were the only good performances IMO. I've never liked Adam's performances but he was on fire tonight. If Allison is bottom 3 again... my mind = BLOWN!

    10. Megan - Megan, Megan, Megan. I've hated her all along and she needs to GTFO. She's unwatchable at this point.

    9. Scott - I've thought Scott was OK in previous weeks, and while he wasn't the worst tonight, he is bottom 3 material for sure.

    8. Michael - I didn't think Michael was as bad as they thought he was. He wasn't good either though.

    7. Kris - Meh, still too vanilla for my taste. Still get a Disney vibe off of him.

    6. Lil - The judges were right about Lil. Her voice is way too big for a song like that.

    5. Danny - I think Gokey should have listened to Smoky and sung the entire song himself. The back-ups sounded out of place during his performance and kept me from enjoying it.

    4. Anoop - Liked it, didn't love it. Fells kinda wierd to hear him so somber.

    3. Matt - One of my favorites since the beginning, and I hope he keeps impressing.

    2. Allison - Also a favorite from the beginning. I don't understand why people aren't voting for her. Her voice is so unique and explosive.

    1. Adam - Never been a fan of him, but he was definately the best of the night.

    Megan needs to go!

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    OMG Adam!!!!!!!!!!! his performance is just brillant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luv luv luv he is just wonderful and so out of expect. Bravo Adam~

    and Matt has just grown on me. he definitely deserve to go far in this competition!

    Alison also did a good job. though not a fan, i certainly hope to hear more from her.

    with Alexis going home last time( still cannot believe it), i do not think it would be megan who will be elminated this time ( i hope she can leave the stage though!!! it is a touture to hear her sing!), so it may be michael( who should go home last week) and Scott ( it is just below average).

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    Hard for me to pick the best from the night but easily can pick the bottom 3.

    Scott...If suddenly Scott gained sight, he'd be off the show in a NY minute...For now, he's a sideshow and it just looks worse and worse each passing week...Nothing about him as a contestant rings 'true' for AI...Several contestants have been infinitely better than him yet he remains...It's a joke & I'm tired of it...Speaking of train wrecks, this is one each week.

    Megan...We'll see if she gets by on her looks...The Madeleine Peyroux knockoff really did choose a bad song and looked pretty ridiculous in that South Pacific getup she had on...I like her and her story but she's out of he depth at this point.

    Michael Sarver...Hard to figure out which of these 3 is the worst but he's definitely right there in contention...I think you could blend all of his performances into a medley and they'd sound alike...He's karaoke and was a nice story...Time for the real singers to compete.

    My top 3...Tough to choose, there were several great performances...Matt, Allison & Danny...Not far behind were Kris and Lil...Anoop and Adam were just after that, for me...And if I had to choose best, it would be a runoff between Matt & Allison...Shocking to me, still, that Allison was in the bottom 3 last week.

    I agree with Simon that Kris is probably suffering a little from coming off as a backup singer or ensemble singer rather than a frontman...Extremely likable, seemingly genuine and without pretention...And I gotta say, he might be the most talented person in the competition.

    Anoop did a nice job but I just increasingly find him a bit contrived and full of himself...Appreciated Adam's efforts for the first time but still contend that he has only one range (High octaves) for singing...Cannot move around the register and get the low end at all.

    Randy was spot on about Lil, it was an unfortunate performance as she did seem rushed...Eventhough she had the lungs to pull it off, it sounded like she was out of breath throughout.

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    Well I have to say that Smokey Robinson looks sooo good for his age. I think he is like 70 or something. WOW! Black really doesnt crack. Smokey also seemed like a real nice and encouraging guy.

    Matt Giraud: Wearing his Mr. Rogers outfit, he finally got away from the Piano! The vocals were good, but the dancing disturbed me a little. He looks constipated when he sings, but overall he did a nice job.

    Hal Sparks....err Kris Allen: *sigh* Looking at his clothes I didnt know if he was a prison guard or if American Idol had started their own military wing and he was the commander. He needs to shave too, sheesh! I'm tired of his stupid guitar and stroking out when he sings. The vocals were just barely o.k. and I totally agree with Simon he has no energy or stage persona.

    Scott MacIntyre: O.K. wardrobe people WTF? The man was wearing a peach shirt and pants with an old mans smoking jacket! Just stop! If anyone could make that song boring it would be Scott and guess what? He totally delivered a steaming pile of turd! He has this grating crisp christian rock voice that annoys me. I thought at any minute he was gonna break out with, "Our God is an awesome God". The back up singer thing was kinda cool, but scott was just so-so.

    Megan Joy:.............JESUS! They put her in a hideous loud blue dress that looked a size too small and smashed her boobs. It didnt look comfortable or pretty! She also had a candy necklace on. The vocals were beyond aweful it was ear bleedingly bad. She screeched offkey thru the whole song. I'm scarred for life. I woke up screaming at 3:00am in terror that's how bad it was. Please don't vote for her, good lord. SHE CANT SING PEOPLE!! GET OVER IT!!

    Anoop Desai: He is one of my favorites, but tonight it was kinda boring. It's a sexy song and Anoop didnt deliver. The vocals were sweet in some spots and sour in others.

    Michael Sarver: Once again he stomped around the stage like a lunatic cleft chinned retard and he cannot sing and find the camera. It was a bit too much growling or he sounded like he was swallowing his throat the entire song. It was almost embarrassing and at the end let out a "beggggggggg", but he sounded like Scoobie Doo. I promise, go rewatch the last 10 seconds! He is like a wounded animal that needs to be put out of his misery. This is another person riding on sympathy votes and not real talent.

    Lil Rounds: They gave her hair that looked like a mushroom shaped murkin(for those of you who dont know what that is, look it up!), but her dress was smokin! However, her singing was terrible. She shouted the whole sound and on some parts she was flat and had shaky voice. On the part where she sang, "yeah, yeah, yeah". I was like hell "no, no, no". She is overrated and annoying. She reminds me so much of Mantasia it makes me ill.

    Adam"Flamebert" Lambert- I like how respectful Adam was and called Smokey Robinson Mr. Robinson. He seemed awestruck and nice. Adam cleaned up real good and looked a bit like Elvis. Loved the clothes and the band surrounding him. No screeching, no weirdo performance just him singing his a** off. He has a beautiful voice and I wanted him to do a ballad to see if he could be diverse and he proved it last night. I'm not on the Adam bandwagon and I still think he will not win, but that was the best performance of the night and I'll even go so far as saying that was one of the best performances on Idol period! Even Smokey and Berry stood up and clapped. Way to go Adam.

    DWD: Someone compared him to Archuleta. Well DWD is no gaspy. He doesnt have that annoying aweshucks attitude thing going. He has a very Joe Cocker tinge to his voice that I really like, but it was a cheap performance. The dancing with the singers and the running around the stage like a crack head, yuck. I loved the energy and everything, but Danny had a look of defeat in his eyes. He knew there is no way that he could to Adam's performance so he kinda looked a bit desperate. I still think he will win.

    Allison Iraheta- My magenta haired pig nosed princess is last but not least. I dont get the clothes she was wearing. She looked like a futuristic french biker hooker. Her vocals were good and I hope meagan sucked enough to get eliminated cause for the past 3 weeks Allison has been at the bottom in the votes. I love Allison's voice and her stage presence is off the chain for a 16 year old. I agree with kara, she was born to sing. You can't teach that. Allison was born with it.

    Edited on 03/26/2009 7:35am
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    Wow, I get to follow ebony's post! Your critiques and comments are HI-larious!

    ebony_kunoichi wrote:
    Looking at his clothes I didnt know if he was a prison guard or if American Idol had started their own military wing and he was the commander

    I was thinking the same thing! I was also paying attention so that I could notice his "stroke mouth" as you have nicely put it.

    I couldn't believe what Kara said to Lil, that this was HER week to really shine thru, that just seemed a bit off of a comment to tell her. She kind of disappointed, same with Almond Joy, or ahem, Megan Joy (I'm using Sylant's nickname for her). Her vocals sounded like a dying wild cat...I agree with Simon that I wouldn't be surprised to see her in the bottom 3.

    Scott: interestingly enough, the sight gags happen after his performances...Ryan called crayons "crowns," and told Scott what had just happened..and nice to know that Scott knew he had on pink pants, poor guy isn't even told what kind of clothes he's got on until 10 min. to show time. I guess he dresses himself, but there must be stylists, and wardrobe-ists to help him out.

    When I saw Adam....I immediately I didn't flash anybody to Zac Efron in the musical Hairspray. What a change, and to hear a compliment from Simon, way to go Adam! I didn't catch Allison, or Michael, I heard a bit of Anoop, but it was too snoozy for me, I saw some of Danny, and I knew he was going to get flack for dancing w/ the back up singers. Wonder how many glasses he has for each outfit? Ryan told Adam that they don't have anything to really talk about, Adam looked a bit miffed...oh well, he looked nice in a dressed-down-up version of himself.
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    Man, I wish I had Smokey Robinson's eye color. Then, I'd get ALL the chicks. I always enjoy R&B week since it's one of my favorite music genres. Without further adieu...

    Matt- He was alright to start off the night. He had decent energy and his vocals were good enough to get him through to the next round. Rank: 8

    Kris- He looked like a refugee from the Salvation Army. For some reason, he annoys me. He has the Sanjaya effect- he has decent potential but sings with no passion. I wanted to take his guitar and go Jeff Jarrett and smack him over the dome with it to light a fire under his ass. His vocals were barely decent but because he's a pretty boy, little girls will vote for him. Rank: 9

    Scott- I'm thinking they let him dress himself by sending him to JC Penny and telling him to grab the first thing he feels. I could just see the wardrobe people say, "Hey! Look at this!" and getting a good chuckle out of it. That's really tacky. At least give the blind guy a good look for crying out loud... and will someone PLEASE do something with the Mike Brady afro?! As for his performance, it was another safe, boring song choice. Because of the lack of females, he'll probably leave this week. Rank: 11

    Almond Joy- Hearing two cats screwing in the middle of the night had more harmony than her performance. It was a complete and utter mess. She looked good as usual, but sounded like garbage. The ONLY thing that might save her is Scott's boring performance. Still, I wouldn't mind enduring another excruciating performance to gander at her cuteness and sweet flesh... God, I hate tattoos on women's feet! Rank: Dead Last

    Anoop "Dog"- The vocals were pretty good, but something was off about him. It was like his own performance was putting him to sleep. This was one of the first times that he lacked stage presence and charisma. It was like the grim reaper reached in and took his soul and only an empty shell was performing. Still, he sounded good. Rank: 4

    Michael- He had good energy, but the performance and the vocals were pretty bad. When Simon critiqued his performance, I could see the swear words in his eyes and the steam on his forehead. If it were a bar scene, I think Simon would be dead. Rank: 10

    Lillian- As a Diva, this SHOULD have been her week to shine, but she came up short. She screamed most of the song and was off in spots. I absolutely LOVED her outfit. It was incredibly glamorous. Too bad her performance wasn't as good... and is it just me or does anyone else CRINGE when Lil speaks? I half expect her to say, "Ima sorry, massa. If'n yallz give me anutha chance, Iza gonna shine yo shoes." I love you Lil, but PLEASE keep the speaking to a minimum... or take some English courses... and before anyone calls me a racist, I'm Black. Rank: 5

    Adam- This performance was SENSATIONAL!!! I loved the unplugged, Eric Clapton Tears from Heaven feel that his rendition gave to the song. I've always been a fan and now I'm an even bigger fan. He cleaned up well with the suit and the Elvis look and added a spot of diversity to his arsenal by showing us a tender moment. Gay or not, this guy can SING. Rank: 1

    Danny- It wasn't his best vocal, but he had great energy and was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. Rank: 3

    Allison- This girl is 16?!?! She sure didn't sing like it. It was an amazing performance and a great vocal. Her only downfall is that she isn't all that attractive... and I'm not saying she's ugly, but she's no Almond Joy and that might hurt her later on in the competition. Rank: 2
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    I LOVE Megan but I agree she didn't have a good night at all. Obviously she deserves to be in the bottom three, but I would like to see Scott or Michael leave tonight.
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    ^ Completely agree. I love Megan! I really hope she has ONE awesome performance if she gets through tonight that will keep her in a couple of weeks.
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    ^ Completely agree. I love Megan! I really hope she has ONE awesome performance if she gets through tonight that will keep her in a couple of weeks.
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    Wow I don't really enjoy tonight. Loads of repeated songs, half of them I'm not interested. AND the judges are more annoying than ever.

    Top 3:
    Adam Lambert (Wow what a change!)
    Allison Ireheta (Don't ever fall into bottom 3!)
    Anoop Desai

    Middle of the Pack:
    Kris Allen
    Matt Giraud
    Danny Gokey (You just can't convince me to like you. Sorry)
    Lil Rounds

    Bottom 3:
    Scott McIntyre
    Michael Sarver
    Megan Joy

    These 3 people are always at the bottom of my list! Every. Single. Week. I just want them to all 3 go in one sweep. Ugh!
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