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Official Thread For The Top 2 Perform Finale Part 1 & Results Show Finale Pa

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    angeldeb82 wrote:
    Larexx wrote:
    Peggy_Porcupine wrote:
    Dating myself, I know, but the song the line "Watching Scotty Grow" kept going through my brain watching this. Having Bobby Goldsboro sing it would be neat!
    Wow, Bobby Goldsboro, that's a blast from the past. I loved "Honey" very sad song! The Finale was just what I expected. All country doesn't have to mean all bad! Round 1: Scotty McCreery: "Gone". His favorite of the season was a perfect Scotty song. Lauren Alaina: "Flat On The Floor". Was her favorite song. She apparently blew out a vocal chord but you'd never know when she sang. Round 2; Scotty McCreery: "Check Yes Or No" from his idol George Strait. It was a cute song song well by guitar playing Scotty. Lauren Alaina: "Maybe It Was Memphis". I got a kick out of her gold glitter dress. It looked liked a cloggers outfit! Didn't know the song but felt it was well done. Round 3: Scotty McCreery: "I Love You This Big" which would be his 1st single. It was a nice song, well sung. Lauren Alaina: "Like My Mother Does" which will be her 1st single. I thought it was a GREAT song & she sang it perfectly! She won with that song. It was the luck of the draw that she got the better song of the 2 new songs because I think it is the reason she will win tonight!
    Well, I hate to bust all of your bubbles, but Scotty (yes, THE Scotty) has won the American Idol competition.

    No bubbles burst here! I preferred Lauren to win but didn't really care which one won. Afterall, I wanted Pia Toscano to win! So, congratulations to Scotty. He will be a big country music star.

    The Finale certainly was filled with guest stars. Lady Gaga, Judas Priest, Gladys Knight, Jack Black, Beyonce, Tony Bennett, Lil John with TLC, Tim McGraw, Marc Anthony with JLo, Tom Jones, Carrie Underwood, Bono & The Edge with Spiderman & finally, Steven Tyler. Wow, it was like a celebrity filled awards show! My only complaint is they couldn't fit it into a 2 hr show which messes up the rest of the nights schedule!

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    My original choice was Pia, once she was eliminated anyone was ok but of the final two Lauren was my favorite but Scotty was ok also. I though that the push the judges gave Lauren was going to make it happen for her but apparently they had to push more. Anyway the finale was a great show.
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    This was the worst season ever. It was incredibly boring. I didn't like the judges or the contestants.

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    I hope Scotty McQueery is back working at the Produce store in 3 months.

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    I wish thought/hoped that Lauren was going to win, Her winning single was so much better. Plus it would of been nice to see a girl win. I thought that Scotty's choice was boring. Lauren was my favourite left standing after pia, james, stefano and casey had left. This season from beginning to end reminded me of S5. But i do wish Scotty the best of luck
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