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Official Thread For The Top 7 Perform & The Results Show!

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    Post anything to do with these two episodes here & no where else in the forum!!! Also for those that tivo please be advised that the performance show may run overtime again.
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    They can only speak two at a time now, huh.
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    Lol Adam went wild in his performance.
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    ADAM ROCKED THE FRIKIN' STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I thought tonights was one of the better weeks and they all did pretty good. BUT WOW ADAM! just WOW.. He really amazes me and he looked HOT!

    Anoop, this was one of his best imo

    Kris and Danny were good

    I liked Matt even though most people think he was off.

    Its hard to say who should be in the bottom or will be but I guess

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    Kris was definitely the best of the night!! He was so emotional & i got major chills watching his performance. Randy was being ridiculous when he said he was off pitch the whole time, cuz he wasnt. Kara got it right when she said it was one of his best moments ever! It was beautiful and amazingg! Definitely one of his best performances ever!! LOVE YOU KRIS!!!!!
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    -- Ha, I had to change my avi, really. Couldn't help it.

    -- Actually, Simon was right, it WAS the girls' fault the show ran over the time frame, thank you very much.

    Allison Iraheta -- This was the one song I DIDN'T want her to sing! She did an alright job, but she didn't kill it as I wanted her to do tonight. Maybe I'm just channeling David Cook's amazing performance of it last year or something. I definitely don't want to compare, but people will compare. For me, it's one of those performances that I really just have to see again. It wasn't one of my favorite performances from her at all, and the beginning was a little too breathy. Come on, roja rocker, don't be in the bottom! Because that's what happens if people feel she didn't have an epic performance; the voters are too hard on her. I'll chuck my TV out the window. I still love ya too much, girl!

    Anoop Desai -- What's Quentin talking about? 'Rough up' a song like that? ...
    Hmm, I think it was pretty good. Out of tune a little bit, though. Gah, David Cook sang this last year, too, during Hollywood Week. Sorry, I'm a little hung up on Cookie right now; there's contestants singing a bunch of songs he did last year. ANYWAYS ( ), he will definitely be in the bottom, but not bad. Not bad. I thought the last 15 minutes were excellent.

    Adam Lambert -- Damn, no Supermassive Black Hole. Oh well, this is going to rock!
    Wow, that was HUGE! OK, OK, first, I actually got some critism for it. *SHOCK* Yes, I can be objective about him, if you didn't know that. I think that some of the time, whenever he sang 'wild', his voice was too sharp and a bit more overdone than it should've been. Didn't enjoy those parts immensely. But, it was absolutely excellent, in my opinion. Bring on the hatin', non-believers, 'cause Simon was right about there being some people that will love it (namely me and a lot of other Glamberts) and some people that will hate it (namely stellarchick, sorry for singling you out, but you said before that you didn't like the performances that are like Play That Funky Music). That last note, as always, was BRILLIANT! Whew! I need a fan in here. Did you hear the audience? He ain't goin' nowhere, no matter how OTT it was.

    Matt Giraud -- Kinda hard on this one. I switched from enjoying it to not enjoying it every 10 seconds throughout the performance. My main issue was it was pitchy. That's all I can think of to say about it. Quentin, not one of his best. I wish he was more melodious with it. Bah, verdict: I didn't enjoy it.

    Danny Gokey -- I heard he got contacts. He looks better without glasses. Just sayin'.
    I have to say a big step up from last week. Here's a performance that I really enjoyed. I liked it, and I think I found yet another contestant whose strongest point is ballads. However, I did hate that one high note; he's not so good at falsetto. I believe he has lost some of his momentum, that's why I'm so reluctant to say good praise for him now; he's not as great as I thought he was, but he is a good singer. Just not finale material, which I believe he will make it to because his fanbase is still very much alive. I still like Danny, just not as much as before. Overall, a really good performance, though.

    Kris Allen -- First off, I'm glad that he didn't play an instrument. He can't play an instrument EVERY week, for heaven's sake. Don't know what you're talking about, Randy, since it caught on to me. Yes, a ballad this week! It may've seemed boring to some people, but I, for one, like a good ballad, and I thought it was very heartfelt. God, I love Kris, he has such a beautiful voice. His performance really made me smile big watts.

    Lil Rounds -- Why is she wearing hair extensions?
    I don't know what happened to her voice, but I've come to the conclusion that she is NOT a good singer. That performance could've been her comeback, but it WASN'T! She just did not sing it well, plain and simple! I agree with Simon (again), she is not the same singer I became a fan of after 'Be Without You'. I'm sick of her screwing up every week; I believe I've been too nice in my reviews for her, I don't know. Goodbye, Lil. She is going home, finally.


    -- A pretty good night. I think I pretty much said everything. I gotta get to voting (for Adam, derrh!), so I'll make this quick:

    7. Lil Rounds
    6. Matt Giraud
    5. Anoop Desai
    4. Allison Iraheta
    3. Danny Gokey
    2. Kris Allen
    1. Adam Lambert (gotta give the love to my Dark Lord Screamanova)

    Kind of a toss-up between Anoop and Allison in their ranks, but yeah, anyways... *picks up phone* Rock the vote! See yas.

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    Quentin Tarantino as a mentor....hmmm.... now it could just be me, but shouldn't a special guest on a music competition be associated with, oh, I don't know..... MUSIC??!! Since the theme was tunes from motion pictures, - Danny Elfman, John Williams, or even Burt Bacharach would have made a lot more sense than Tarantino.

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    My brand new Sony KDL-52XBR7 television arrives today, but I won't hook it up because I don't want to miss American Idol!

    American Idol begins. Simon blames the female judges for talking too much, which is why AI ran over last week. Simon says that there will only be 2 critiques for each performer tonight (judges are working in teams of 2).

    I thought the theme of the night is "films of Quentin Tarantino," but unless Quentin is 100 years old, it must be just "songs from films." Quentin is such a ham! I just love him. He's a straight-shooter and a wonderful critic. This promises to be an exciting night.

    Allison Irehata sang "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing." She did a great job. It was a little off-key in spots, but none of the judges seemed to notice. I love this girl's tonal quality.
    Anoop Desai sang "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You." Quentin tells him to "rough it up" Anoop ignores him and delivers a beautifully sung ballad. Nice job Anoop, but it would have been better if you roughed it up!
    Adam Lambert sang "Born To Be Wild." Holy Guacamole! What a performance! Absolutely fan fricking tastic! Okay, America may not love the rock & roll vibe. Simon compared it to Rocky Horror Picture Show. You either love it or hate it. I loved it!
    Matt Giraud sang "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman." I really hate to see Matt's confidence shaken. He's such a talent. He's almost apologizing in advance for his song choice. Quentin tells him to keep & gravely and soulful, but concentrate on annunciating the words. Matt does this, and delivers an terrific performance, although it wasn't his best. The judges weren't impressed. I absolutely love his false bravado. (Hey Ebony, did you notice his 3rd eye was a little less pronounced tonight?)
    Danny Gokey sang "Endless Love." Quentin tells him to keep his hand in his pockets (tee hee). Danny tries, but he can't help himself. He looks tired, and this wasn't his best performance. It was okay. Not great, but good. Paula says the magic is in the "tamper" of his voice. Freudian slip Paula?
    Kris Allen sang "Falling Slowly." Quentin tells him to think about playing an instrument. Kris decides to go it alone. I have no basis for comparison, because I don't think I've ever heard this song before (surprise). He seemed to do a good job, but I wasn't thrilled.
    Lil Rounds sang "The Rose." This is absolutely one of my favorite original songs from a movie. The beginning is weak and shakey, but Lil hits her stride and does her gospel thang. It ended a little weak (off-key). But Lil did an okay job. No Lil Merkin tonight. Her hair was gorgeous.

    Bottom 3:

    1) Lil (I think she's had it)
    2) Kris
    3) Danny (maybe my man Matt)

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    Pretty good night all around, mostly.

    Allison--I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. I thought it was just a bit rough in the beginning, but she really got into a groove through the middle and the end. I think starting off first is going to hurt her in the end.

    Anoop--Everything I Do(I Do It For You). Ugh. My second pick for, please don't sing this song. So overplayed and i dreaded it. However, it was one of Anoop's best performances. I don't think it will save him from the bottom three.

    Adam--Born To Be Wild. He rocked the house. 'Nuff said.

    Matt--Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman. He really needs to make up his mind. Is he going to do rock/pop or r&b? I thought it was a mess. If he stuck with the original version, it would have been so much better. I think Matt is making another trip to the bottom three.

    Danny--Endless Love. His perfomance reminded me of why I love him in the first place. It was from the heart and I absolutely loved it.

    Kris--Falling Slowly. Best of the night by far. Don't know the song and I guess the judges don't either. What was Randy talking about???? Kris was absolutely amazing.

    Lil--The Rose. She should have done the entire song "gospel". Unfortunately, it wouldn't have made it much better. Definate bottom three and I anticipate Lil going home tomorrow night.

    1-Kris, 2-Danny, 3-Adam, 4-Allison, 5-Anoop, 6-Matt, 7-Lil

    Bottom three----Anoop, Matt and Lil with Lil going home and I don't thing she deserves to be saved at all. She has not taken any of the advice the judges have given her and does not deserve the judges save.

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    I am definitely counting on Allison being in the bottom 3 simply b/c she had to go first..

    It could honestly be the best for her if she gets the lowest amount votes though b/c then the judges will almost HAVE to save her and pimp her like there's no tomorrow....
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    Little Rounds isFINALLY going home. Kris did an amazing job, i loved his vocals. I wasn't too struck on Matt or Allison this week. Danny did a good job, not his best, but pretty close. I think Danny needs a little more definition though. Adam did superb. I hate born to be wild, but he made it tolerable to, but still not better than last week. I almost forgot about Anoop, what does that say about him? His emotions were complete BS, the look on Simon's face said it all, he hated it too.
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    I disagree comletely with the most of the people here, I think Adam is the worst thing thats ever happened to American Idol, he is JUST AWFUL!!!!

    1. Kris2. Allison

    3. Matt

    4. Danny

    5. Lil

    6. Anoop

    Adam isn't even on the list because he sucks.

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    I think im in the minority because i cant stand Adam. I dont mind him when he tones it down but when he screams like he usually does it turns me off big time. To be truthfull I cant rate tonights performances because i didnt watch. Im just not feeling this season.
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    Well, for one thing, it seems Danny's "Endless Love" is kind of accompanied by a harp. And "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" is one of the things from "Don Juan de Marco" featuring Johnny Depp! Also, I think I heard "Falling Slowly" once before, and that was in the 2008 Oscars where it won too!
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    I actually didn't think anyone was that great tonight. I can't stand Adam. His voice is too screechy. He's alright sometimes, but mostly he's too over the top. And it's hard for me to concentrate on Matt's performances with that thing in the middle of his forehead. It's too distracting, he should have that removed! I also didn't like Anoop, I thought it was too boring. Lil was alright. This probably seems weird, but I miss Danny's glasses. I love them, they remind me of 3-D glasses. Overall my favorites were Allison, Danny, and Kris.
    Edited on 04/15/2009 9:30am
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    Better night than previous weeks, although still not amazing. This is what I thought from best to worst:

    1.Adam: Easily the best of the night. 'Nuff said.

    Danny: A very good performance. I've said this of many of his past performances, and I'll say it again now: I think that there were a few parts where he was shouting it more than singing it, which I think is his biggest flaw. However, his good moments outweigh his bad.

    Anoop: It was a good performance from him. It could have been better, but still, very nice.

    Allison: She did a pretty good job with it, but I think she could have done a better job or chosen a better song for her. Definitely not the worst, but not the best either.

    Lil: This could have been her come-back. Seriously, I think that song could have been perfect for her. But it wasn't that great. Not the worst, no, but it made me disappointed with her once again. Even though she isn't the worst, I'm really starting to think that she's the most deserving to leave tonight.

    Matt: Started out OK. In fact, started off pretty well. If he kept it up like that, he may have been higher on my list. However, after he started trying to change it up every few seconds, by singing high notes, by going into a rock tone, or whatever, it was just painful to listen to.

    Kris: Ugh... And here I thought I would be done with performances this painful to watch once Megan went home. I like Kris. He may not be as good as Adam, but he is good, but this... This was just awful.
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    7. Lil Rounds- Just horrible, I have nothing else to say...
    6. Adam Lambert- All though it won't be addressed, his performance tonight was horrible, and normally I like the guy, but I wasn't feeling him this week.
    5. Allison Iraheta- As much as I love this girl, I wasn't feeling this performance... She was off the whole song, and it really didn't sound good.
    4. Matt Giraud- Wasn't the best, but was pretty good.
    3. Anoop Desai- I must admit, he has improved, and I actually liked his performance.
    2. Kris Allen- Last week I didn't like his performance, but this week he reminded me why I liked him.
    1. Danny Gokey- Best performance of the week, hands down.

    Bottom three: Lil, Allison, and Matt... Lil will go home.

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    Ya know, they go through their whole schpeel about taking too much time and talkin 2 at a time now and bla bla, but why cant they cut out some crap to take away time like talking in between each person for 5 minutes or that whole beginning part where Ryan has to walk down a million steps and introduce the judges (like we dont know who they are!) which would help with at least 5 minutes. I set my tivo up for 1 minute extra and I still missed half of what Lil had to say. I shouldnt have to do that as I never had to any other season. Its getting ridiculous. And if they are going to have it be 2 at a time, cant it be Randy and Simon or at least Kara and Simon instead of Paula? She still takes up half the show trying to make a sentence and she waits too long to speak after a contestant is done- everyone else just buts in![/end rant]

    Anyway, tonight shouldve been called "slow song" week instead of "film week" because seriously Adam was like the only one singing a fast song. It was pretty boring. Not in any particular order:

    1. Lil- I thought Lil was pretty good. Not as good as the beginning of the season but better than the past few weeks. She will more than likely go home anyway because people have had it with her. I just wish I couldve heard what she said!

    2. Danny- I also liked Danny more tonight than I usually do because his voice was as scruffy as it usually is. Im missing the glasses though, I think he looks better with them, his eyes look too big or something w/out them.

    3. Adam- Honestly, I thought this was better than 'Satisfaction' and 'Play That Funky Music' but I still prefer his slower stuff of course. The band looked like they were going crazy trying to keep up lol

    4. Matt- Really didnt care for it that much..hes definetely done better stuff like 'Lets Get It On' and then there was one last week or something or the week before I thought he did good in. He does soul way better than soft rock type stuff. Bottom 3, possibly going home, but I doubt it with Lil haters.

    5. Kris- I thought Kris did awesome..dont know the song but he did great. Not as good as when he sang that one song last week or the week before everyone loved (cant remember for the life of me what it was!) but still one of the best of the night.

    6. Allison- I love my girl but I was not feeling this tonight. She does way better at faster stuff and it was like she was trying to do it the same way and she shouldnt. It was way too screechy and shouty at some parts but she still did a good job with the big notes. It just wasnt my fave performance from her at all.

    7. Anoop- Definetely one of my faves from him. Thought he did a great job. Top 3 tonight.

    Predictions: Lil, Matt and Anoop in bottom 3 with Lil going home. No save (as Simon usually determines this and hes had it with her).

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    Adam: I love his performance, maybe it wasn't the best one but it was great anyway. Also I give him credit for not singing a ballad. It was so good to hear something different.

    Allison: The performance was ok, but it wasn't that big. I wish she had sung something more original, we have heard that song in the show like a million times.

    Danny: I enjoyed his performance and it was the only one to show real emotion in singing a ballad.

    Matt: I hope he's not in danger. I really like him, I was so dissapointed that he didn't do a good job with song.

    Anoop: Very good but his performances are becoming very alike and I'm starting to get bored.

    Kris: I love it and I'm not a big Kris fan. I don't understand why Randy said those things. I agree with Kara.

    Lil: Her performance was ok but not big enough to stay in the competition. In my opinion tonight's show was going to decide if she would stay or not. I guess not, and she doesn't deserve the save.

    Edited on 04/14/2009 9:20pm
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