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Official Thread For The Top 7 Perform & The Results Show!

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    imthemediagirl wrote:
    as for the results, kikimarie, if you want all of the bottom 3 this week to go home who exactly are your picks for next week?

    I'm hoping for the same bottom three next week. With Matt going home just to show that the save was for nothing. And Lil or Anoop can join him, doesn't matter to me. I would rather have Anoop go home though, just so Allison isn't the only girl. Lil can go home the next week, at least she's not as boring.

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    I'm so glad they saved Matt. Next week Lil and Annop need to go!
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    Good thing Miley Cyrus wasn't a contestant, or she would have been voted off

    I'm thrilled that the judges decided to save Matt. I really think he has lots of talent, but I'm not sure of his ability to perform disco. I guess we'll find out next week.

    Lil and Anoop need to go. They are just not up to par with the rest. Lil may do okay with disco week, which would be a bummer since someone with actual talent would be sent home in her stead. Anoop isn't bad, but he's just not as good as the rest.

    How the heck did Lil not get voted off this week? I just don't get it.

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    There must have been a blue Moon out last night because I was sure it was the end of the road for Lil. Still, I thought the whole purpose of the "Save" was to keep someone in the competition that had the potential to win it all. Matt is NOT that person. He's okay, but doesn't even come close to mAdam, Allison or Danny when it comes to vocals and performances. Why waste a save on someone that's NOT going to win?!? I'd like to look Simon dead in the eye and ask him, "Do you REALLY think Matt has what it takes to win this competition?" The only thing I can think of is Paula and Kara are swaying his opinion by jerking him under the judges table. Now, someone that legitimately DESERVES to be saved will be forced to hit the bricks for a fleeting moment of idiocy.

    I never found Hanna Montana to be particularly attractive, but I thought she looked amazing last night. Of course I hit the mute button after the first excruciating 30 seconds. She should call T-pain and ask to borrow his voice synthesizer. Maybe she can blame her poor vocals on the a-a-a-alcohol.

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    I'm late on my comments this week so I'll make it short. Allison-get a stylist! What were you wearing? Her worst vocals yet. Anoop love this song, loved how he sang it! Adam-Sped up the song, screeched it out, Adam style. Matt-You don't have soul, not good! Danny-Love the song, heartfelt performance. Kris-Never heard the song before & thought it was boring but vocally good. Lil-She just can't find a groove. I was upset that only 2 judges could comment on a performance. Personally, I want to hear Simon's comments every time. He is the only one who honestly tells it like it is! Last week was the only time they ran overtime so making this drastic a change is nonsense. Bring back all the judges or get rid of Paula! I don't think they should have used the save on Matt. He doesn't have a chance of winning so why waste it on him. What if Danny, Kris & Adam are in the bottom 3 next week, it is disco week afterall, and 2 of them will HAVE to go home! They'll regret using their save then! Jennifer Hudson looked great but standing next to Ryan she could crush him to death with a hug! I wasn't a huge fan of her song either. I won't be running out to buy her 1st CD. Miley Cyrus never a favorite of mine either. Disco week should be interesting!
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    yeah, all i could think with the team judging was that the contestants were cheated out of simon's comments, and im sure the performers agreed. you can tell they all brace themselves for what he says, because he matters the most.
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    ebony_kunoichi wrote:
    In all fairness Miley does have some talent, but we will see if she can pull of a long standing career when her fan base is all grown up.

    M.Cyrus is just the new B.Spears, people will get sick of her by the time she hits 21. Seriously.

    And to someone who said that she lipsynched or whatever, I really dont know about that. My little cousins came out for Thanksgiving (ones 7 and ones 3) and they both LOVE her so we had to watch her Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus DVD concert thingie that came out like, IDK a year ago, to keep them entertained while we all talked in the family room, where the tv was. I gotta say, back then she wasnt half bad and the songs were catchy. I probably wouldve liked her if I were their ages too (just like I liked Britney back then). Last night though was HORRIBLE. I never heard anything worse live in my life. The only thing I can think of is that maybe it is just that particular song since its pretty new and its not TOO bad on the radio. But then I remembered she was there for the 'Idol Gives Back' thing last year and she was pretty bad then too (not as bad as here, but not 'ok'). So I just dont think shes a good live singer. But anyway I just had to say I dont think she was lipsynching for these reasons. Plus Im pretty good at telling if people are (not excellent, but pretty good) and nothing really set me off for that. Plus, maybe besides hiphop or something, does AI even let you lipsynch?? (besides the contestants).

    Edited on 04/16/2009 10:33pm
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    I felt good when Matt was saved.

    I do think he has the skills to win this if he only gave up on wanting to sing stuff he's not good at.

    He was the only one interviewed before the performance that said he was insecure,

    Thats the reason I think his save was meaningless.

    If he doesn't believe in himself he won't make it.

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    Message from the UK

    Please take this in the spirit it is sent. Here are two that didnt make the last 6 in the UK competition last year

    copy & paste into browser address line

    IMHO apart from the tone deaf kid that came 3rd in our competition, the only 2 that would have made the last 6 are Adam and Danny although I must say that Adam is the best I have ever seen on ANY talent show.

    He is a shoe in for this competition and they may as well give him a contract now and select the best of the rest to go on and compete.

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    absolutely an Adam fan, but i do think that if Matt is confident enough, he has a shot in going to the final. So, glad that the judges saved him and waiting for the disco night
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