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    OK... so there goes 1 of my favorite girls, a guy who should have gotten through, and one of my 2 pool picks. The only one who I agreed with is Ashley Rodriguez.

    Who wants pie?

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    Well, I feel glad that Janelle Wheeler was elininated. I thought I was gonna lose Katie Stevens. Also eliminated were Ashley Rodriguez, the barely-known Joe Munoz, and Tyler Grady!
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    zdude52 wrote:

    Voo_Bopo wrote:
    Eliminations were okay. I agree with 3/4 of them.

    Who was eliminated?

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Anyway, angeldeb82 already covered it.
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    Yeah. Here's a recap: Down to 20
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    here is what i thought about the top 10 guys on wednesday after watching back performances and thinking about them:

    todrick- you know, it was an interesting arrangement and it was memorable. he seems like a cool guy. however, he did in away murder that song. i mean blake had a way of making songs his own without murdering the original and so did david cook and kris allen. but you know what, he did put on a good entertaining performance but i dont think he has got what it takes to go that far. i think he will be gone before the top 12 or really early in the top 12. 6.5/10

    aaron- i agree with simon. for his first performance, it was really good. he did seem nervous and if he gets his nerves together, he could actually go quite far. it was a good song choice and i liked his vocals. i do howver dont think it was right for simon to say here comes goodbye was not a good song. i like it and obviously aaron does too. hope this kid does well. 7.8/10

    jermaine- i loved this guy in his audition but his personality became really really annoying wednesday. he chose too old of a song for him and he over did it. i am just not a fan of this guy and i think there are singers like him all over the world who actually probably sing better. if he doesnt improve greatly, i hope he gets eliminated. 5.0/10.

    tim- alright he chose a popular song and he is not a great singer. that song is great when ryan tedder sings it. no one can nail it like he does and certainly tim cant come close to ryan. i think he got the sympathy and teen girl vote. there is nothing unique about him. all he did was choose a song and sang it terribly. i dont think there is a chance he could make it to the top 12 if he keeps going like this. 5.5/10

    lee- i loved his song choice, his voice and everything about that perforamnce. i really dont care that he screamed in the middle because he was the best of the night so far by a mile. no one came close to him. even some of the people that sang afer him didnt come close. he can sang and i thought he was AMAZING even if he did scream a bit. 9.2/10

    john- he seems like a sincere guy and his video with shania was pretty amusing. i mean idol looks for a current artist so i think he chose the wrong song. its a song that old people like and his voice sounded pretty weird and he could have been form 50 or 40 years ago to be honest. however, compared to some of the others, he did alright. 6.0/10

    mike- i love his personality, i love the song he picked and i love his personality. he really is a big guy with a big heart. altough i dont think the song was right for him. i really do want to see him go far and i agree with simon that there was nothing he did wednesday that you could say "wow that was incredible" i hope he wakes up a bit and nails it next week. 7.2/10

    alex- he just looked so nervous up there and he has got to look confident up there because he is an pkay singer and a good looking guy but if he doesnt get rid of those nerves, he wont make the top 12. he is different from a lot of them and he probably chose a good song for himself but it was not a perforamce people will remember. 6.2/10

    casey- i really did not see the big deal with this guy (probably because i am not a girl). i mean he was good but not fantastic. his voacls were pretty good, his song was good. i thought elliott's version was much better but you could tell his heart and soul was into that song. he isnt going anywhere for a long time. the whole thing with kara was weird. i mean she is much older than him and married. i mean i love you, kara, but come on. 8.3/10

    andrew- i love the song he chose and he did a great job making the song his own. i mean it wasnt the best arrangement we ever heard on idol but this guy has a great voice. i loved parts of the performace especially some of the parts towards the end. i loved him in hollywood by the way and i know he is the favorite in terms of the guys and probably one of the favorites out of the whole top 24 but he has got to do better. in fact everyone in the top 24 needs to do better next week or else this may be a long season. 9.0/10

    do you guys and girls agree with me?
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    My thoughts:

    -Crystal got her teeth bleached
    -Ryan doesn't age
    -Ellen giving fine critic
    -Cara is more likable than last year
    -Why is hollywood week so much more interesting than this round song wise. I bet the 25 second hollywood performances have more views on youtube than the ones from the "top 24" round.
    -None stood out.
    -That bodybuilder guy didn't play the guitar for real.
    -Randy seems to "fade out" next to the other judges

    maybe i'm just spoiled after having an adam lambert year :/
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    Oh come on America.................Why did Tyler have to go over the other guy (whats his name)?

    And Ellen not very good judging.....I mean she had her moments but overall not very good judging and I would say she might be nervous but shes always in front of an audience! Whats wrong cant they get someone that knows music to replace Paula I mean whats the they have to be diverse I mean afterall its a music competition. What makes her a qualified judge?

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    Just had to make this comment after watching the top 12 men perform...Can't believe the comments from the Korean kid from Northbrook talking about how he needs the money...For those that are unfamiliar, Northbrook is one of the most affluent suburbs in the Chicago area...Unless him & his family are in the servants quarters of a mansion in Northbrook, I ain't buyin' it

    Apparently, no one is advising these guys on song choice...Can't believe how terrible they sounded

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