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What do people think of Paula Abdul's judging skills?

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    SludgeVohaul wrote:

    This isn't meant to be a thread about whether you like her or not, but what you really think of her judging skills/critiques.

    I know the show wants to have an anti-Simon Cowell, but I usually only tune out whatever she says because I don't think she's ever truly honest with the contestants. Sometimes I feel like she tells every singer that they look great and that this is just the beginning of the road for them when it's not really true. Since she has experience as a singer and performer, shouldn't she be able to give the contestants some more "real" advice even if she doesn't say it as bluntly as Simon.

    Last season when Brook White had to restart her song, Paula Abdul told her that was unprofessional, then Simon was like, well what else was she supposed to do? I agreed with Simon because when I've gone to concerts and a song starts off bad I like it when they start over so I don't feel let-down that I didn't get as a good as a performance as I wanted.

    Again, I'm not trying to bash Paula Abdul, but maybe with four judges it just sticks out more that she never says anything that I personally feel is a real critique or helpful. There was an article a week ago where she said she didn't like having four judges and I thought part of it was probably when three out of four judges are saying a performance was poorly sung, she can no longer just say positive stuff because she loses even more credibility as a judge.

    i would rather take paula than that useless kara dioguradi!!! paula is fake but very fun to watch, get rid of that kara now! she's a woman-version of randy jackson! useless! boring to watch! but i have a heard rumor of paula leaving the show after this season, and kara is replacing her!!!
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    She's been doing okay as of late. I mean, what she says isn't exactly clear, but every so often she gets a grain of useful information in. And I think she's honest, its just that the other judges work in the more technical line of music with the writing and producing while she is a singer. She'll be looking for different things from the other judges and she hates being mean. She just kind of sugar coats it sometimes. So while the other judges will point out more technical aspects of the performance she'll look for how enjoyable the performance actually is, whether they're on pitch or not, and what they're wearing. She's looking for a good concert while the others are looking for a good artist.
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    Now that we're farther into this season, I'm more and more convinced that Paula Abdul is just a terrible judge. She doesn't sugar coat anything, she just avoids the whole purpose, which is to judge the contestants on their performance, which she never does. She isn't honest at all, because she never shares from her experiences to help the contestants. The final straw was when she told Scott that he needed to get away from the piano. That was the first time where I really just blurted out that Paula Abdul has got to be one of the biggest air heads ever and doesn't deserve to be a judge. Like Simon said to her, hasn't she ever heard of Elton John or Billy Joel? Has she ever heard of Ray Charles? At least she got to see Stevie Wonder perfrom last night. Kara Diaguardi is a good judge, the show just doesn't need her. She's basically just a female Randy, they understand the business, but they both basically say the same thing.
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    i kind of agree with OrSoIThought, actually, and its something that ive never thought about but totally makes sense! she DOES give advice from her experience, Sludge, but she has a superficial kind of experience with music. she probably heard the same things from her producers or whatever.
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    The fact that she has stretched it for so many seasons means she has some professional stamina...though it is not obvious to me.

    Simon is play8ng what is in the UK a classical pantomine theatre villan -- the audience are encouraged to boo, and the villian carries on. A friend of mine worked with him in the 90s and she said you have no idea how necessary it is to be blunt, or else an audition becomes a haggling match. So he has years of practice of not being phased and it is good TV.

    I like Kara, but I understand she is not good TV; so at the end of the season I bet Paula will be the one with a renewed contract.

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    paula over kara. i admit her comments are pretty much useless and overly coated in sugar most of the time but this is what the show needs. the good guy. the motherly figure. and it comes naturally for her. some contestants are motivated by criticism. and some contestants need to hear the yes, everything will be ok and you were great comment.
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