American Idol

Season 7 Episode 16

Four More Go Home

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2008 on FOX
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Four More Go Home
The remaining 20 semifinalists performed for America this week, and the viewers voted for their favorites. Tonight, four contestants – two males and two females – who received the fewest votes will go home, leaving 16 semifinalists to vie for the American Idol crown.

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  • This was a good choice.

    You know, I live in the same city as Robbie, so that was pretty cool. But I think he deserved to go home. He didn't reall wow us, and by the way, im just gonna blab on about Robbie. Most of you can see why. Im going for David Archuletta (Or however the hell you spell it). Hes great. So, um, yeah. Vote for David A.!!! David A, he's not g@y! David!!! David!!! Wow, im pretty bad at righting this review. Im trying to rack up words. 13 more! Well, now its 7. Lets go David A!!! Heres 100 words! Yay!moreless
  • Bad choices for the girls, guys were spot on.

    After two nights of really good and really bad performances, the results are in and four of the remaining Top 20 must leave the show. Last week we said goodbye to Joanne Brogella, Colton Berry, Garrett Haley and Amy Davis, this week more names will be added to the list of Best of the Rest.


    First to leave the show was Jason Yeager. I couldn't say that I didn't see it coming. I actually wanted him gone last week, before Colton or Garrett, but I guess he got through with, I don't know, his values? Or maybe those boy band dance moves were just charming at first, whoever knows? I didn't care much for his departure and I probably won't remember him a year from now. (Who am I kidding, I'll probably still know his favorite quote a year from now).

    Second to walk the plank was Alexandrea Lushington. You see friends, one thing America loves to do is show off how intelligent they are and by removing one of the most talented competitors from the competition, the are doing just that. I can't believe they voted her off, she had one of the better vocal capabilities on the show and *poof* amazingly Amanda Overmyer outlives her. I couldn't help but notice David Archuleta crying from the little booth the guys had beside the stage, I knew Alexandrea and he were close and all, but I never expected him to cry,more so on the arms of Luke Menard a.k.a. Dawson.

    Next gone was Alaina Whitaker. FACT: Americans are stupid, and they're proud of it, in fact, they'd like to broadcast it on the highest rated television show in their country. This girl was Top 12 worthy and I guess that never was really good enough for America, instead, they'd rather keep a nurse who rides a Harley and a girl who can impersonate Britney. Let's hope the November '08 voting won't be as stupid.

    So the last of the night was Robbie Carrico, I didn't think it was a big lose to see this guy go, obviously he won't be making it big. I predicted Luke Menard, but I actually prefer Luke to stay,it's just that I kinda' felt Luke would be going due to lack of airtime, but he is definitely getting cut next week unless he delivers a killer performance.

    The elimination from the guys were pretty OK, but the girls were all wrong. Amanda and Kady have go to go and I don't mind if Kristy leaves the show either.moreless
  • Only 1 of those who were going home was wrongly chosen...

    First before I forget, Cat was in the audience! Woot So You Think You Can Dance! Anyway, those who went home were Robbie, Jason, Alaina, and Alexandrea. I really predicted that Robbie and Jason were going to go home. Each of them were talented, but they just didn't bring it Tuesday(or whenever they really sing). I hope them well in the future. As for Alaina, I thought she was going to leave as well. Not that I wasn't sorry for her when she was crying, it must be so difficult after making it this far. She was impressive though, I think if she gathers more experience she will be able to pursue a singing career. As for Alexandrea, I really didn't expect her to be going home. I thought it would be Kady, or Amanda. As for next week, Amanda really has to bring it because practically everyone hates her now. I wish her good luck, because she is one of my favorites.moreless
  • Omg i hate this show now!! Only 1 person deserved to go home!

    All i can say is wow. This was the most pathetic show i have ever seen on american idol. It was so bad, i don't think i even want to see the rest. Here is why. Okay I did agree with jason yeager going home. He could sing, but nothing original. I exected that studpid Amanda Overmyer to go home and the ugly " Kady ( gay malloy") But no, america sent home alaina alexander. I was so mad last night i did not even watch robbie go who sang so much better than stupid Luke menard. Alexandrea was not the best, but compared to Amanda adn Kady, she defenetly deserved at least another week. I am the most upset about alaina. I am so shocked even a day later. She was my favorite. I hate this show now and they just lost one viewer. I am not going to watch this season...moreless
  • it wasnt that great an episode. I was so hoping for Amanda to go but they had to get rid of Alena Whitaker.Might i ask what they were thinking? So what if they had the flu. She still sang good. Who will go home next week? Will it be Amanda, or not? Maybe.moreless

    Last nights results show wasn't as great as last weeks. Last week, Colton went home, witch i felt was the best decision by far. The gentlemen of America got a treat when they watch Paula's new video. But tonight, i found myself staring at the TV in disbelief. They sent home Alena Whitaker because she had the flu? Come on. She sang hopelessly devoted, witch was the best choice i felt. She didn't deserve to go, and there were several others who didn't deserve to go. Now, the person i felt that needed to go was Amanda. Gosh, she looks like she belongs on an album cover for Godsmack.moreless


Tenth Place (Season 7)

Alaina Whitaker

Alaina Whitaker

Eighteenth Place (Season 7)

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Finalist (Season 7)

Alexandrea Lushington

Alexandrea Lushington

Nineteenth Place (Season 7)

Kady Malloy

Kady Malloy

Sixteenth Place (Season 7)

Danny Noriega

Danny Noriega

Thirteenth Place (Season 7)

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