American Idol

Season 6 Episode 16

Four More Go Home

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2007 on FOX
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Four More Go Home

The 20 remaining semifinalists performed this week and the viewers voted for their favorites. Tonight, the four contestants two males and two females who received the fewest votes will go home, leaving 16 semifinalists to vie for the American Idol crown.

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  • Another Results show. Sanjaya slips by once more.

    Well four more come and go tonight. Nothing very special also. Kellie Pickler of season 5 stopped by and sang tonight too. She came and before she sung talked with Ryan who asked her about sushi and so on. She acted her dumb or less intelligent self just like last season. I was trying to think what the contestants were thinking about when she sang. It would have been weird because wondering what was going to happen to them , Kellie saying dumb things, and a guest singer wasting time for them to know whether they were staying or going. I was still upset who is going home. Once gai Sanjaya got by and didn't deserve it and he event admitted it. In the rounds up to the op 12 left I usually vote for song choice and then how well they sung that. And I only liked a couple of performers. Alaina Alexander's song choice was an okay one and Leslie Hunt was a little bit worse but she sung it pretty good so people like Sabrina Sloan and Antonell Barba I thought were a little bit worse if I rember right. Other than that it was just like the others.moreless
  • I might already be done watching this season.

    America shouldn't be allowed to vote for the singers on this show. Granted I agree with one of their choices: ALAINA

    she was just horrible...

    BUT LESLIE????? SHE WAS AWESOME!!! I loved how she poked fun at America for not liking jazz with her final performance. I really hoped she would go far. She was my FAVORITE for the girls...

    I didn't watch the guys perform. I saw their recap last night. and i just thought that as long as the guy who sang "Geek in the Pink" didn't leave i would be okay.

    but AJ... or whatever.. who sang Feelin Good (the same song as Leslie) was really good... and shouldnt have left... What is America's problem...

    seriously peoplemoreless
  • Sanjaya needs to go NOW!

    America was right on with the women, and I believe that next week it will be Antonella and someone else for the women to leave. Kellie Pickler looked like she was 50 and she stood there in front of the mic like a bump on a log. Just boring! And with the men... Is America racist against Mexicans? AJ and Nick leaving? Why? Nick was bad but Brandon and Sanjaya should've left! AJ is a good singer! Not my favorite, but I would think that he would've recieved more votes! And of course last week, Rudy was wrongfully eliminated over boring Sanjaya. There always seems to be a contestant each season that I hate, and this time it's Sanjaya.moreless
  • What the heck is America thinking?

    Okay, America, I can understand you sending home Alaina and Leslie, but why Nick and A.J.? There were WAY more deserving male contestants to get the proverbial boot from "American Idol." Sanjaya. Hello? The man is much too young and even HE was shocked that he was not sent packing last night. Sundance. Hello? He is painful to watch. Even Phil could have gone home and I wouldn't have lost any sleep.

    Maybe it's time for me to actually start voting as this is becoming ridiculous. On a side note, what the heck happened to Kellie Pickler? She looked like she was 50-years-old and a Dollie Parton impersonator.moreless
  • American Idol has become a joke of of late. America should be ashamed.

    Once again, as many others have said, the wrong people went home again. American Idol has become a joke as of late and I'm very seriously considering not watching any longer. What is wrong with America? Dumb, deaf, and blind for sure. Nick Pedro lives in my home town. He's a nice guy and in my opinion, a good singer - not great, but not bad. He's an old soul with a smoky voice that is soothing to hear. Perhaps Nick was not destined to win but he certainly did not deserve to go home this early. Shame!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • At the very end Leslie said "America doesn't like Jazz". This is most likely due to the fact that three of the four people eliminated sang a jazz song.

    • During their elimination songs Nick forgot the lyrics, and Alaina couldn't sing the first half because of emotions. Leslie also made a joke part way through. In fact, the only one who sang the whole song without changing it was A.J.

    • This weeks challenge question for the contest was about who had won a grammy the past week. The options were Taylor Hicks, Carrie Underwood, and Ruben Studdard.

    • There were over 32 million votes

    • Kellie, who was known for being very naive last season, said she heard about spider sushi and thought it had real spiders in it, or at least made it seem as if she believed that

    • The top 20 sang "Joy To The World" by Three Dog Night

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ryan: (Looking Kellie from top to bottom) Have you spent your money on anything since you...?
      Kellie : Uh-uh. Shoes, surprised?
      Ryan: Imagine that, is that all...?

    • Ryan: You sang Because You Loved Me, Randy thought the song didn't work for you, Paula thought it was an improvement from last week, Simon thought it was worse than last week and called you a donut.

    • Leslie: (singing her exit song after elimination, in the tune of Feeling Good's last lines after short scat) Why did I decide to scat? America don't care for Jazz.

    • Paula (to Alaina after she was eliminated): You can see how much the contestants adore you. You're talented.

    • Ryan (to Antonella): I'm sorry, you're going to have to deal with Simon again.

    • Alaina (on being eliminated): I'm okay with it, it was an amazing experience and I can't believe I did this and I'm so happy that I got to. I just want to thank everyone for voting, all my family and friends... I couldn't do it without you guys. I just want everybody who's left to sing your butts off!

    • Simon (to Nick Pedro after he was eliminated): You've got to stand-out in the crowd, and that's the problem. You're not a bad singer actually. But it's about standing out in the crowd.
      Paula (adding): Last year you opted out when you made it to Hollywood, and I'm so glad and everybody's so glad you opted in this season.

    • Randy (after A.J. was eliminated): I don't know about tonight dog, I think A.J. kind of blew it out the box the other night... I thought he really showed off his skills.

    • Simon (when asked if the right people went home): Not necessarily, no. But this is American Idol isn't it? You've got to vote for the people you want to stay in... that's all I can say.

    • Paula: It's a singing competition... everyone needs to vote and remember who it is that they love singing.

    • Paula (when asked if the right people were going home): Truthfully, this is a singing competition, I don't feel tonight reflects this.

    • Ryan: (Talking about spider sushi) You know that it's not real spiders?
      Kellie: Uh-uh. Then why do they call it spider sushi?
      Ryan: Long story.

    • Ryan: (to Jared) Scoot over there, you're too tall. I don't want you seeing the card.

  • NOTES (3)