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American Idol

Season 7 Episode 19

Four More Go Home - Top 12 Revealed

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Four More Go Home - Top 12 Revealed

In the most dramatic results show of the season thus far, four more semifinalists � two boys and two girls � will go home, leaving the Top 12 finalists to vie for the American Idol crown. The viewers' choices for the Top 12 will be revealed tonight.


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  • David should have not been voted off !!!!! I am mad...Im never watching that show agian and that Kristy chick better be going home next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    never watch american idol...that kristy girl is dumb i can't believe she is still on the show david should of totaly been there not her...he souldn't even be in the bottom three..I am so mad right now its not even cool! I am never ever ever going to watch that show agian...America totaly voted wrong or maybe the people just counted wrong...b/c david herandez or how ever you spell his last name should not have gone home..Uh Uh uh i hate that show!!!! never watching it agian...and the reason why i keep rewriting this is because i have to use 100 words min.....moreless
  • All the people I liked got VOTED OFF!

    Danny Noriega? ASIA'H? They were both great singers! I couldn't even believe they were in the bottom 2, but they had to be eliminated! Just had to!

    But, all in all, I got to han it to American Idol for some great suspense. It doesn't get annoying, like some reality or game shows, they keep it just right. Right enough for me to be jumping up and down until they finally say who's eliminated.

    I gotta say that I was expecting Amanda to get eliminated. You know, the one with the crazy hair-do? I don't really like her.

    So, for some great suspense, 9.9 out of 10.moreless
  • I hated this...

    This was the worst American Idol results show I have ever layed my eyes on. I can't believe Danny Noriega and Asia'h left. I cried like a baby when both of them got eliminated. More for Danny, because I felt like he was being himself and it didn't matter who said what to him. I will tell you this, it won't take long for Kristy and Chikeezie to leave that's for sure. I think America and I put myself to blame as well because I should have voted more times for Danny and Asia'h.

    This is what I think of the top 12 so far:

    David Archuleta - 10!

    David Hernandez - 7

    Michael - 10!

    Amanda - 6

    Carly - 10!

    Ramuell - 8

    Jason - 3

    Chikeezie - 3

    Brook - 1

    Kristy - 0

    David Cook - 8

    Syesha - 7moreless
  • Asia'h?, WHY!!!!!

    I'm disappointed and happy about last night's show. I'm happy that Danny Noriega is gone, and I'm happy that David Cook made it to the Top 12. I am so very disappointed just like last week for example, Alaina left. This week, Asia'h Epperson left. She was my absolute favorite. She was such a talented and brave young performer. Surprisingly, she handled it very well unlike Alaina Whitaker. Last night showed that no one is safe. The odds are extremely crazy and you never know what is going to happen. I am pleased with the Top 12, yes. There is great talent. But it is missing two women. Alaina Whitaker and Asia'h Eppersonmoreless
  • America got it right this time finally!!!

    For those of you who disagree with me, for reality TV competitions, I base my opinions on an objective basis. Basically, the competition was really fierce this year, particularly amongst the guys. Let's start with the people sent home.


    Kady Malloy - Very cute and sweet gal, great singer, wonderful Britney impersonator. What was wrong with a girl like that? She was picking the wrong songs that didn't really make her exciting to watch. Not only that, but when she sang the slow songs, she wasn't on pitch.

    Asia'h Epperson - This turned into a battle between Asia'h and Syesha Mercado. Both singers picked Whitney Houston songs, but who sang it better? They're both great singers, but it came down to who America would've preferred. Luke Menard - I really do think this guy was a nice guy. My issue with him is that he wasn't really standing out and was picking the wrong songs to sing, particularly with "Wake Me Up" from Wham! Danny Noriega - I don't think Danny was actually taking the competition seriously enough to be a strong contender. My problem was that he would end up being another Sanjaya that many news companies would continue to run for weeks on end. Danny had ONE good performance with "Superstar." That was his one shining moment. Then he comes back with "Tainted Love" and basically folded the rest of the competition. I think he's a good singer, but he really wasn't taking the competition seriously enough. Still, he'll have a future career to look forward to.


    Now onto the Top 12:


    David Archuleta - This kid put a stamp on the competition for himself a VERY long time ago. At 10, he was already singing in front of Kelly Clarkson during season 7. At 17, he's singing songs from back then and making them current. David's also young, bright, and very appealing to the younger audiences while also appealing to older audiences. I really am looking forward to buying his first CD.

    Michael Johns - He's a really good Aussie rocker. I think the competition can use a good variety of singers, including Michael. I think he'll go really far.

    David Hernandez - In the past two seasons, the first guy to sing in the Top 24 was normally the 2nd guy in the following Thursday night to be voted off. This season was definitely not the case. David is a tremondously strong singer. I really am looking forward to seeing him sing more in the competition.

    Jason Castro - One of the few regular guitarists in the competition. He brings something different to the competition since he also plays guitar in his performances. Even when he doesn't play with the guitar, he's still a vulnerable singer. Nice job!

    Chikezie Eze - Chikezie has got a great personality. He's a great R&B/soul singer, a great sense of humor (particularly with Top 20 night where he was pointing to Simon for forgetting his name). I'm not surprised at all that Chikezie was selected over Danny, since his performances were solid up to the Top 16 night.

    David Cook - David finally nailed his place in the Top 12 with his memorable performance of "Hello" in a Rock 'n Roll take. I now like this David.

    Ramiele Malubay - She was very likable from the audition rounds up to Top 16 night. What also secured her spot in the Top 12 was that she's a powerful singer, which is not expected in a little girl like her. She's cute too. :)

    Amanda Overmyer - I think she finally found herself in Top 16 night with a Joan Jett classic. Amanda was finally in her zone and started being comfortable again. A bluesy rocker to the end.

    Carly Smithson - This competitor took more heat from all directions when it was revealed that she had a previous recording contract under the name "Carly Hennessey." However, after her three performances before Top 12, it appears that Carly may have another comeback shot in the music industry.

    Brooke White - This is one of the sweetest girls in the competition. She's a good girl and her husband is so lucky to be with her. She's a cute singer and really knows how to entertain. Plus, neither her nor her husband watch "R"-rated films. True? We'll see in the weeks to come...(although I can believe it myself. hehe)

    Syesha Mercado - Between Asia'h and Syesha, I would lean towards Syesha. Her voice has matured through the three weeks well enough to earn a place among the Top 12 this year.

    Kristy Lee Cook - A lot of viewers have gone to condemn singers for being picked over their favorites. It doesn't help that she lost a recording contract previously. However, her vocal prowess as a country singer puts her in the Top 12.


    As for me, I've got a lot of work to do with developing a voice that would be strong enough for American Idol next season. I'm always up for American Idol discussion whether you agree or disagree with me. Thanks!moreless


Tenth Place (Season 7)

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Finalist (Season 7)

David Cook (XXII)

David Cook (XXII)

Finalist (Season 7)

David Hernandez (II)

David Hernandez (II)

Twelfth Place (Season 7)

Amanda Overmyer

Amanda Overmyer

Eleventh Place (Season 7)

Carly Smithson

Carly Smithson

Finalist (Season 7)

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