American Idol

Season 13 Episode 7

Hollywood or Home Round

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2014 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Hollywood or Home Round

The auditions are over and now it's time for Hollywood Week, but, even before the singers unpack their bags, they learn they must compete in a surprise "Hollywood or Home" round. In this intense new round, the judges will decide if these hopefuls really are committed and talented enough to become the next singing superstar. Some of the singers will be asked to perform one more time for the judges – and for some, this will be their last performance. It's a tough decision for the judges, but even tougher for the contestants, because those who don't make the cut must head straight home

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • There was a major mathematical error in this episode. 212 contestants were around at the start. After all the contestants who were asked to sing during the Hollywood Or Home Round, sang, those who did not sing, were sent to the hotels. 52 Contestants performed during the Hollywood Or Home Round. This means 160 were automatically safe. Of the 52 who sang in the Hollwood Or Home Round 20 were safe, which means there was a total of 180 who remained (160 + 20). However, at the end of the Line Performance Round Ryan said "160 contestants sang their hearts out", but he should have said 180, to include those extra 20.

      • The first group of 10 in the Line Performance Round was split into two groups and put on separate sides of the stage. The rest were done like normal, with some stepping forward while staying in line.

      • For the first time ever, one of the contestants, Keith London, in the Line Performance Round was asked to sing a second song because the Judges talked through the whole first one and didn't pay attention enough to decide if they should keep him.

      • The contestant who went by Majesty Rose during her audition was credited as Majesty Rose York in this episode.

      • There were 212 contestants at the beginning of Hollwood Week. After the Hollywood Or Home Round 180 contestants remained. After the Line Performance Round 104 contestants remained.

      • The Idol Legacy Trivia was "What song that Carrie Underwood performed during Hollywood Week shares the same title as a Harry Connick Jr. film?" and the options were #IdolIndependence and #IdolMemphis, with the movies referring to Independence Day and Memphis Bells.

      • This episode's Twitter hashtags were: #TheHangar, #HollywoodWeek, #AmericanIdol and #IdolGroups.

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    • NOTES (2)

      • Clark King, quit due to being sick. He is just the second person ever to quit the show.

      • Differences from last year: There were a number of differences from last year. First, all contestants performed in the same week, not boys one week and girls the next. Second, a new round was added, called, Hollywood Or Home. The Contestants were brought to a Hangar at the airport. Those the Judges were uncertain about were asked to sing (a total of 52 of the 212). Of those that sang they were split into two groups and put on different buses. The bus that went to the hotels contained the contestants who were safe (20) and the bus that went to the airport contained the contestants who were cut (35), the contestants did not know which bus was going where. During the Line Performance Round, contestants were able to use an instrument. And the Groups for Group Round were 3 or 4 not 4 or 5 like last year. The venue was at the Dolby Theatre.

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