American Idol

Season 9 Episode 5

Los Angeles, CA Auditions

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Auditioning first is Neil Goldstein, 19, data entry tech, Redlands, CA, who claims to have an IQ of 168. He's an admitted a geek who reads, is way too into computers, and has about a thousand little hobbies, including music and dancing. Performing is in his heart to exhilarate, to exult, to be vulunerable, have passions, loves, hates, etc. Whatever. To express him, the title of his album would be called Hope. When the judges ask how old he is, he makes a crack about looking older than 19, and gets crickets from the judges. He sings Rock 'n Roll Dream Come True by Meat Loaf, and he's not great, but he can at least carry a tune, but has way too much weird vibrato. then forgets his lyrics. He likes the way he sounded, but Simon doesn't think he's suited for the business. Neil declares if they want to help him, to send him ahead; he's refusing to leave. Simon disagrees again, and they argue. His parents tell Ryan Seacrest he does well under pressure. The other judges back Simon, and Neil gets the offer of leaving on his own or with an escort, and he chooses on his own, as he tells Simon to try and not hit anyone else with the door, as he hit Neil with the door when he was leaving earlier.

Jim Ranger, 27, Bakersfield, CA, is a worship pastor. He's been married seven years and has three kids which keep their lives very busy. He feels good about today and very confident.He's singing his own composition. He's definitely a good audtion. He could use a little sharpening, but the man has some good soul in him.

Simon thinks he has a good authentic voice, and Avril asks about his family and job, noting he has to leave everything to be a pop star, which could be difficult for him, but she does think he has a good voice. Randy likes the vibe of his voice. Simon votes yes, Avril no, and Kara doesn't know how he'll be dedicated to everything, his church, family, and music all at once. We don't see the final judgement, but he walks out with a golden ticket. The possibilities of being able to provide for his family bring him to tears.

We have the usual montage of bad auditions,Damien Lefavor, 26, a sandwich maker, Seattle, is addicted to martial ats, and says it's his first great love.He also believes he's a pacifist, saying the best way to not get hurt is to not fight. The judges ask which sandwich is hot at the moment, and his answer is pepperoni.

Damien is singing You've Lost That Loving Feeling. He seems like he's trying to cover up his lack of voice with way too affected vocals. His voice cracks, and he gets upset with himself, and whistles, then looks to the ceiling saying he can't believe he just screwed up as badly as he could have expected to. Simon suggests he just go, and he does. Damien says outside that he choked badly.

Mary Powers, 28, a singer, Burbank, has a daughter with a prediction that her mom is going to win the show and be the top 14 or something. She tells the judges her daughter loves Simon, as the little girls is telling Ryan outside that she's always wanted to meet Simon, as he's the only "negativity one." Mary sings some Pat Benatar and has some good, raw talent. Simon thinks she has a really good voice, yet everything about her is too cliche, as she tries to dress like a rock star. Avril likes her character and cool tone, and Randy likes that she's a little girl with a big huge voice. It's yeses across the board. Mary's daughter gets to meet Simon afterward, and he asks her to shake his hand, then gives her a kiss. He wants to be sure she isn't his daughter.

A.J. Mendoza, 20, in musical theater, Upland, CA, is a big fan of Adam Lambert's and shopped a demo of his to Adam, and he claims last year's runnerup had nothing but good things to say, which really helped his confidence in his vocal ability. He's singing The Cult of Personality by Living Color, and seems like he trying too hard to be Adam. Hey, there's only one Adam. This guy doesn't cut it. Simon thinks it sounds like he went to the dentist about ten minutes ago with a ton of anesthetics. Kara tells him he didn't even open his mouth. He now opens his mouth and he looks like he's at the dentist, as he gets all noes. He's shocked.

At the start of day two, we have Katy Perry replacing Avril, and she's waiting for the other judges to arrive ... by helicopter, which she finds ridiculous. The first contestant up is Austin Fullmer, 19, a water treatment tech, Glendale, CA. He's the type of guy to bring people onstage and not care if people touch him. He doesn't think anyone has ever been like him, even sexually, on the show before. He's singing Surrender.

To say Austin is over the top is an understatement. He's a really bad Mick Jagger. He gets on the floor and flaps his legs and arms, and Katy says she's scared. Kara and Randy agree that he was channeling Mick, and Simon wants to know why he can't be happy just treating water. He tells Austin this is not his purpose in life. Austin wants to sing some ELO, but ends up freaking Simon out more. He gets all noes and is gone. His friend tells him outside to not be surprised if Katy calls him later.

Andrew Garcia, 23, a musician, Moreno Valley, CA, is a dad and says it's the greatest thing in the world and gives you more reason to do what you love and appreciate everything you have. He wants him to have everything, more than what he had. His parents always struggled and were very involved in gangs. His dad says he was born and raised in Compton, and that his life was terrible, Andrew's mom says it was hard not to join the gangs. They wanted a better life for their boys, so moved out of the area. His dad tears up talking about how independent Andrew has become. Andrew feels like his life could change with this audition.

Singing Sunday Morning, Andrew has some raw talent. All four judges look like they're really enjoying him, Kara irritatingly so. Simon thinks Andrew is the only person to walk through today who he believes is a genuinely good singer. He can tell he likes music, and he thinks the song was a good choice. He's glad he met Andrew and likes him. Kara really likes him as well, thinking he knew what to emphasize. Randy says his theory is if you can sing, you can singing anything, and Andrew has mad vocals. He gets four yeses, with Katy admitting he gave her chills. His family is thrilled.

Tasha Layton, 26, Granada Hills, CA, is a personal assistant by day and minister by night. She's singing Baby Baby Baby by Joss Stone and is easily the best female we've heard today. Katy loves a good Southern belle, and Simon thinks people might like Tasha. If she made the top 12, he thinks it would be an Oh Happy Day medley, but she thinks that would only hold if he wore a robe. She gets four yeses and is through. Oh Happy Day!

Jason Green, 21, a college student, L.A., thinks he'll get a ticket because he has talent and believes in magic. He talks about how beautiful Katy is and says he's singing I Touch Myself. He sings the song directly to Katy, as Kara grabs Randy. He gets down on his kneees at the appropraite time in the song. Kara is way to weird to this song. Randy makes him stay on his knees, as Simon tells Jason if he's comfortable down there, he's comfortable. He asks Simon to join him, but he obviously declines.

Randy votes no, and Kara no as well, Katy tells him she feels dirty, and he says she makes him feel dirty, especially with that top, and Simon cuts to the chase saying it's a no. Kara says it's hard to make girls feel dirty, and Jason replies not for him, but he'll see them next year. He tells Ryan outside they loved him, every inch, then gives his phone number to Ryan as a present, who tells him as much as he may believe what he reads, he should be giving the nubmer to another man, as he hands it to the burliest man I think I've ever seen in my ife. Now that's funny.

The last contestant of the day, Chris Golightly, 25, a shoe salesman, L.A., grew up in foster care since he was 18 months old in over 25 different homes. Every holiday, birthday, and good grade, he had no one to enjoy it with. He was so wanting to be loved. Music is always where he felt secure. He sings Stand By Me and has the most pure voice I've heard in awhile. You can literally see his emotions.

Randy thinks there's something very interesting about Chris and Kara calls him one of her favorites, because she thinks they'll look back at the audition and say wow, as he's the type of kid with just enough talent and story to really connect with it. Katy tells her it's not a Lifeime movie. He still has to have talent. Simon didn't get what Kara did, yet gives a yes with a small Y. Katy does the same, Kara gives yes with a big Y, and Randy gives him a giant Y.