American Idol

Season 6 Episode 6

Los Angeles, CA Auditions

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on FOX
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Los Angeles, CA Auditions
Season 6 auditions continue from Los Angeles/Pasadena, CA

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  • Sherman, you belong to us.

    I have really not paid close attention to this particular episode of American Idol.

    As with any other episode, I just watch because of the funny things that happen and the people who represent the true spirit of the show.

    But this time it was different.

    Sherman told his story - how the woman he loved got sick and kept moving on only because his dream of taking part in American Idol. He told his story with tears in his eyes, and brought tears to mine.

    He sang You Belong to Me with a voice shaken by the emotion and the sorrow and the love he had for his beloved. This is the true form of art - expressing your feelings no matter how out of tune.

    Sherman, for me, you are the true American Idol.moreless
  • The most talented of the locations so far.

    I have to say that these preliminary audition shows are progressively getting worse and worse. While I do laugh out loud every episode, I feel as though the episodes are repetitive.

    A comment was made by Ryan Seacrest in a voiceover at the end of the show about how Los Angeles was the most talented city to date. That said, I wish the producers would have shown more of the talented contestants. I know that we will have a chance to see them in the Hollywood shows, but I would really like to see just what made them shine in the eyes of the judges.

    Watching the judges make fun of clueless wannabe singers is funny to a point, but when an obese or physically, not beautiful person comes on screen, you just know that the chance of them making the cut is slim to none. Yes, there are exceptions, but more often than not, they have just been put through so that Simon, Paula and Randy can poke fun at them.moreless
  • Drama, true loveand 40 golden tickets

    Ah. Los Angeles, California. The city of Angeles, or is it? Well, based on this episode of American Idol. Los Angeles didn’t bring out the Angel in it. Contestants were nothing, but rude. Of course, no one could beat Simon Cowell. He threw some very hurtful comments to some of the contestants. Some deserved it, but some definitely did not deserve the comments. It was very sweet the way the 64-year-old man sang to his wife. Simon and Randy shock his hand; Paula and the guest judge gave him a kiss on the cheek. The final contestant was hilarious. Simon ran after him when he found out that the contestant used Paula and Randy’s how to sing guide.moreless
  • One of the best audition cities so far this season.

    [Mild spoilers are contained in this review.]

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. There were good singers, there were bad singers. There were people with personality, and people with no such thing.

    Let's start with Martik Maqouian (I know I spelled his last name wrong), AKA the Panther. He was just hilarious. Did he possibly think he was going to get a golden ticket based on making cat noises and taking his shirt off? I don't think so. But it was entertaining to see.

    I loved how they zoomed in on that girl with the hat. It was like.. okay, that's nice. And then they zoomed out and she had that costume on. I couldn't stop laughing. And I LOVED the guy in the banana costume! That was hilarious.

    Mariana Riccio, with the gold digger mom. You'd think she'd be good... but she wasn't. That whole audition wasn't really funny either. (Except the end. "The mom was hott." "Mom was foxy." That was hilarious.)

    Aleina(sp?) Alexander was actually good. I liked her. I'm glad she made it. Nothing more to say.

    Phoung Pham. Loved her name. Did NOT like her singing. She kind of annoyed me too. But it did sound like she had a mean mom, but her mom did come with her after all, so I think Phoung just wanted to make it sound bad so people could give her pity. I don't like the people that tell their sob stories. It doesn't get votes, so stop. (This is half the reason I didn't like Kellie Pickler, even though I like her now on Jay Leno and such.)

    Brandon Rogers. I never understood what Paula meant when she said "your voice makes me melt", or something similar to that, whenever a male vocalist performed. But, now I do. This guy was great. He's probably my favourite male singer so far this season.

    Brian Miller. I agree with Simon. Totally forgettable. (Although, actually, I did remember him from last season! But, I didn't like him last season.) I didn't like his voice, either. It just didn't sound that great. I don't know why. (He kinda looks like someone on The 4400 at a certain angle. Sorry, off-topic. Back to the review!)

    The 64-year-old. Sherman Pore, I do believe. I loved his voice, I loved that he did this for his wife. It was so wonderful that he didn't even want to go any farther; he just wanted to be able to sing a song to his wife (RIP) on TV. Now that's love. He was great all-around.

    Oh my gosh, the couple. (Cavett Carr and Darold Gray.) It was nice that the audition didn't make them love eachother any less, but W-O-W. They were both horrid singers. And his grill; wow did it annoy me. How do people like them?

    Lastly, Eric Mueller. Best (as in most entertaining) out of all of the LA auditions. I loved that Simon started chasing after him! I couldn't stop laughing; they seem to bring up that DVD every season, in some way. (Last year, one guy smashed it in the street.) But I was seriously wondering if he found Eric. Either Eric didn't want to go on TV after that or Simon never caught up, we'll never know. But it was definitely one of the highlights of season 6.

    Can't wait to see what Texas brings us next week.moreless
  • There seemed to be more talent out of LA.

    The auditions this time were in Los Angeles and Olivia Newton John was the guest judge. She looked great!

    Overall, I felt that there was more talent but then there were probably more people auditioning.

    That Martik and his "cat" routine. Man, that was weird. I think some of these people would scare me just walking down the street.

    Paula has been too reactive to the bad auditions. She jumps back a lot.

    The rejects REALLY need to stop with the begging. I mean, has the judges EVER changed their minds?

    One particular standout was Brandon Rodgers. He was really good. I hope he makes it as a finalist.

    Sherman! The song to his wife was done very well.....people say that the AI are too mean. Well, I will say that they will give respect when it is deserved. He was too old (64) and he knew that but there were more important things in music than being a star.

    The couple from Compton was aw...cute. Hopefully there will be some great stuff out of San Antonio!moreless
Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John

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Brandon Rogers

Brandon Rogers

Bound to Hollywood

Guest Star

Alaina Alexander

Alaina Alexander

Bound to Hollywood

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • One contestant, Sherman Pore, was 64, but brought a petition signed by over 300 people to allow him to compete. The judges allowed him to sing but didn't bring him to Hollywood, although he was actually a pretty good singer. Most contestants who are much older that they allow to see the judges, are pretty terrible.

    • Singer-actress Olivia Newton-John guest judged in this episode. This is the second time she guest judged. The first was in Season 2 during Top 10 week.

    • This episode had no opening scene before the credits.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Simon (to Eric): I have absolutely no idea what you just sang. I don't even know why we are bothering with this conversation, Eric, you are absolutely atrocious.

    • Simon (to Anthony): Unfortunately, not a note is in tune.

    • Simon (to Darold): Darold, can I ask you a question? Do you and your girlfriend sing together at home? Have the police ever called?

    • Simon (to Sherman): You're a class act, Sherman, thank you very much. I want to shake your hand, come here. Very nice to meet you.

    • Simon (to Cavett): You are fabulous but it was the singing that was slightly off-putting.

    • Simon (to Brandon): I think out of everyone we've seen today, this is, by far, the best audition. I say that because for the first time today I think I can see this guy making the finals. And you have a likability about you, which is something you and I share.

    • Simon (to Phuong): I'm not sure what was worse, the singing or the dancing. Honestly, I don't think this is for you.

    • Simon (to Alaina): Alaina, I thought that was really, really, really great. I like you a lot.

    • Simon (to Martik): What the hell was that? The buildup was horrific, the outfit was horrific, the meowing was ridiculous and the singing was horrendous.

    • Simon (to Marianna): You sounded like Cher after she's been to the dentist.

    • Auditioner: (In a banana suit dancing) It's peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly! Peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat---
      Simon: Thank you.

    • Randy (about a contestant's mom): I like mom...
      Simon: Mom is foxy!

  • NOTES (3)

    • After rejecting the last contestant, Eric, Simon noticed that he apparently used Paula and Randy's DVD that helps singers. The DVD was also mentioned last season when another really bad singer said he used it to help him. Seems as if it doesn't really work.

    • There were 40 people who auditioned in Los Angeles, California made it to the Hollywood Round.

    • Originally scheduled to air Feb 6th, now currently airing Jan 31st.