American Idol

Season 6 Episode 1

Minneapolis, MN Auditions

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2007 on FOX
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Minneapolis, MN Auditions
Auditions take place in Minneapolis, MN in this special 2 hour episode

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  • A decent beginning to the season.

    While I do think that this two hour special was a decent beginning to the season, I think that the show will go downhill if the judges keep being so cruel to people that are not beautiful. While I do laugh out loud every episode, I feel as though the episodes are repetitive.

    I cannot believe that so few people made it through to Hollywood. I think that only a few of these were shown. I wish the producers would have shown more of the talented contestants. I know that we will have a chance to see them in the Hollywood shows, but I would really like to see just what made them shine in the eyes of the judges.

    Watching the judges make fun of clueless wannabe singers is funny to a point, but when an obese or physically, not beautiful person comes on screen, you just know that the chance of them making the cut is slim to none. Yes, there are exceptions, but more often than not, they have just been put through so that Simon, Paula and Randy can poke fun at them.moreless
  • I laughed so hard for a good 10 minutes

    This first episode was the funniest, they didn't show to many of the people that got accepted but the rejects where a riot

    I think the one that is stuck in my head is that girl who would make the wookie call, well she was supposidly growling like the cowerdly lion but it sounded more like Chewbacca to me. Simons face was pricless ... "What am I suppose to say to that?" we're all gonna remember this episode as the one with "The Lion Girl"

    But what I still find amazing is that some people go in there singing really bad and they come out shocked that they didn't make it, maybe in there head they're singing like Whitney Houston but all we hear is another William Hungmoreless
  • An entertaining start to the new season.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It’s amazing how many strange people come on this show thinking they are good singers. Some people like the guy who went to drink water during the audition or the girl with the tie that forgot all the words of her song, or even the Wizard of Oz girl, what were they thinking? At least they were better than the boxer dressed guy, or the juggler who would rather make a fool of themselves. It’s a singing competition people, not an ‘all in one’ talent show.

    Of course, I feel that most of the people (not all) who got selected were a good choice, like Denise, and the navy guy who did sing really well. I didn’t think that Matt who sung ‘California Germans’ was that good, but he got selected anyway.

    I did feel sorry for Dayna, the one whose boss had brought her to audition. The judges didn’t have to make a crude indirect comment about them having an affair or something like that. And I also thought that the guy in the green shirt, who Randy criticized brutally, wasn’t as bad as the others, but his choice of song was. Also, Josh, the guy who was asked to sing the Abba song, did sing his style of the song well, but he was rather one dimensional in singing the same tone for all the other songs.

    Finally, I thought that Brenna, the one dressed in black who came towards the end was the funniest, especially her ‘Me and Idol are like, BFF’! However, she did take it in good spirit afterwards, instead of breaking down like most of the others.

    All in all, this was an entertaining episode with a lot of laughs.moreless
  • It was hilarious

    Yeah this was a great way to open the season In my opinion. This episode was really great, Ilove the fact that a lot of people coudn't sing and especially when all the weirdos sing. Though Seattle looks weirder this episode was still off the hook. It even had someone who sang 'Somewhere over the rainbow' and yeah that was a way better version than Katherine McPhee could ever do. This season is looking up. I loved it when Randy trashed the vocal coach and Simon gave comments that Randy was very rude towards Randy. That was funny coming from Simon.moreless
  • first episode of the season kicks off with audishens in Minneapolis.

    American Idol has proved itself as a cultural phenomena, but after 5 successful seasons they kind of forgot the basics. this episode focused on the weird wannabe's who seek their 15 minutes of fame. usually there's no problem there, but this time the editing was terrible. every humiliation lasted so long only to hear the mean remarks from the judges. this show is about talent! not the lack of it! and the ones who did go through to Hollywood were less than mediocre. the judges looked like they were forced into this job. this episode was too long, pointless and badly edited.moreless

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