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American Idol

Season 6 Episode 4

New York City, NY Auditions

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

New York City, NY Auditions
Season 6 Auditions continue from New York City, NY.

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  • Ian Benardo: Superstar, dancer, singer? I don't think so.

    New York had some pretty strange auditions; Ian Benardo and Sarah Goldberg, in particular. I think those were the two strangest auditions in American Idol history. Ian Benardo was rude and crazy, and Sarah Goldberg was psychotic. She was lucky Simon wasn't there, or he really would've given her a mouthfull. I honestly couldn't believe my ears when Ian Benardo started on his little, "Who says rubbish?" rant. And Sarah Goldberg---let's just say I was afraid of her, and she was only on my television screen. But, fortunately, there were plenty of good singers in New York. Sarah Burgess, for example (although I'm sad she was kicked out in Hollywood Week).moreless
  • Alot of strange people in this one.

    One word: Ian. I swear, he gets on my nerves so much. I understand being proud of your country, but there is no reason for you to call someone a "British piece of crap" and tell them to go back to their country. it just doesn't work that way. Get over it. Not only did he sing bad, but he was gay so that on top of that heavy New Yorker accent he sound TOTALLY like a cross-dresser.

    I also remember this one guy who sounded like Kermit the Frog. Freeeaky.

    Sarah might not have been able to sing, but she's right. American Idol shouldn't be ALL about singing. Are America's thoughts of an idol all about their appearance? All about their voice? Well, I'm sorry, but there are alot of people out their who can sing but aren't worthy of being America's idol. I liked Sarah's attitude She had it all together....Or close.

    I liked that part where they done a soap opera parody when that woman was being dramatic. Priceless.

    I also like Sarah Burgess. She looked alot like Chelsea Benson from Days of our Lives. But that's not why I like her. I like her because I know how it feels for a parent to not approve of what you like to do best. I was shocked when her dad was nice about it. Or maybe he knew the cameras were listening and he lashed out at her when she returned home.

    I also liked Nakia Claiborne. She was fun and nice, and I've heard alot worse singers. I felt like crying when she didn't get in and she started crying. I know how it feels to be told "no" all the time.

    All in all, this was a very good and touching episode.moreless
  • A big bust in the "Big Apple."

    Of the show to date this season, I think that this was the most entertaining show. I have to say that these preliminary audition shows are progressively getting worse and worse. While I do laugh out loud every episode, I feel as though the episodes are repetitive.

    I cannot believe that so few people made it through to Hollywood. I think that only a few of these were shown. I wish the producers would have shown more of the talented contestants. I know that we will have a chance to see them in the Hollywood shows, but I would really like to see just what made them shine in the eyes of the judges.

    Watching the judges make fun of clueless wannabe singers is funny to a point, but when an obese or physically, not beautiful person comes on screen, you just know that the chance of them making the cut is slim to none. Yes, there are exceptions, but more often than not, they have just been put through so that Simon, Paula and Randy can poke fun at them.moreless
  • Hilarious auditions in the "Big Apple".

    This is definatley the best episode so far in season 6. There were a lot of people who auditioned, but only 35 people actually made it through. Half of those people are bad singers and got really mad that they didn't make it through. What my favorite contestants were the two Sarah's, the first one who's dad didn't believer in her, but she still made it through! Wow, she told her dad. But the funniest one of all was the second Sarah, who wanted to be the first American Idol who can't sing. Thank god Simon came late that day and didn't here her sing. If this is the only the 4th episode, I can't wait to see the rest!moreless
  • Gloria, Gloria!

    When they said there next stop was New York, I thought they were going to find a lot of people since there are brodway plays over there, but they also found a lot of strange people too

    When I saw that guy Ian, I quickly remembered him from "So you think you can dance" I remembered the attitude he gave the judge and what a jerk he was. So when he went on Idol I new he was just trying to be on TV but he didn't have to go off on Simon and ask to see his Visa--that was rude

    Oh and that one girl Sarah Goldberg, she was something. She had a crappy voice but wanted to be the next A.I ... I don't think that's how it works, sweetheart

    I felt bad for that one girl Ashanti Johnson, b/c she had such a great voice but she had already made it to the second round twice before but never made it past that, I guess I can understand why they didn't choose her for a third time

    One of my favorite songs is "All Night Long" by dreamy Lionel Ritchie but that collage they did with the bad singers made me hate my favorite song ... for that moment. And I could have sworn this one guy sounded like Kermit the frog, and that one guy dressed in drag like Dorothy from the wizard of oz? ... Wow, but the funniest was when that guy was singing "All night long" then he starts singing "Dancing On the Ceiling"moreless
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