American Idol

Season 5 Episode 35

One Must Go Home Tonight! 4 Finalists Remain When The Results Are Revealed

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2006 on FOX
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One Must Go Home Tonight! 4 Finalists Remain When The Results Are Revealed
Last night, the Top 5 finalists sang their hearts out in hopes of winning America over. Find out tonight live who will be in the Final 4 and who will go home. The contestant receiving the fewest votes will be eliminated from the competition
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  • I cannot believe what happened on American Idol it is insane this show is a scam and it is not the first time that it happens. It is horrible and if anyone can rewatch the show please do and look at how Katherine herself is in shock.moreless

    Kathering knows she cannot sing better than Chris. Even the famous Simon was in shock. I will NOT watch the show again. I had convince many people in my family to watch the show and now they all have texted me saying the same thing I will NOT watch the show. It is insane!!! I also think they should at least give us until 12 midnight to vote. If the whole United States is watching the show do they really think in 2 hours that everyone will get a chance to vote for the person they believe should make it!!moreless
  • Princess P walks away in honor and grace.

    Since most of you have known the results by now, I'll just get on to the highlights of the show. The group song is sounds like something you sing at the Commonwealth games. I'm surprised at how good Kat can sound when she's not on pressure. Paris, on the other hand, was the weakest singer. Go figure. Again, my damned TV station cuts off the Ford commercial. Ryan couldn't resist himself from asking silly questions: he asked Taylor how did they feel now there are only five of them, and after Taylor said that they had been feeling pressure, since they're now very close to each other, Ryan asked whether he wanted to be the last one to leave. Oh for goodness sake. Before the break, Kat said something to Paris. Hmm wonder what they talked about...on to the result. Taylor's safe, Chris's safe. Both looked quite tense now that they're so close to the crown. Paris was, of course, NOT safe. She smiled all the way, as if she knew. And her family apparently knew as well, since they stood up and cheered. Then Paris performed "Kiss" again, just as good as the night before if not more energetic. Her mike pack nearly fell off and Ryan hilariously danced himself silly behind Paris to put it back on. After the break, it was down to Elliott and Katharine. Kat was as nervous as ever: she looked as if she's about to get sick. I think she knew her "Against All Odds" was one of the worst the night before. But America, obviously, think Kat can do no wrong. When Ryan told her she's safe, she looked, for the first time in AI5 history, really surprised. She clasped her hand to her chest and exclaimed, "Oh my God.." and looked as if she almost collapsed. Elliot went to stage and sung "On Broadway", way much powerful than last night. During the singout, the camera cut to Kat who, shockingly, looked stony as if she's the one who had been sent to the bottom 2. I think the remaining finalists had really become close in the last few weeks. After the commercial break, the result was announced. It was really fast and non-climactic, as Paris had been in the bottom 3 for a while now. At any rate, I'm glad she at least made it to the top 5. Although she left right after Kellie, there's a big difference between 5 and 6 and I'm happy Paris got the chance to move to this round. Elliott gave Paris a bear hug, which didn't surprise me as they had always been close. What shocked me is how the other finalists, including Kat, reacted as if they had the worst day of their lives. I never knew they liked Paris so much!! Then Paris saw her Bad Day package, and I absolutely loved the way they put together the guest singers' praises of her. She really deserved all the accolades after being so underrated for the past several weeks. She was so poised...she didn't even shed a tear, just smiling all the time. Her family didn't look stressed either...they proudly clapped and cheered for her. And that made ME want to cry. What a cool, talented singer with great family. Paris then performed "Be Without You" as the audience and finalists waved her goodbye. So long Paris...we'll miss your voice, enthusiasm and unique personality. Hopefully the next time we see you, it will be in a concert.moreless
  • Paris vs. Elliot: Two of my favorites but who did I hate the most?

    The epsiode before this:

    Paris did sorta better than Elliot with her vocie and style she wasn't feeling so good although and yet Elliot was sorta off. He did 2 horrible but Paris had been super horrible in her first song but great at her last.

    So my final thought on the results:

    Elliot had made two mistakes. Elliot may be favored here alot but people forget the other three did way better than both! He mad two mistakes and no one can forgive that. These results are unfair and silly. Elliot suck the most no matter I like his vocie.moreless
  • Princess P finally goes home! Hooray!

    In my opinion, it was about time that she went home. I'm not trying to insult Paris fans, but I was 100% positive that she would not win this season of American Idol. I mean she had somewhat of a good voice, but she was down right annoying. In my opinion, and I have to agree with Simon (I know he said this but can't remember which episode it was on) she kind of sounded like Minnie Mouse on helium, it was just weird sounding. But even when it came down to her and Elliot in the bottom two, I knew she would be going home, Elliot easily out sang her the previous night. So I guess I have to say bye-bye Princess P, I'm glad your gone!moreless
  • Happy she got voted off.

    The bottom 2 (two) where Elliott Yamin and Paris Bennet. Paris was the one that ended up getting voted off. As for the bottom 2, I was glad that it was those 2 because they are the two people that I like the least.

    I was very happy that it was Paris that got voted off. She was a pretty goog singer but for some reason I never liked her that much. I think she will get a recording contract thought.

    They are now down to the bottom 4. Katharine MacPhee (my personal favorite), Taylor Hinks, Elliott Yamin and Chris Daughtry.


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