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American Idol

Season 7 Episode 34

One Must Go Home Tonight! 5 Finalists Remain

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2008 on FOX
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Episode Summary

One Must Go Home Tonight! 5 Finalists Remain
Last night, American Idol's Top 6 sung their hearts out in hopes of winning America over. Find out tonight live who will survive and who will be sent home. Also Leona Lewis performs live.

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  • what the heck was America thinking? I mean, c'mon, Jason and Syesha, one or the other, should of left. Not Carly

    this dissapointed me. i never want to watch American Idol again (of course I am), but Americas got it all wrong. Carly is amazing, she never should of left. God! it bothers me so much. Honestly, i think syesha and jason should leave. either now, this week, or next week. I hate this sooo much, i really like carly. its not that she was the worst, its jsut that she wasn't the best, and America voted for the others, and she jsut didn't get as much. Carly should of stayed, and Syesha should of left, in that case of the bottom 2.moreless
  • We say goodbye to the former recording artist that could...

    I would agree that Carly did not deserve to get eliminated. However, the competition is ridiculously fierce. It is by far, the best season of American Idol up to date. So when you have so many great singers in one season all at one time, it has now become expected that there is going to be a lot of disappointment at certain parts of the competition. Also, the talent pool is sickeningly diverse (in a great way). I'm on the razor's edge as to who I'm throwing my support to. Undeniably, it will be a contest between the Davids. So for the rest of the season, I think everyone NEEDS to give it all they got and make the most out of it to further their musical careers.moreless
  • Goodbye American Idol.

    Okay, let's get one thing straight. I started watching American Idol this year. I guess watching is kind of a strong word. Occasionaly watching is better. But I actually watched the final six preform. And then I watched this. Ugh. Okay America wake up!!! First Meet the Spartans and now this. Carley, David Cook, and Sayisha hit all the right notes last night and scored very high marks from the judges. Jason coulden't hit any high notes in a song full of high notes, Brooke just like always started stopped and restarted, and David A. gave a very weak preformance. Now, I knew David A. would be safe because he has a massive fanbase, but I was absolutly positive that Brooke and Jason would be in the bottom 2, and most likely it would be Brooke that got out. But no, that's not what American Idol's for. American Idol gives everyone a chance to vote. It was painful to watch Sayisha and Carley sing their songs again because it was vey obvious that we made a mistake. I've got to give Brooke credit though; he knew in her head that she was out and even apoligized to Sayisha as if she wanted to take her place. Not Jason, who just smiled the whole time like an idiot thinking he gave the greatest preformance last night. Ugh. And unfortunatly he has a bigger fanbase then Carley. However, the relaxed attitude from those two last night wasen't because they were roomates, but because they knew that they gave the best preformances last night and they were going to walk off the stage with smiles, and in about five year David Archuletta the one-hit wonder will walk up to them begging for food. Man it felt good to get that out of my system. Goodbye American Idol.moreless
  • Syesha and Carly in the bottom 2, and Jason and Brooke were safe.

    I must say, I was definite that Jason and Brooke were going to be in the bottom 2 this week, but instead it was Syesha and Carly, which had the best performances Tuesday night. The only reason Brooke was safe was because she messed up, and the only reason Jason is safe was because of all the teenage girls that love him. I actually wasn't very surprised that Syesha was in the bottom, mostly because she went first and and has the smallest fan base of the remaining contestants. Carly was eliminated. I am kinda mad, I wanted her in the top 3. Go David A and Syesha! :)moreless
  • Is America really that stupid??

    I only am writing a bad review for this episode of American Idol to showcase the idoiocracy of the American people. Carly Smithson's performance on Tuesday night blew Jason Castro's performance out of the water! I have to wonder if it is just a huge popularity contest now instead of a talent contest because for whatever reason, for three, maybe four weeks in a row, S'yesha has been in the bottom three! She is not the best singer on the show, but at this point she is not the worst. Jason Castro has one style of singing and he makes way to many funny faces when he sings. I hope that all of the stupid little girls out there get their heads out of their rear ends and finally look past those crystal-blue eyes that they obviously get lost in every time he opens his mouth. My clear winner is David...Cook, that is, Archuletta is good but definitely not as good as David Cook. Carly, you're talents can now be displayed, hopefully, in bigger and better venues.moreless

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