American Idol

Season 5 Episode 33

One Must Go Home Tonight! 5 Finalists Remain When The Results Are Revealed

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on FOX
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One Must Go Home Tonight! 5 Finalists Remain When The Results Are Revealed
Last night, the Top 6 finalists sang their hearts out in hopes of winning America over. Find out tonight live who will sing again next week and who will go home. The contestant receiving the fewest votes will be eliminated from the competition. There will also be a special performace by Andrea Bocelli.moreless

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  • I Think...

    That Paris should go home. I didn't mind her 2nd song but overall She's my least fav. My top 3 are 1] Chris [rock on]

    2]Taylor[play that funky music white boy!] 3] Katherine [hot]. Some weeks Paula seems like she's High. She acts all Gitty and her eyes are always kinda glossy and she just acts plan weird. I like Randy but he acts too gangsterish "I gotta give ya your Props,Dog". I like simonthe most cause I think he just tells the truth were Paula always says that she loved or it was excellent or something stupid like that. I thought that Bucky should have gone before kevin, I like when Kevin did his little robot dance and then when he told off simon, that was awsome.

    "That's Ok Simon, I wasn't expecting much from you anyway"moreless
  • Painful to watch only 'cause i love Kelly and Paris... but america votes right!, Kelly was the most weaker singer...

    very sad episode... 2 of my favorite singers was in the bottom, I didnt expect this!, but its apparently certain the fact (or rumor) that a guy will be the winner this season m!

    First the talented mandisa... later the lovely Kelly.. an soon maybe Paris ... i hope that the bottom 2 of the next week will be Elliott and Taylor.

    but sill yet the eliminated this week was the right choose!

    behave america and dont kick paris the next week!

  • Kellie's luck finally runs out. Katharine can't be stopped.

    The judges backpedal quickly when they know that Kat gets the most votes. They must've known by now that any bad criticisms will only raise Kat's popularity up a notch. Kat looks delighted when they apologise to her. Commercial break now. DARN, my TV station cuts off the Ford commercial!! Andrea & David give the best guest performance this season. On to the result...oh look Lisa Tucker's in the audience, promoting her guest appearance in OC the next day. gosh Ryan do you have to ask her what it's like standing there this time last month? sheesh...anyway, the finalists are divided into 2 groups. It's so easy to pick who's bottom 2, but it's still maddening to see America putting Paris in the same group with PICKLER. Thankfully, the magical happens...Paris is safe and Kellie's going home. There's something about Paris that puts me off tonight: her expression remains unmoved when Ryan announces the result, as if someone has pasted a plastic smile on her face. Maybe she's numbed already after several (unfair) trips to the bottom 3, or maybe she's not too jubilant on knowing she'll go home the week after anyway. Anyway, Pickler is finally out and that's what matters most to me.moreless
  • Paris and Kellie, who goes home?

    This was a sad episode to watch. The bottom two were Paris and Kellie, and I knew it was going to be Kellie who was going home immediately after Ryan said her and Paris were the bottom two. I'm not trying to insult Paris or any of her fans, but if I had to choose between Paris and Kellie I would have chosen Paris to go home. However, I know if Kellie would have stayed she would have probably gone home next week. This was really just one of those episodes where you don't want anybody to go home, in my opinion I thought everyone did really well the previous night. I am also a little disappointed that the show was running late and the TV broadcast did not show Kellie's sing her last song on American Idol, but it has still happened in the past.moreless
  • Bye Bye Kelly, my sweetheart!

    I loved Kelly, even if she did stink the joint up in recent weeks with her performances. She's one of the most enduring personalities I've encountered on this show in the five seasons I've watched. Her spirit and charm are more real than a lot of clueless people in the audience seem to want to believe. This no doubt carried her far further than her talent should have allowed. And make no mistake it was not her vocal talent that got her here. Although when given the right song she could make you think she deserved to be the next AMERICAN IDOL. Problem is those weeks were few and far between.

    But basing this eviction on wednesday night's god awful performances, she definitely was the worst as is the case with this series every week, someone has to go and this week, it HAD to be her. Goodbye Kelly.moreless

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