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American Idol

Season 7 Episode 32

One Must Go Home Tonight! 6 Finalists Remain

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on FOX
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Episode Summary

One Must Go Home Tonight! 6 Finalists Remain
Last night, American Idol's Top 7 sung their hearts out in hopes of winning America over. Find out tonight live who will survive and who will be sent home. Also, Mariah Carey performs.

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  • 3 guys, 3 girls left.

    The first thing anyone will notice is that the bottom 3 are all girls. Hmm but that was not too surprising. Since guys and girls top 12, it does appear the guys are more popular. Whether that's fan base, judges favorite or more female voters, can't tell. There have been rumors of fixing. I'm not sure that holds a candle or it's just truly America's vote. They say if it's fixing, they would have keep Kristy in for the last 4 or something. Thou her eventual leaving is in most people's forecast but at the same time, it's sad to see people improving send packing. What's predictable is that the 2 Davids are still in there. I have nothing against that, personally i think they are very good. But then again. From the top 8, all are great and talented. I wish all of them will go far. Cheers for all of you; for you are all winners ^^moreless
  • Well it's obvious who the judges (producers) want in the finale....

    I think America got it wrong this week. Yes, Kristy Lee Cook should have been in the bottom three because the competition is so close. But no, she should not have gone home. It should have been Brooke. And it hurts me to say that because Brooke was my favorite from the beginning up to Top 9. She began to lose momentum after Top 10 while Kristy was gaining momentum again three very good performances of God Bless The U.S.A., Anyway, and Forever. And it is getting old that Syesha is in the bottom three almost every week even though she sings brilliantly. I know this will get some disagreements but I think the other person in the bottom three should have been David Archuleta instead of Syesha. Yes he can sing. Very good some nights but I don't see him making it in the current music industry because the kid shows no life. Meaning each week he picks slow ballads and he's 17! He should be picking atleast one fast (fun) song every two weeks but it's been about three or four ballads in a row and since next week is Andrew Lloyd Webber week I am sure it will be another ballad. And it's pretty obvious who the judges want in the finale since they praise and bow down each week for David Archuleta and David Cook (who was amazing on Tuesday by the way) and not giving Carly or Syesha credit for their voices and the way they interpret the song. I mean Simon gave Carly "an okay" when she sang the heck out of that Mariah Carey song and did even better than David A. I don't get it. I know the finale is going to be David vs. David but atleast show the other four left some dignity and encouragement.moreless
  • Kristy Lee Cook (finally) leaves American Idol.

    I thought this was a marvelous episode. I'm a little dissapointed too, though. Elliot Yamin and Mariah Carey performed, each were really good. At the first impresion of the two groups thing, I definetly thought the group on Ryan's left was safe. But when David Cook switched with Syesha, it became all too clear which group was the bottom 3. I really wanted Kristy Lee Cook to leave, but having Brooke in the bottom 3 and not Jason or Carly was saddening. And then, Ryan pulls the little stunt with David Archuleta. It was a little strange for me that he gets to bask in the spotlight once again, but he's safe (of course). Syesha is then picked as safe. It's down to Brooke and Kristy... and after a huge nerve-wracking moment Brooke is safe! Woot! Kristy Lee Cook is finally gone! I'm sad the guy won't sell her back her horse though... hopefully next week America will realize the two that really need to be in the bottom three. Carly and Jason.moreless
  • I'm surprised.

    I like the Ford commercial the idols did doing vintage 60's. David A looked so preppie with the 60's hairstyle and the cleancut look. Also noticed the false eyelashes Brooke wore and the hairstyle of Syesha. I wish I taped it because someone went through a lot of trouble to put so much 60's detail in it. Maybe I can get it on YouTube.

    Anyway, I was surprised that country didn't take care of their own this time around. Kristy seemed pretty confident mentioning she managed to come back to the top ten. Brooke looked shaken. The results probably surprised them both.

    Well, the formula's not ironclad, but two out of three (for the bottom three) ain't bad. Thus the 6.6 out of 10 (two-thirds, get it?)moreless
  • Another one gets sent home

    Looks like a lot of people got their wish to have Kristy sent home. I still think Jason should be sent home, he'll pick a song and no one will like it. It was hard for me to watch the end, when it was down to Kristy and Brooke I like both of them. Brooke heard that she was safe and she broke down because she really likes Kristy. It was funny though, Ryan had David A. come out last and revealed that he was safe and that one of the two groups was safe and asked David to go to the group that he thought was safe, and David was like no way I'm just going to sit down right here. Both groups started to laugh, David wasn't going to put himself in that position and the idols loved that about him as well as the audience and the judges. Though the ford commercial to me was the stupidest one they've done so far, I really enjoyed last weeks, with the paint.moreless

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