American Idol

Season 5 Episode 29

One Must Go Home Tonight! 7 Remain After The Results Are Revealed

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on FOX
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One Must Go Home Tonight! 7 Remain After The Results Are Revealed
Last night, the Top 8 finalists sang their hearts out in hopes of winning America over. Find out tonight live who will sing again next week and who will go home. The contestant receiving the fewest votes will be eliminated from the competition.

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  • Bucky finally got what he deserved

    I always hate it when they drag out the elimination show and this one was especially painful to watch. First of all the video messages from home were boring could they not just give the videos to the contestants at home. I think that elliot needs to man up and stop being such a mommas boy. I\\\'m glad that Ace was in the bottom three his performance of we will rock you was just as good as any kareoke performance that i have ever seen. I\\\'m happy to see that Bucky has gone I could never stand him and always changed the channel when he came on.I think that america would be worse off if he was an \\\'American idol\\\'. congrats top 7. suck on that Buckymoreless
  • Overlong tear-jerking episode. Bucky was being a real gentleman...feeling sorry for him now.

    I agree with most people here...they shouldn't have divided viewers' attention during group singing. My eyes have to dart back and forth from the group performance in one tiny corner of my TV to the montage of's really annoying. And I think the idea of making the contestants cry with messages and hopes from their family and then telling them they're in the bottom 3 and must perform what could be their last song is total CRAP. I just hate it when reality shows try to create drama by exaggerating things and make the contestants uncomfortable. And why the heck is Elliot in the bottom 3?? He's fantastic this week, although not really the best. I feel bad for Bucky now...although his stay is long overdue, he was entertaining the other night, and I never noticed how much of a gentleman he was. He's smiling all the time, unlike Ace who looked as if he didn't deserve to be in the bottom 3. And I love the way he comforted Paris all the way. Hopefully making it to top 8 in AI will open up more opportunities for him.moreless
  • Too long of an episode in my opinion. And why the crap didn't Queen perform?! I was looking forward to seeing them perform

    I was a little taken back when they sent Bucky home, if I had to choose between Bucky, Ace, and Elliot to go home I would surely have picked Ace. His version of We Will Rock You was just horrible. However, I knew Bucky wasn't going to win this competition, but I would have liked him to stay a little longer, but hey that's just my opinion. However, the show was way too long and had way too many comercials. They should have made it a least 45 minutes long. And why the crap didn't Queen perform?! I was really looking forward to it, seeing as they are one of my favorite rock groups. But I suppose it was because of one of the members being dead for 15 yearsmoreless
  • The show was way too stretched out, but right person left at the end.

    The half-hour shows seem too short. The hour ones seem too long. I think we need a 45 minute results show for everything to time perfectly.

    Finally we got a cheesy group song, but they had to ruin it by showing a montage of every little moment that has happened all season. So I got a headache trying to watch the contestants sing in a tiny little space at the corner of my TV, therefore not being able to pay attention to the quality of this all-too-rare group number. I'm not happy about this.

    Then, Ryan asks all the contestants what they missed the most from home and shows each of them a video of their parents wishing them the best. It was cute and all, but really not necessary.

    We saw one more video of each contestant about their life back at home before we found out their fates. Taylor, Katharine, Chris, and Kellie were all safe. Although I think Kellie was one of the worst last night, I'm not one bit surprised.

    Elliott is the first in the bottom 3. Randy thinks America is confused. I agree. Tonight all the bottom 3 contestants get to sing their song from last night. And Elliott proved he didn't deserve to be down there.

    Ace was the next one in the bottom 3, and rightfully so. He was definitely the worst last night, and once again we had to endure his falsetto-nauseating version of We Will Rock You.

    Time is running out, oh no! Too much time spent on the sappy stuff. Bucky is the last one, gets to sing, and then all 3 contestants wait to hear the name of the eliminated one. No one sent to safety this time. And tonight, we said goodbye to Mr. Bucky Covington. Although he was definitely one of the weakest in the competition, his southern nice personality was more endearing than that of a certain Kellie Pickler. I wish him luck in the future, he's going to need it!moreless
  • Nice voting America!

    I'd just like to say thank you America for FINALLY voting Bucky off! I really don't understand how he stayed for so long - Mandisa got voted off before him and she was a very talented singer! Some of thoses hair styles he's had throughout the episodes were HORRIBLE! What was he thinking?! Bucky just had to go, and I'm SO glad he's finally GONE!

    Oh, and GO CHRIS!

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