American Idol

Season 7 Episode 25

One Must Go Home Tonight! Find Out Who Is Eliminated

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2008 on FOX
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One Must Go Home Tonight! Find Out Who Is Eliminated
Last night, the Top 10 Finalists sang their hearts out in hopes of winning America over. Find out tonight live who will go home and who will be among the Top 9 and sing again next week. The contestant receiving the fewest votes will be eliminated from the competition. Also Kimberley Locke performs.moreless
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  • hmmmm...

    I don't like Chikizie (spelling?) very much, but I think there are a lot worse people on the show that should go before him. I'm happy that Jason was in the bottom three because it means that he's not getting a ton of votes just because he's adorable. I like him because he's unique, but he does the same thing over and over. And yes, he is adorable, but he does nothing for me musically. The commercial was not really good this week; I didn't like it. I really like the questions that they're doing doing the show. Funny. Overall, an average results show.moreless
  • The good part of this episode= Kimberleys AMAZING performance wearing a faboulous dress created by Mr(or miss)Christian Sariano ,winner of project runway4. The Bad part= everything else

    Okay so this episode I was expecting , Kristy to be on the bottom , Jason to be on the bottom and Chuck E Cheeses(thats what I call him) to be on the bottom. Instead my girl Syesha gets put on the bottom , what the heck man come on that is messed up she kicked a** the night before. I was expecting Carley , Brooke and of course David Archueleta to be safe , at first I thought he was cute , now He just seems like a smiley nerd he needs to shut the f*** up. My Girl Kimberley Locke Performed and I was glad I really wanted her to win season 2, but shes lost 40 pounds , opened a resturant , made 2 albums , shell be fine The song she sang was beautiful I almost cried , she shut it down. In the end Chuck E Cheeses(or whatever went home) I was kind of sad I kind of liked him but I cool with him going home.moreless
  • Chikezie got robbed

    I am not sure what show voters were watching on Tuesday night, but judging by Wednesday's bottom 3, it wasn't the American Idol performance show. Simon was right when he told Chikezie that his performance was cheesy, but he didn't deserve the bottom 3. He certainly didn't deserve to go home over Syesha. Chikezie has talent. No question. How Syesha and Kristie Lee have hung on this long is a mystery to me. Jason Castro also had NO BUSINESS being in the bottom 3 even if it was just for a fleeting moment. Ramiele, Kristie Lee, and Syesha should have been the bottom 3 with Ramiele going home. There is so much talent on this year's Idol and it is sad to see that it is the same old popularity contest as always. I really hope that the winner is deserving of the title because of talent and not because of cutesy personality.moreless
  • Syesha BOTTOM 2???

    Okay, so my predicted bottom 3 was:

    1. Chikezie (yes)

    2. Jason (yes)

    3. Kristy (no)

    I wanted Chikezie to be eliminated, and he was. But why was Syesha in the bottom 2? She did awesome last night... I guess I should have voted more for her. Kimberly Locke performed, and I must say she did great. She looks way better to! I gotta say though.. too much commercial breaks! The commercials breaks are too long too. I like it better when no one is on stage but Ryan when he says the results, like when they come out when he calls their name. I like it better like that.moreless
  • Worst Episode Ever!

    Okay, to start with, last nights' performances were all weak. Even my personal top 3, Chikezie, Carly and Syesha were all disappointing. After last season I had told myself (and others) that I wouldn't watch Idol this season because the talent seemed to have dried up. Needless to say I got suckered into watching it again by a friend (some friend they turned out to be). This season's talent line-up was even weaker, with no stand out performers, though along the way I did come to like the aforementioned three singers. A few of the "singers" like the boring David Cook, the ridiculous David Archuleta and the unlistenable Jason Castro (who may be the dumbest contestant ever, he thought the French in the Beatles song "Michelle" was English!) seem to getting votes simply because teenage and tween girls seem to like them. Now that Chikezie, the shows' BEST performer (despite what some of the kids here would have you believe) has been voted off, I am officially done with idol forever. Something tells me my viewership, comments and posts will not be missed. Remember, friends don't let friends watch American Idol!moreless

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