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American Idol

Season 7 Episode 40

One Must Go Home Tonight! Only Two Will Continue Their Quest When The Voting Results Are Revealed

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2008 on FOX
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One Must Go Home Tonight! Only Two Will Continue Their Quest When The Voting Results Are Revealed
Tv's hottest show revs up to a crescendo! Last night, the Top 3 finalists sang their hearts out in hopes of winning America over. Find out tonight live which two finalists will compete in next week's exciting season finale. The contestant receiving the fewest votes will be eliminated from the competition.moreless
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  • Everyone (probably) already knew that Syesha was going to leave..

    After rewatching Fantasia's performance, my opinion isn't that it was horrible, it was just... dislikable. The group performance was also boring. Seeing each of the contestants hometowns was nice, but nothing really special was featured there either. Once again I feel as if they favored David Archuleta allowing him a longer video (but I could be wrong). Now for the elimination, Syesha really should've left. I would've been happier if Archuleta left, but Syesha leaving wasn't dissapointing in the least. For next week I am keeping my fingers crossed for Cook to take the crown, even if the already pre-determined American Idol of season 7 is Archuleta. David Cook should win!moreless
  • Fantasia was horrible... Syesha deserved to be in the finale... I like the top 3 though.

    As usual, the show started with a group performance, it was ok. A lot of the group performances this season have been ok. Then they showed a recap of Tuesday night. Fantasia then sane Bore Me, it was "utterly atrocious". Seriously, even Simon didn't like it (did you see his face!!). Her red hair was horrible too. Then Ryan called out David Archuleta and they showed his clip going to Utah. Then it was Syesha's turn, then David Cook's. The judges gave their final words, then Ryan announced the two people to go into the finale, David Archuleta and David Cook. Syesha was one of my favorites, sad to see her go, but the top 3 is great, so good for her. If I had to pick who was gonna go home, I would've picked Cook, but he's still good. I hope Archuleta wins, but if Cook does I won't be mad at all.moreless
  • Syesha's history. Who didn't see that coming?

    I see AI didn't take my suggestion to dropkick David A. for a ratings spike. There's a good reason for that: it's because of that annoying stage dad of his. Plenty of fodder for news. Ever since Paula sobered up, there's been no scandalous reason to watch the show. And we can't expect Paula to carry the whole season by herself. So David's busybody dad has been a godsend. There's only one more week to go. Two more nights of mind-boggling, brain-dead filler and then everyone can kick back and pop open the champagne.

    I won't say anything about Fantasia's horrible performance because I'm too nice. But the cut to Simon's dumbfounded, jaw-dropping expression said it all.moreless
  • whew...no more Seyesha...

    I was pretty worried that Seyesha would dogdge the bullet again. Don't get me wrong, she is talented, I just think the Davids are more talented and deserve to be in the finals more. Anyways, I thought this episode was slow and boring. They had each contestant come out, one by one, and showed the video of their homecoming and they all cried...It just got boring. I was happy when they played both Bon Jovi and Daughtry during Cook's video...and they just had other artist during the other contestants. Anyways, I loved Cook's brother; he was so different. Overall, pretty boring, but good results.moreless
  • The idols are as dull as usual, but their hometown visit videos bring a little bit more content. Seacrest still trying ever so hard to bring lines in a good, show-host manner. Cowell's jaw hits the floor watching Fantasia's awful guest performance.moreless

    Finally, S-"yes"-ha ain't true no more.

    Their Ford music video was just 'nice', featuring the Idols taking a look at their supposed [Heaven] at a fortune teller's. Syesha's in a mansion with all her records hanging up on the wall, which I thought was just a total idealistic dream for her. Cook looked like he was the owner of a car manufacturing company and Archuleta... got a piano by the pool. ...Weird.

    Fantasia's "Bore Me" was mediocre, even for her American Idol standards. LOVED Simon Cowell's face. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. So, so funny. Sigh. Not a good season this year. Season Five has set the bar up so high, that Six and Seven have been struggling to even reach it. Although last year's Idol actually had great singers with greatly interesting personalities, unlike Brooke, Kristy Lee, Jason and Syesha. Even the Daves kind of bore me with their personalities already, they're just sooooooo predictable. Cook: cool, calm, collected. Archuleta: amazed, astonished, appreciative. (That's alliteration for you.)

    The show is boring to be frank. With lines from Seacrest like, "The math is very simple, but the reality is hard to swallow". Yuck.

    During hometown visits, Archuleta kept saying "Gosh" while wiping tears away, which was sweet. Almost making it inevitable that Archuleta would make it to the finals after watching the boy get all emotional. Syesha getting a baby thrust into her arms was pretty funny. There was more crying and talk of dreams and happiness. And as for Cook, it certainly looked like he had the most fans, the most votes, way more than Syesha and Archuleta put together, I mean, a whole freakin' parade, man! Even he paused to sniff his nose, but his fans and his brother still cried more than him. Watching Cook's journey again, I recall actually thinking he wasn't good enough to make the Top 24, but my god, I was wrong.

    It's nice Cowell said he likes the final three and it was amusing to hear Paula be confused by the word "humdinger". And so, Syesha goes home. Not at all surprising. Not at all surprising ever since the moment Archuleta sang [Imagine], followed by Cook's [Hello] the week after. I applauded at the screen with the audience, because I can't imagine ever doing anything even close to what they're doing.

    Originally, I gave this episode a 2, but on hindsight, it deserves a bit more and it wasn't that bad towards the end. :)moreless

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    • With her elimination tonight that makes a total of 8 times Syesha was in the bottom group. That is the record for most amount of times in the bottom group. The last record holder was Season 1 contestant, Nikki McKibbin (also third place) who was in the bottom 6 times.
      * The previous two weeks, it was not officially mentioned she was in the bottom, but she was the last one to find out she was safe, and Ryan did not say the results were random, so its safe to assume she was in the bottom.

    • It was revealed that David Cook originally went out to the auditions to support his brother Andrew, and was asked to audition himself.

    • When Syesha was eliminated she sang her first song from last night, "If I Ain't Got You".

    • All three contestants got a "good-bye" video in case it was their last week. David Archuleta's had the song "Best Days" by Graham Colton with his, Syesha had "I Believe" by Fantasia Barrino as her video was on, and David Cook's video was to "What About Now?" by Daughtry.

    • Voted Off:
      Syesha Mercado

    • Amanda Overmyer, Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook, David Hernandez, Ramiele Malubay, Luke Menard, Chris Richardson, Sabrina Bryan, Kiely Williams, Adrienne Bailon and Andrew Lloyd Webber were all in the audience.