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  • Bored

    Horrible just horrible! where's the talent.... what happened to the talent like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood... these kids are not only unattractive but they're just not talented! No more Idol for me the Voice showcases real talent!




    ON THEIR WAY ????


  • Worst season yet

    I will not be Watching this next season, the Voice would not even turn a chair for the talent left this season. The suck up stuff coming out of the mouths of the judges is amazing. They are suppose to be helping the contestants get better!
  • Its going to be a karaoke show this year!

    What are the judges thinking! WORST singers ever! It seems that Jlo has the final decision in who continues. .They have let a grip full of AWESOME singers year will be the WORST is the only judge who seems to be accurate. .
  • critic

    This is the worst talent show on tv. AND WHY DO WE HAVE TO WATCH J. Lo. instead of the contestants? A two second shot is all that is needed for your ratings. This is supposed to be about the called talent. Harry should be sick more often. He actually proved he could act like a real grown up. The contestants act like they are in a karaoke contest. Jena and Caleb will be the two who the rest can go home now. Miss pink hair is an empty pot with a voice. Will not be returning to this show next year.
  • This year sucks!!!

    American Idol is terrible this year. Why are they paying J-Lo all this money to be a judge anyway and look at the product behind all this money she's getting paid and where did they find Keith and Harry from the toy out of a box of cracker jack. None of the contestant who remained are really good singers and Malayih was one of there best and they wasted a save on Sam really come on!!! They should take some of the money back that they paid these judges. They need to cut American Idol after this season. They should take lessons from the voice. They have some awesome singers. On a serious note American Idol "SUCKS" 1.0
  • Closed Captioning

    Would it be possible to sync the closed captioning to the song's melody/lyrics? This would greatly assist those of who are hard od hearing to better enjoy your program. Thanks, Al Tague
  • American idol sound quality

    I must say for a music based show American Idol's sound quality during their show is horrible!

    How can Malaya be voted out. She has good vocals next to Caleb. Unfortunately, the judges have used the only save for one of the worst singers in this year's idol leaving good singers like Caleb and Malaya with no saves. This years American Idol is like a horror movie and it really sucks.
  • Unbelievable! American Idol should bring Malaya back!

    While Malaya's last performance was not her best - certainly she was much better than many of the other's who are moving onto the next round.

    Malaya next to Caleb is definitely a contender for the American Idol Title this year. What an injustice that a charming, talented, entertaining and engaging Young Lady was voted off.

    I wonder what the criteria is? Viewers surely must see how much talent this 16 year old has!

    While I respect the American Public- I know of People who vote just because a person is good looking - not for their talent. Really - I think that the Judges should have more than 1 collective vote to save a contestant. Why not have 3? One for each Judge? After all - we do have individual tastes in Music.

    However, it is undeniable that this 16 year old is a powerhouse like Caleb.

    Bring Malaya Back!!!
  • Stuck up alex

    Please get stuck up alex ! OFF!!!!!!
  • #BringBackMalaya

    bring back malayal watson !!!!! your ratings are starting to go down !$

    Malaya should not have been sent home tonight. Sam cannot sing for crap, nor can . sing all that well. I am so upset with the judges saving Sam. They should have kept it for Malaya. American Idol stinks this year. Harry Connick, Jr. sucks too. Alex was not all that great either. I think Caleb & Jessica, and Jena are the top three!! Good luck everyone!!!
  • Worst talent ever

    The contestants seem to be nice people, however they are not that talented. They are average singers, they had better singers that auditioned and they almost made it to the live shows. Not sure what the judges are hearing but I wouldn't buy any of the finalists music. I stopped watching. Last years judges were a hot mess but the talent was great.
  • Malaya

    Malaya certainly isn't the best but she should not have left tonight, I just don't know what people see in Alex. I think he stinks! Even J Lo didn't like how he changed the song so much from the original. Please I just don't understand the public. Judges what in the HELL were you thinking last week using your only save on a kid that only the teenage girls adore. He's definitely not IDOL even bottom 5. Malaya should have been saved this week. I'm terribly upset!!!!!!! Go AWAY ALEX! YUCK!
  • what the hell

    I can't believe CJ is still on the show. He is a horrible singer. He is never on key and has zero talent for singing.

    I have watched the show from it's inception. As I watch this season I watch in total confusion. How can they collectively be so bad? I mean it's painful to watch! I find myself tuning in to literally watch in disbelief how bad they all can be week after week after week. I oddly feel a sense of loyalty to else have this annoying feeling? The judges are making complete fools of themselves. At least they get fat pay days for doing it because that is their price for abandoning their credibility. I was hopeful Harry wouldn't cave in and call it real, but even he has become a gushing moron giving hope to people who have ZERO shot of being music stars. Time for them to can this show for a while. I agree that THE VOICE has taken over, and in a big way! Those singers are legit and the performances leave you wanting more.
  • RIP American Idol

    This is the second crappy year of American Idol. I'll give it one more shot next year, if you they don't bring back the talent that they showcased in the first 12 seasons and some real judges that aren't making the show about themselves I wont be watching anymore. Too much changing of everything. I feel sorry for the contestants, being lied to by the judges telling them that they are the best of all the seasons or that they killed a song. I use to get all choked up and teary eyed for past contestants when they sang their hearts out. Haven't had one emotional feeling like that with this group of kids.
  • The judges suck!

    The judges are responsible for the demise of this show. The judges' job is to find good contestants. The contestants' job is to entertain us. Suddenly the judges think it's their job to entertain us! I used to love this show. But without talent, it's nothing! They need to get some record producers or something on the judging panel - people who know how to pick out future stars. I used to hate Simon Cowell on this show (he's much better on X-Factor), but at least the guy knows how to pick out talent! Move over Idol... The Voice now rules the roost!
  • Idol is dead (ratings don't go below one)

    How about making the decision to flush the idol it's been in the toilet far too really stinks when even the judges have resorted to funzies, slap happy banter while watching actively disinterest, mostly talentless contestants bore the hopeful residual audience to disgust. I've watched from the beginning. The judges and the fans last year couldn't stand the tension between the two divas separated by "Jo- dog" Randy. How the heck does stressful distain make for good television? In my life oi have never written about anything on TV. Well you did majority of the remaining contestant can't carry a tune in a over for me right buttons were pushed Fox wake is only confirming your network as hopelessly unable to develop fresh new programming to replace idol who no longer is did the fox lyrics of the song make as much sense as watching just pull the lever do the American household the courtesy of at least you program Idol another season I won't even remember that Ford and Coke sponsored you don't care about your think they do!

  • Horrible Season

    I agree with other posters. They let all the good singers go during the auditions for the stupidest reasons like not liking how they look at the floor while singing. Hello, they're amateurs that can be taught! Harry is the best judge. Keith is good too. But Harry lost all credibility when he said he saw all the past seasons and declared this being the best. Caleb deserves to win. He is flat out above the rest of them. Question is if the country is willing to vote for a rocker. Just like Lambert deserved to win.
  • RIP American Idol

    This is the worst show and season of AMERICAN IDOL ever and most probably last season - as they did not deserver better. It looks like the need a reality check. Anyone Season 2012 - Haley, Casey Abrams or Joshua Ledet. Last Season was a hit compared to this one - and all the best about it JLO was there and they keep saying tis the best season ever. Well for 17 Mil. I would probably say the same. Its a shame what the show had become. I believe the judges are the worst ever. Keith keeps smiling but seriously Harry C. Jr. - .really i even did not know who the hell Jr. was before this show! This show should be entertainment and it is NOT. Looks like the smarties left the show on time. Just sad nothing less JACK BAUER IS BACK!
  • American Idol or Amateur Impersonators

    Idol 2014 Worst Talent Show on TV. Mediocre singers, girls who want to be boys, girls singing boys songs, boys singing girls songs, solo singers singing groups songs. Unbelievably bad show. Too many silly staged interviews and nonsense chit chat. Judges deliberate for an excessive long time whether to save a singer with little talent who would never be an Idol. Producers need to get a grip, these young people need guidance with song choice, wardrobe, styling and attitude.
  • Harry go home

    Well,no American Idol show could be as bad as last year the way the judges picked the worst looking and worst sounding people in the male category. I miss the smiles, the laughter, the comradery that the contestants used to share. No one sheds a tear when someone is voted off nor looks happy when a rival does well. Main problem is like everyone said, they seem to want a racial balance and genre diversity. Idol takes too much stock in the judges and pays them so much the kids can't go anywhere or show us films of their days when they aren't working. It isn't just Idol, most of the television isn't worth watching anymore. I never know when a show is on or when the season starts and ends. Shows that are so good are taken off the air before you get a chance to know the characters. I said today, I hope Idol ends and Simon comes back to the states with some different ideas for a talent show.

    Harry Connick Jr. acts exactly like I thought he would, I am too much of a lady to say. He talks five minutes before you realize whether he likes someone or not. I fast forwarded through his performance, was it last week?
  • Where is the Talent?

    I love talent shows, and I've always looked forward to AI. But each year it has gotten worse. There is no talent. Can't compare AI with the talent that is on The Voice, or Australia The Voice, or Poland The Voice, or Brittain's Got Talent, or even America's Got Talent. And why doesn't AI take young people like some of the other shows. These young people have amazing talent, and they are wonderful to watch.

    I really don't understand what AI is doing. I remember during the tryouts there was one young gal who had the best voice of anyone, and they told her sorry. I knew then that something was very wrong. Don't know what it is, though.

    And the don't like how they patronize the contestants. It just sounds so phony.
  • American Idol is done.

    The talent get worse and the judges are horrible. I find myself fast forwarding through the judges comments. This year It's like the judges are trying to be so profound with every performance. they go into this long boring rant no matter how good or bad. Judges seems to think there job is to break it all down and give ridiculous advise . Is this what there told to do or do these boneheads think the are the end all to the music world. I say keep it simple and to the point ,they either did good or they suck,.

    Simon was the best. only good I can say about this season is Nicky is gone, she was joke
  • Bring back the old American Idol

    I have been a fan of American Idol from Season One but I believe the down fall is being able to vote for every contestant 50 times! Years before you picked your favorite and stuck with them! This is like rooting for both teams in the Super Bowl!!! And the judges are so technical! Simon was like "you're great or you're horrible!" This year the judges critic of each contestant is boring! Please go back to the original way when the show was exciting to watch and you called over and over to get through the busy signs to make your vote count for your favorite contestant!!!!!!!!
  • I just can't do it anymore! 3/26/14

    Good-bye American Idol!
  • It's all Demographics

    After watching nearly every season (all but Season 1), it is apparent that they don't necessarily pick the most talented. They also use demographics. MK fit one of those and I wouldn't be surprised if there was some vote-rigging going on to keep her there as long as they did. She simply can't sing as well as many of those that were cut before her. None of this is surprising. It's entertainment first, a contest second. They think they need the demographics to appeal to a wider audience - and avoid complaints. People appear to be catching on and turning it off. I will say that Harry's honest reviews are very refreshing and I thought that would turn some of it around, but the demographics push is just too obvious. America is smarter than they think.
  • No brains

    Why is it that people wear their hats on back to front? Is it because their brains are now positioned on the back of their heads. So 1970s??! Grow up people. You look ridiculous. Just so much American BS
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