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  • Absolute rubbish

    Could only watch this rubbish for 30 minutes. Poor contestants having to deal with those overinflated egos on the judging panel. Keith Urban must be really regretting agreeing to become a judge with this mob
  • Christina Grimmie

    Put Cristina grimmie on !!!! shes amazing, and a host of yours, im inlove with her voice!
  • Ditch Narcissistic Nikki!

    American Idol is no longer a singing competition - it's the Nikki Menaj show. She dresses to distract viewers from the actual judges and creates discord with her histrionics. She is unprofessional, mooing over the cute guys and asking them whether they have a girl friend - sort of like Isaac Mizrachi asking female stars at the Oscars what underwear they had on. Hint, hint, he hasn't been on the red carpet since. She has yet to make an intelligent comment about the singing. What kind of judge is she?

    Idol doesn't need four judges - three have worked fine for lots of years.

    It doesn't help that Idol now shows 3 commercials per competitor and gives more time to backstory than singing. This is a singing competition, remember?

    It may be time to stop watching American Idol, aka the Nikki Menaj show. After so many seasons, it's time to watch something else. Anything else.

  • Get rid of Nicki

    I love Keith and Randy, but there is only so much they can do with Nicki in the room. I also like Mariah a lot, and it is evident she is trying to keep herself under control with Nicki's constant crapfest going on. All Nicki does is make strange faces showing off her jealousy whenever someone compliments Mariah. Why is Nicki taking charge so much? This is not her show, it's Randy's show, let him lead! Nicki is not a fit and I beg of you to dump her before the live shows. I have watched from season 1, but i am not enjoying this bickering. Even where there have been judges that were not my fav, it was OK becuase the show was still enjoyable. This is not.
  • From Nicki Keith to Alfred hitchcock

    After a grueling hour of Mariah and Nicki I found reruns of Alfred Hitchcock on Antenna TV.

    Good bye American Idol.

    Really???! That chick HAS got to go! I can hardly get through it! There is nothing funny, entertaining or interesting about this panel of judges this year! Steven Tyler was awesome! The girls are killing you this year! Randy should be running the judges not Nicki! Keith , bless his heart is at least nice to look at and is charming, but he needs someone that has enough personality to interact with! This USE to be my favorite . Someones HEADS SHOULD ROLL over the judges this year! I'm definitely jumping ship as well as ALL my friends because they feel the same. We will just wait for "The Voice" to return. No personality this year and your show is a FLOP! Have watched 4 hours this season and the ones going to Hollywood so far are nothing to talk about. If you make it through the season with the ratings, I'm sure this is the last season!!!
  • Get Rid Of Nicki!!

    Nicki is totally destroying the American Idol Show this year. You wil be canceled if you don't get her under control and STOP letting her run the show. She is the worst thing that could ever happen to this program. You need to pay her off and get rid of her so the show will continue another year or you will be gone..........
  • Nicky, you need to chill out.

    Why is Nicky so negative with Mariah? Is she jealous of Mariah? You would think that she would show a little more respect for Mariah. Mariah is a legend in her own style and singing. In time Nicky will get there as long as she learn to be comfortable in her on skin and style. Beauty is natural and not fake. Chill out Nicky, you are showing your unladylike maner.
  • Simon, your decision

    to put Minaj on your show is Worse than your judgement error regarding Jennifer this year the show will pay. I can't watch it. It's painful. Sandra
  • Nicki, was the worse!!!!!!

    I saw the show last night. I don`t beleve I will be watching it any more. The lades are so in love with themselves its sick. Mariah, (which I always liked) looks like if she moved her face would break, and Nickie, ask so stupid. My 10 year old grandson has more smarts then all of her whole body. The guys where great. I really liked the show when Steven and JoLo was on board, but I know that was something you didnt want to do. I dont know if the way the girls were acting was planned, but if it is it back fired.
  • Minaj makes a horrible Menage!

    Randy's great, Keith Urban seems down-to-earth and interested in the contestants, Mariah might be tolerable if the producers would tone down the Diva Act, but Nicki Minaj is detestable. Her fake, self-focused behavior and mean baiting of some of the contestants are disgusting! She's RUINING this show!
  • The downfall of entertainment.

    This show had it's highlights but most of it is a dissapointment. I used to enjoy it, but after Paula and Simon left it kinda went meh for me. The biggest dissapointment was when Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen. I don't care about Adam being "theatrical", he was superior not just to Kriss but to most of AI winners. Kriss was the ok guy next door with a good voice, but not that good to be a winner, not by a long shot. Even though Americans support the freedom of speech and expressions, I strongly believe that the main reason Adam Lambert lost was because he's sexual orientation and that reson is the wrong one to be taken in consideration in a SINGING competition.

    The past two seasons were quite good, but most of it because of Steven Tyler and probably Jennifer too - but just probably. On the other hand the new judge panel is ... I don't know what to say. Randy Jackson, a legend in music industry and a veteran judge on AI, I think he is still staying for the money; Mariah Carey is a great addition to the panel, no more words to be said on her part; Keith Urban is another good addition. Now to the not so good or "what the F is this" part - Nicky Minaj. Wow! I'm just... uhm... I just think I lost my even. Serisously?
  • Lost Its Spark

    This used to be a fantastic show, but when Paula left, everything went downhill. The judges aren't as wise and well-matched as they used to be and the contestants aren't as appealing. The format is not great and it fails to capture my attention on a weekly basis now. Not a bad show, but not one I would recommend either.
  • Season 2 was the CAUSE for downhill!!!

    It began when there were three finalists of Season 2: Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke and Ruben Studdard. First, they eliminated Kimberley into third place, leave Clay and Ruben in the top two. Then, pick Ruben to win because of his independence and put Clay as a runner-up!

    Problem: Ruben does not sing well at all as Clay or Kimberley!

    Correction: First, Ruben should have been eliminated and put into third place instead! Leaving Clay and Kimberley in the top 2! Finally, that would result in Clay winning season 2 and pu Kimberley in second place!

    Afterwards, the show went downhill picking the wrong winners, even now!

  • Great idea but..

    Stupid and old. Really bad now. Needs to be canceled. Whoever wins now does nothing on the charts anymore. Had some great talent like, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lamnbert, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson.
  • WHY??

    why is this show still on the air? why was it ever popular? WHY WHY WHY????
  • American Idiots

    In the Preliminaries, they Show Idiots that have Absolutly no talent whatsoever.This Show Rots!
  • American Idol while it may have sounded like a good "talent" show became corrupt with looks topping talent and other various problems.

    American Idol has been constantly hyped as one of the best shows ever and FOX always makes a big deal about the next episode or season, but in reality the show is just overrated and pointless. The show's about a group of judges going around and getting singers for their competition and the people of America vote who gets to be the American Idol. Now while I do admit there are some people on the show that can sing, I don't think that there should have been a show about it at all. The show follows the same format, auditions, competition, and finals and it never changes. There's nothing new that is added to the show and it becomes very boring, very fast. Most of the judges for the show are downright terrible. The only good judge was Simon Cowell, who would always bash singers who can't sing and does it in a funny way but also gets to the chase and doesn't go easy on them. The problem is that the other judges get after him about that and say he's wrong. I have seen some of these auditions and only hearing 15 seconds of some people singing, I muted my TV because these people can't sing. Simon has a right to get after those who can't sing and wastes no time getting after the terrible singers. So where do the other judges get off for telling him not to badger the terrible singers? Randy Jackson is always using street words and says "dawg" so many times, that it's as if he can't go a sentence without saying that word. But Paula is the worse of them all. She just stands around with a smile on her face and always says good things, even to the bad singers, and the fact that she also came to one of the final shows drunk should have gotten her fired, but no they keep her. Why? The new judges for this show though are just as bad and I won't go into detail about them. The show also seems to be another case of talent being overshadowed by looks alone. Seriously, some people on this show dress really nice or look really good, but can't sing to save their lives, but somehow they move on ahead while the true good singers get left behind. Where's the logic all that?! If it's that simple to win American Idol, I would dress up in the top notch fashion clothing, go on there, sing, and win. I am a bad singer so what does it matter? According to American Idol, absolutely nothing as long as you look good. Also the people who do win, are quickly forgotten in a week to a month and are never mentioned again, ever.S what's the purpose to win, become a great singing sensation, and just be forgotten in a short amount of time? The only positive thing I could say about this show was Simon, he may have been cold and a jerk, but he knew when to get after those who can't sing and burn them. Now that he's gone, the show will tank even more now. Even Simon knew this show was stupid and decided to save his career, so points to him for saving his career. Everything about American Idol is just overrated. The new and old judges suck, the fact that Simon was always clammed up is an insult to the 1st amendment since he has freedom of speech, most of the singers are terrible, the good singers are left behind while bad ones win, the fact that this show relies on looks than talent is an insult to those who can sing, and the people who do win are quickly forgotten. I do not care about this show at all and the sooner it gets canceled, the better. This show is just overrated garbage that while it was good when it began, quickly became a dreadful mess.
  • American Idol

    Contestants compete against each other on who can become the next throwaway puppet for the commercial media to play around with and market to dollar stores and K'Marts.
  • the last african american idol fan

    All musicians of color need to black ball the auditions. American idol is watched now by 95% Caucasians I have said in the past that viewer's choice should end when the last five contestants have been chosen it should be up to the judges to make those last final decisions and pick the winner. I have seen many good musicians leave because the viewers didn't like this or that.
  • love the judges

    I dont know why everybody is being so hard on the Judges.Do you think you can do a better job i doubt it.I think there great.and fare.besides we are the ones doing most of the voting.So lighten up they know the music business better than we do.
  • I hate the judges!

    J Lo just likes to hear herself talk! She just blabs on and on pretty much saying the whole thing over and over. And Randy, he's just plain annoying! "YO, Dude", come on, we are not in the ghetto. Its also so obvious that they want Jacob to win. He's sings good, but I wouldn't give him all the praise. Randy has always done that though... he always favors the African American contestants! I miss Simon and Kara.
  • tksmitty

    j lo says its gonna be a race to the finish, but no one knows whose gonna win. At least we know who she wants to win.
  • Carrie underwood

    Carrie underwood with a slit up to her crotch was inappropriate for the show!!
  • A.I Vote~!

    Download A.I. Vote in the Apple app store! I VOTE OVER A HUNDRED TIMES A MINUTE!
  • standing ovation for only one person ?

    why do the judges only give josh a standing ovation and not the others i have notices this for three weeks . are they trying to sway the american people to vote for him .
  • Life Changing Experiences On Your Screen

    It's amazing how many people actually have talent that make it through the competition on this show. I think most of the critiques are fair when it comes to the judges. Americans sure have a love for music, and some people are just blessed with the desire to make something of their talent. I love to see how television can change people's lives... and American Idol definitely walks you through the crazy process of a musical career!
  • TOP 36!?!??

    At least in past seasons American Idol was fairly good about putting good singers through to the finals. This season is SO blatantly producer-rigged it' s pathetic. Do they thing they're fooling us?? I was shocked that they put that Nick/Norman freak-show through over ANY of they other 54(or whatever) finalist, especially Jamar! I can't believe that they put someone through that we've never heard SING! I am also convinced that the Tatiana...thing is FAKE. There can't be a person that over the top nutty. I think they told her to act that way to up ratings and as a reward she gets a free spot in the top 36, same with "Norman". American Idol makes me sick. I was never so naive as to think that reality shows are truly reality, but I did think this show was somewhat based on talent. It's NOT anymore! Now they're throwing the fake right in our faces. NEVER watching this show again!!
  • elise testone

    im pissed of at america because i know elise is the real american idol she gives her all in every single performance and she been in the bottom three for like 4 weeks now and it don t make any sense i want america to really start listening to this girl and start voting because this girl is amazing her voice is soo unique and just give me goosebumps in every performance if she leaves any time soon i will stop watching american idol
  • you are missing the boat

    I am so thoroughly disgusted with this season!! This is why j-lo is a fat cow and randy is a wanna-be jackson!! Why would they let a wanna-be cow and a never was jackson select the talent of the future???? So long, turn the channel to something actual interesting. I give up on you, track that on neilson!!
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