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  • Down the tubes

    So i been watching American Idol sense season 1 and every season so far was awesome. I have been watching this season to sense the first episode and have to say by watching it on maybe it i different from what the judges are hearing to what I am hearing on but so far have to say the judges made many mistakes. during the show where they pick the top 30 half of those people who made the top 30 should not have been there and people who got cut should have made it. After seeing who the judges picked for the top 13 was crazy because out of the 13 they got many picks right but seeing it on tv and hearing what the contestants sound like and there song choices at least 5 out of the 13 should not be there. There are a at least 4 women that made the top 13 who it sounds like all they do is scream when they sing and its not even singing. I am not trying to be mean but hearing it on Tv 4 of the women who are on there are absolutely terrible . Going by there performances Majesty, Malaya,Mk, Alex and Sam should not be in there. There were Many way better people then them. I cant believe America let Kristen go. She has an amazing voice compared to other contestants. Com on America. The judges made there choices even know many of them were bad but now it is up to America. Lets get this right and not screw up. Really listen to there voices and realize who is good and who could perform. Com on America
  • The last nail in the coffin...

    ok so I been watching idol from season 1 episode 1. The only time I stopped watching was mid way thru season 9 - when the combo of Kara and Ellen was just too painful to listen to and watch and to add to that mess was the fact that the talent was slim... I never felt Kara added anything substantial and altho I like Ellen adding her to the mix as a fourth judge was just not a good move. I did tune back in for the last two weeks because Bowersox was always a favorite. But this year I have to say its unbearable... between the judges who all are sooo nice... even tho harry seems to speak the truth a bit more often, no one really tells it like it is ( where's simon). The other thing that is bothersome is that the contestants seem to have talent but it has disappeared - its just too hard to watch. In addition the new format narrowing it down to 30 and then having only 20 perform, then teasing another 5 and 5 didn't even get to sing - what's the point. Pick 25 from the start - have them all sing. The other thing is that the judges are making these decisions off of performances that the public doesn't see so there is no way for us to understand. Eliminating people because of a rehearsal - just doesn't make sense. How can we invest in a singer if we don't see the performances judges are judging from? Its the same with how they condense Hollywood week. All of a sudden someone they been doing human life story footage on is walking out the door and you never saw the bad performance. The real nail in the coffin was the fact that you can now vote 50 times for each artist even before the singing starts.. WTF? is this a singing competition. I cant imagine giving someone 50 votes and then 40 minutes later they forget the lyrics and sing the entire song off key. I mean does anyone remember Sanjaya and Lazaro. This new voting strategy has proven that the creators of Idol only care about social media and popularity. Talent is at the bottom of the list - probably why ratings are tanking - they lost their core objective - talent.. Farewell American Idol, such a shame you used to be a singing competition. Guess we'll leave that to "the voice".
  • Worst EVER!!!!

    This is the worst American Idol Top 13 EVER!!!! It's been driven by Harry Connick Jr. He hates anyone who has a powerful clean toned voice. Always mentions they are belting. AHHH NOOOO!!! Yes, some did but they let go sooooo many great talented people. I was floored but saw a pattern. I like Harry but definitely not as a judge. Keith and J. Lo just followed. I couldn't believe it. At least tonight they stood up and disagreed with Harry for once. Last week a power house singer (sorry cannot remember her name) sang and Harry said it was a bad performance and that yes the audience was going to clap when she went for the high note and belted. They always do he says. Well, she deserved the crowd excitement. It was great. So when Harry reviewed he got booed and well he should've. Audiences are smart and have great ears now and he was wrong. I knew then she would not make the top 13. I could go on about a lot but I won't. I will say though that they should've kept all the top 10 guys and sent all the girls home. None are good some are passable.

    As for Randy Jackson mentoring, well bring back Jimmy. I really don't think and never did think Randy would do a good job.

    IDOL IS GOING DOWN. It started out looking good and I liked the new feel and easy going style of the panel. It was great, but let me tell you, one judge had WAY WAY too much influence and screwed it up.

    I WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE WATCHING!! too bad enjoy these shows.
  • very bad american idol

    There is no wow in American idol this time I am turning it off judges are puppets.
  • Harry is not relevant

    I cannot stand how awful the producers are for American idol. From the choice of horrible Harry to create unnecessary and time wasting drama to the ridiculous audience noise this season - so very similar to the worst part of xfactor (and the reason I had to stop watching). Completely annoying. Shut up audience. I did not tune in to listen to non stop shrill screaming. Harry connick was the WORST mentor last season. Completely out of touch with today's music. Seriously what has he done lately? I have actually paid to see him in concert at wolf trap. Nobody wants to hear any of his songs newer than what he did for the Harry met Sally soundtrack - because everything since has been forgettable. Come on idol - that was 30 years ago!!!!
  • Judges scared to judge, 2014 singers barely good for karaoke

    The judges try to stay on the live audiences's cheers, thus they are mostly not judging and not being critical. Not one judge called a performance bad all night (probably discouraged by the producers), but there were MANY BAD performances. The winnowing down to this final group I largely missed, but the final 12 or 13 would not have even been close to making the show in years past. Seems like Idol is no longer screening for singers but instead looking for children that middle America will support per what they want America to look like or be?? - BUT THIS IS ABOUT FINDING GREAT SINGERS! They should go to professional judges (Gamble & Huff, Clive Davis, Burt Bacharach, Stevie Wonder) people who have a proven track record for finding exceptionally talented singers, and the pro judges should be weighted over the public in voting (judges votes = 3/4 of total, public = 1/4) - so that all of the 'political correctness' and 'kind of person' bias can be minimized in picking winners and who moves on. Amazingly in 2013 Idol ended up with a deserving winner who can really sing ... but it seems very doubtful 2014 will end that way. Also, judges need to judge for real (Simon had it right back then, not so on X-Factor) poor performances and contestants who are obviously not ready need to be told the harsh truth and eliminated. Idol (and The Voice too) should raise the minimum age to 19 ... saving the too young teens from the harsh & proper judging. None of this will probably happen, but all of it should. No one in the final 12 of 2014 really should be a winner of this competition. Peace!

    - . J-Lo never could sing (she can hold a note but that's it) and should have never been a judge. Keith has moments but generally is way too nice to be critical. Harry as a guest last year had good input , but now he is trying to be nice and 'liked' and his judgement has gone out the window. Get some pro music producers to judge like Valerie Simpson, Rachelle Ferrell, Quincy Jones, Wynton Marsalis, etc. And no judge including celebrities is worth over a million ot two to do the judging. J-Lo gets $17 million?? No wonder the judging and show are going to pot ...
  • Cheap antics that are intentionally hurtful

    Why is American Idol just being mean this year? And the folks in the final group are just not very good. I'm not going to watch this season. It's so, well, bad!
  • No longer a fan - I tried

    I watched Idol with a open mind. But I will no longer watch it again. The Thursday cut process was ridiculous. Spencer and the Bria should have made the wild card. The new process of out they do it is ridiculous.

    JLo is great

    Keith is Awesome

    Harry is good buy to critical. He's not you shouldn't give harsh feedback without a good explanation. Some of the words and comments he does use. even America doesn't understand the heck what he's talking about.

    Anyway I was so upset that with Thursday. That I'm no longer watching Idol. I Was So Excited When It Came on...

    Really excited about the chemistry of the judges. But the new process sucked the life right out of everything.

    So I'm no longer watching Idol!!

  • televisionilove

    I am so mad at American Idol right now. They sent home a lot of great talent. I have decided to not watch this season. Harry does not know what he is talking about. Please replace him next year.
  • DISGUSTING AGENDA now for sure!

    American Idol is disgusting. The "ladies" are loose; the obsessive marketing techniques imply that we Americans are nothing more than mindless little creatures who can be persuaded according to how well something is promoted; and the horrible SHOVE of total transgender/gay wickedness is just too much!!! Dx

    It's supposed to be a small-town talent's road to success in a cute little musical show, not another view into the heart-wrenching lost debauchery of Hollywood!!! Ugh!
  • Judges

    Jennifer Lopez is the most bias judge; she ensured not one of the of super country singing bees made the show. All she said was great baby, you sound so good, your two judges said that was bad she would be the one to go I love your voice and it was awful. What a wasted judge slot. I will not watch it anymore this season. A lot of great artist did not even make the top 30 or sing for the top 30, they were not even picked to sing; just a certain group were selected and they resemble Jennifer a lot, or her taste in men or women. So sad. American Idol has gone down hill with the likes of Jennifer Lopez.
  • open your ears and eyes

    i haven't watched idol for the past lets say 4 seasons and this is my first season back and i love it.

    The range of talent , America is going to have a tough time falling in love with only one voice. I am reading reviews and yes everyone has their right to an opinion but it hurts that people cant just let talent be talent , they always have to point a finger its like "oh hes green so i that why hes on the show" i am like really , people they talent Americans have made it, be happy for them if it was you you would want the same respect for something you have dreamed and wanted all your life , so people not watching the show because of a judgment call of morals , look at your self first be like would i want to be judged for me being me or for my talent just make me sad to read this

    There clearly is a gay agenda. the judges sent home some very good singers and put in some gays one of which had a horrible stage presence. kieth is going to alienate his fans saying things like yes the world is changing, as if the gay movement is a good thing. I'm about to stop watching also! tired of this you can't even watch a singing tv show without gay agenda!!!!!
  • What is America coming to?

    I have watched this show since it started but after the last 2 shows, and the way society and the judges are headed I am done... What is wrong with the morals in this country? We love ***s? I don't know what the obsession is but it's not natural and I don't want it on tv for my child to anybody else's children.. This country need to wake up and see that this is wrong ( as well as the selected judges) and not to promote it to young people... In that since I will not watch or endorse this program any longer!! I'm sad that this program has given into society's wishes and desires for tv.

    Thanks for all the good years idol but I can't do it any more..
  • Johnny Newcomb Eliminated?

    Johnny Newcomb was easily the top 3 contestants on the show. I will never watch American Idol again. The judges are literally garbage. Never will I waste my time on this show again.
  • Idol!

    I don't know what everyone is talking about. I think this is the best season of Idol yet. The judges are great. The talent is outstanding. They don't need to show the bad people and I am glad they don't. No other top rated singing competition show does. I am so excited to watch the rest of this season
  • Soooooo Boring. . .

    All the girls sound the exact same. Everyone seems to be put through whether they can sing or not. . . Bring Back SIMON and RANDY so they can regulate this mess of a show!! Oh yeah, guitars?? Really!!! This season is a Joke!!
  • boring

    I miss the old American idol that showed the bad singers and I would laugh and laugh and feel better about my horrible singing voice, now it's all decent or better singers, most blonde, and can they ban the guitar?? This show has gotten BORING!!!!!

  • So laaaaaame

    I love American idol, but I especially love all the bad singers they show. Considering they show about 3 bad singers per show, I don't plan on watching anymore of this season. Every good singer sounds the same and apparently everyone plays the guitar too. Extremely disappointed this year.
  • Boring

    OMG! Would American Idol please bring back the old format where they show the good singers, then some bad ones. It is great to see how they choose the good singers, but without showing the bad ones as contrast, there's nothing to compare to, and it just seems like the same thing over and over. I am 40 minutes into the 2014 show right now and already feel like changing the channel.
  • No accompanying instruments

    Contestants should not be allowed to use accompanying instruments of any kinds. This put those who play instruments at a distinct advantage over those who do not or cannot play musical instruments...
  • This Show Got old a long time ago...

    Seriously, what is new about this show every season? Every season is the same! It gets narrowed down to a handful of somewhat good looking, charming, young, lovable contestants, until one of them wins and we're all so happy for them. And adding Nicki Minaj (who has absolutely no vocal talent, and is a slutty bad attitude rapper) to the judging panel? REALLY? Seriously, kids watch this show. What a childish and stupid decision producers. Let's face it, the only reason it's still on the air is because it is somehow still one of the most watched television programs on TV.
  • It's better than what I thought it was

    i hated AL in the begining but i loved it at the end because it had Angie! When Angie left, i didn't care for it
  • A Singing show ... Yay!

    I've never been a fan of this genre of talent shows, but American Idol has been promoted to death for years so it's time I jump into the fray. Can't review the show with talking about the cast so : Ryan Seacrest = Annoying, done. Randy Jackson = A little pitchy dawg. Simon Cowell = Was the highlight of the show, so lets get rid of him. Kara DioGuardi = still don't know who this is, but probably the most cocky / bitchy judges to ever grace the set. Nicki Manaj = 2x more annoying than seacrest, 2x as cocky as DioGuardi, talent-less, oh and can't sing, so why is she judging singers? As for the singers, meh ... Ratings keep going down, so hopefully this trendy cash cow is almost ready for pasture ...

    PS - I still give it a 2 because at least it was the first of it's kind
  • AI sucks!

    I loved this show but this season sucked! I hated the panel, no chemistry at all. So dull. Mariah always trying to find the words as if it's so hard. Randy repeating the old crap, Nicki... I hate her but i cought myself listening to her more than everyone else and can't even find a single reason for him to be on this panel. I would replace them without thinking twice. And the contestants, and the song . Ballades, Ballades and Ballades so tired of ballades. I cared about Angie in the begining but in the end I didn't even care who would win. I hope next year AI's old glory will return but I doubt it.
  • Judges

    Hope like hell they drop Nicki Manaj from the group. She has a bad attitude and is not a team player. She sucks.
  • American Idol is FIXED !!!!!

    I had lost any respect for the show earlier in the season this year, but I was trying to hang in there until the they voted the real last american talent off, which was multi talented Angie. This confirmed the show is definitely fixed, regardless of the race issues going on as well, look who the judges saved, proves that issue as well !! I had money on that move and won easy... I mean Angie could do it all, and easily blew Kree and Candice off the stage with her talent, can Kree or Candice play any musical instruments ? Angie's' hard study/practice working talent enabled her to easily slay the piano while performing her songs. I'll never watch this show to hear most all the judges are being sacked (resigned is a nice way of saying it) The show needs to go out the door with dancing with the stars.
  • Change the power of votes to give judges more influence

    Sheldon, do you really think we need to give the judges more power to keep or eliminate contestants? Remember Zoanette? The judges have decided at the beginning who they want to win and then they cram it down our throats. Janelle was so good and had a great stage presence. But the judges did not want her so they started telling her she was a little off. They did not do this before, when there were men still in the running. The judges started this when only females were left. Now, they get rid of Janelle and think okay now we need to get another white person off because they are worried about a law suit claiming they don't like blacks--even though 75% of judges are black. So they suddenly start telling Kree that there is something off with her. She is doing great as always but they say this anyway so they can sway voters. It does not work and Amber goes home. Now they are worried. They started bragging on Candice as if she is the best they have ever seen on Idol. They decide that they are going to have to start on Angie too because they can not let anyone but Candice win. The judges need to just coach instead of saying things like "that was just awful" or "dude, not your best" or "poor song choice" like they do on The Voice. Trying to cram Amber down our throat was bad but Zoenette, ridiculous. More power to the judges? If anything they need to stay out of it more.
  • American Idol 2013 critic

    This season is the worst finale should have made it in the 2's winner is Angie but because of Kree's homecoming video it made an influence not to just the judges and jimmy, but also to the has a great what's wrong in being happy that's the reason I have a crush on of the judges that I really dislike is Mariah, she's very bias and always praising other judges is OK to me even Niki ... Niki is harsh but tells the truth and Keith is a great has been bias and is always dressing inappropriately more than mean this is a family not going to watch the finale because it's just pathetic no will Ok if Candice wins in the finale with Angie as the finalist becasue it would be an awesome finale and Angie's a great song writer and a great vocalist and I don't know why they say she is lacking shows a lot of emotion when she sings not looking at the camera sings with her heart and this finale is going to think Angie just miss the opportunity of her singing with her idol,Jessie w ould have been awesome...
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