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  • Fire the judges!

    I hate the show now! The judges are doing a horrible job. Keith Urban is the only one who gives a TRUE PROFESSIONAL opinion of the contestant's singing ability. Randy Jackson has lost his voice and continues to defer to Mariah. Mariah is an idiot and never really says anything of value, except how she loves their "spirit" (hello this is a singing competition) and Nikki can't stop primping long enough to actually care about the show she is supposedly judging. Fire all Nikki, Mariah and Randy and bring back Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and keep Keith Urban! Otherwise, the show will NOT recover!!!!!
  • They just elimated one of the most talented -- 15 year old who played guitar

    I think they eliminated one of the best talents of the show. The 15 year old who played guitar. Nicki herself said she had "found her voice". She was original! She moved me emotionally more than any other on the show. No she didn't do vocal aerobics and blast it out like all of the others but it was beautiful coming from her heart and soul. Who was the winner last year? someone with an average voice who played guitar. I think the judges made a big mistake by not letting this orginal artist have her shot with the american audience.
  • Get Rid of Nikki

    Mariah has compassion when critiquing the contestants and always gives them something positive to take away. Nikki, on the other hand, is a stone idiot. She only cares about herself. Please do not invite her back next year. You need someone like Steven Tyler, who is knowledgeable, funny, compassionate, and knows what life is about.
  • African American Idol?

    Is it me or should the 2013 season of American Idol be called "African American Idol" ?? I'm not racist by no means, in fact, I'm native American and my husband is African American, but that doesn't mean we hear differently than any one else and the 2013 season is off to a horrible start! It's ridiculous that things such as a lawsuit can force them in the completely opposite direction and cut really talented singers just because they are trying to prove a point!
  • nickie manaj

    Please don't be in the show next year.. you are one of the reasons that the show sucks this year.

    All night long is playing with her hair.. and every time Maraiah start talking, nickie's eyes start rolling. so rude!!!

    Did you see when she asked one of the contestant if he is married? when he said yes she kicked him out? Lol She is a joke.

    I miss Jennifer Lopez
  • Judges are not the same

    Nicki is a joke. She judges people on their identity but she wears a different wig every night, talks out her nose, but judges other people on their identity. You have the legend Jackson, you have the country singer of the year Keith Urban, you have the one and only Mariah Carey and then you have the clown Nicki. What has happened to American Idol? It has gone nothing but downhill. You need to reconsider Nicki. Let's get back to American Idol and not have clowns like Nicki. If she would stop looking at the monitor and playing with her wig when she looks like a clown anyway, maybe she could pay more attention to the contestants. I pray that American Idol sees these comments from all of us. I counted that she fixed her wig six times in 3 seconds of her being on tv. Why does she have to talk out of her nose? I wonder what would happen if she stopped waiting for Keith Urban to make his comments and staring at him with a duh look, what would she say?
  • Zonette!!!

    I cannot believe that one of the 5 girls who went home last night are not still there because they kept Zonette. Did you notice that even the judges never commented on her singing, at all, only "her spirit". Is this a spirit contest? She can't sing and someone lost a valuable opportunity. I guess it really is just "let the show go on". They needed to keep her for sheer entertainment as in "OMG, can you believe she just did that?" rather than "what an awesome singer/performer!" so sad

    I have even been kicked of "American Idol Facebook". I posted one comment about my husband and I deleting the recording because they kept Zonette over talented singers and continued to read posts.

    when I tried to post on another post, an error message came up stating they could not post my request at this time, so I moved down and attempted to post again, same thing, and my original post is gone.
  • This is just wrong

    PLEASE get rid of Niki. She is ruining this show! This is first time since American Idol is on that I don't want to watch it because of her lack of professionalism. What a shame!
  • It hurts to watch

    Niki makes this show a joke! We have looked forward to watching it every year. Not this year. Niki has ruined it. We mute the TV when she starts to talk. I go wash dishes or something so I don't have to look at her. She has to go! Pay her off and let us enjoy the remainder of the season.
  • Still out

    First the positive: surprise, I loved Mariah as a judge, she kind of reminded me of how a Pattie LaBelle would critique. I didn't think I would enjoy her, but I did. Unfortunately the show is ruined by Nicki Minaj. She's polarizing and she never shuts up. Did the producer suddenly give her the reigns as the lead judge, if so they need to take them back because she's going to ruin the show for everyone. First of all, it's disrespectful of veteran talent to be sidelined by an artist who's music I don't even admire or like. Randy has been a part of the show from the beginning and I expected he would take a leadership role, I still expect that. Plus, Nicki continually has to have the spotlight and she does this from the contestants. American Idol is about the contestant's not the judges and Ms. Minja needs to realize that and let the contestants have the spotlight. This season is going to be a rough ride for American Idol. They may not survive it which would be their own fault for hiring Nicki.
  • Nicki

    Nicki has got to go now, what are the producers thinking. We were fans of the show however this year with Nicki on the show it's unbearable to watch, what is wrong with her, she is very dis-respectful, she makes faces ande rolls her eyes when the other judges critique the contestants. Please, please give her the money and let her go, the show can go on with three judges. I just don't know why she was ever chosen to be on the show, she is a NOBODY, I guess the producers do not care about the raitings.

  • Judging

    This is the worst judging I have ever seen. Niki needs to "GO GO GO! She is ruining the show and they all are letting good talent go to keep that awful flair haired red head who is more than awful.
  • NIKi sad sad sad....

    It is really a shame that such a light weight and shallow judge as NIKI is on the show. I have followed American IDOL for years and her nasal whine and nonsense.. drives me nuts.... please examine your ratings.. having this dim bulb on the show..
  • Get rid of NIKI

    Many, many people all can not stand Niki. Young and Old! She is ruining your show. The people I know who have always watched the show are saying they are not wanting to watch it anymore. She is just to ghetto. The show would do better with Judges. Check your ratings since she has been on. Keith and Mariah are great. Jackson was great, but he is changing just by sitting next to her. I can't stand the show now. Changing the channel.
  • what is wrong with the female judges?

    The women keep talking about the guys look and sex appeal!!!! REALLY!!!!! This show is a singing competition not a dating game. Nicki went as far as to tell the one guy she wanted to have his baby. Why do you need two horney women as judges. They need to get back to what this show is all about - singing talent. I'm going to stop watching this joke.
  • Missing the men

    I have been a loyal fan since season 1 but the decision this year to make this an alll female competition is a deal killer for me. I can accept that you are focused more on political correction in terms of mixing African Americans, Latinos, Asians etc and even intermixing all of the above. I am sure that appeals to the majority of the newly blended - legal or illegal (excuse me - undocumented US occupants )and it is ok with me. What I do miss is singing talent and the men's competition. This girl vs men trying to be girls competition is monotonous and uninteresting. Bring the men back and return the focus to singing ability and I may tune back in.

  • A British perspective!

    I've been a long term AI fan, having watched it from the beginning with my kids. Never been a Nicki Minaj fan but have to admit i've quite enjoyed watching her-although i haven't agreed with her much. Have also found her much less irritating than Mariah, with her 'ever so humble' self-depreciating manner. love Keith, he's awesome and Randy seems to have lost his voice a bit, deferring to Mariah a lot. Anyway, my least favourite season but i'll see it out anyway.
  • American Idol #1 Seriously?

    I think that is because those of us who have been loyal from the start only keep watching; hoping it will get better. It is absolutely horrible and every week it gets worse! Keeping people who should have been sent home. And sending home true talent because Minaj doesn't like something about them. I really thought Mariah would make an awesome judge, but she keeps letting Minaj get the better of her. Leaving out the contestants. This is no longer American Idol, it's the Nicki and Mariah show. Had American Idol started with these judges in the first season, I would have stopped watching after the 1st episode!!! Can't wait till X Factor begins!
  • Nicki Minaj is a *downer* for American Idol!!!

    Nicki Minaj is a downer for this year's American Idol. I am a faithful patron of American Idol, since the insertion of this show. It is difficult to enjoy the show - listening and watching to Nicki as a judge, for such wonderful talent is frustrating! Last night topped it all off! She needs to listen and look at her own self.... Telling that young beautiful contestant that "the hair needed to go!" I've never understood how the judges feel it is their place to tell a contestant how they should dress! Is this a beauty pageant or a talent show? Nicki needs to remove herself! She is ruining the shows enjoyment. And, I wouldn't be surprised if the ratings have dropped because of her!
  • Nothing Wrong With Nicki your just old ........ :)

    I am sorry but I really like Nicki shes fun and brings life to a dieing show I use to watch Idol but then got bored. when I found out someone cool, young and very different was on I wanted to see what else has change. I think that someone like Nicki is bring a younger crowed of people into watching this show.

    also I love Keith Urban !!
  • so when is this show getting cancelled

    Its pretty much dead
  • Please remove Nikki Minaj

    I have been watching American Idol since season one. I have attended many of the tours and consider myself a true fan. I cannot for the life of me figure out why they would have someone like Nikki Minaj as a judge. She is awful and I am embarrassed for the show's name. Please, if you are reading this and you are a producer, please, please please remove her. I can not watch another show with her on it. Her comments are inappropriate and her judge of talent is ridiculous. I am not sure what kind of Idol will come out of this. Love the rest of the gang but I cannot take another show with her.
  • Recuring Theme

    After reading hundreds of reviews I see the same recuring them.

    Mija SINKS!! as a idol Judge, and American Idol Session 12 Sinks!!

    The producers should read all the reviews here and get there act together reel quik

    to save the show!
  • Saved by the Country Singer

    I have to say this for me is the worst season of American Idol. I knew I wouldn't like Minaj but I had no idea how absolutely annoying and frustrating I would find her. She drives me insane and I cannot for the life of me figure out what they thought she would bring to the show. I've never been a Keith Urban fan for various reasons, so it is extremely ironic that he is really the only reason I'm still watching the show. He is funny, compassionate, down to earth, so not full of himself and basically just 'real'. Thank you Keith for saving the show for me!!! It's still the worst season for me, but you make it worth watching! Thank you!!!
  • Minaj must go

    Minaj sounds like the female Dylan. Talks thru her nose,,,,Can;t understand half of what she says. I'm thru with AI for this year, Very disappointing
  • Worse American Idol EVER !!

    I won't watch this show anymore. I think the judges have their hearing-aid turned off. They keep the worse singers and let the really good ones go. There are some on there that shouldn't even tried out for AMERICAN idol. Judges don't need to laugh at everyone either. They seem to forget when they sang their first song and all of us had to listen to them. I turn the radio off now when Nicki sings. One less fan grl!
  • Nikki hideous inside and out

    I have not been watching idol this year as I really did not enjoy the first few shows. But I saw tonight's idol and was sickened. I really don't think I can watch it again. That hideous thing, NIkki, who I had never heard of until now, was pure evil. I felt so awful for the guy who nervously made a joke about his height. I can actually imagine the inane kind of thought process behind putting her on the show. I can just hear some producer saying, yah, I KNOW she's obnoxious, uncouth, ignorant, cruel and hideous to think of the ratings. So I think it has become the Nikki show, but they don't even have freak shows at the circus any more. Please take her off, it is too awful to watch again.
  • nicki minaj

    Nicki Minaj is a disrespectful B***!!!!! such bad criticism by her. Idol is horrible. Get her off. Grab her wig and throw that S*** out the back door and make her get out. I bet the ratings dropped to because of her. She is a skank lil Wayne chicken head!!!! She is a NO Talent fake ugly bitch.
  • Shame Shame Niki Minaj

    I think I have had it with Idol!!! How dare that disrespectful Nicki Minaj tell the little fellow about a pitty party. If she did not like his singing ..... Just Vote NO!!! For him to ever make it to that stage he has overcome more than I could ever amagine. She needs to be slapped ... Like a bad child calling someone a bad name.......... Shame Shame Niki Minaj................
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