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American Idol

Wednesday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Jun 11, 2002 In Season



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  • very good show can be to insulting sometimes but really good overall

    i loved how they made it a top 13 because they did deserve it but they did not do so well in the top thirteen singing Michael Jackson i also like Danny Scott and Lil. Lil did really good with be without you and i think she has a good chance to win Scott is so good and i think its amazing that he plays the piano his best performance was home. Danny is so talented and i feel so bad for him. the worst out of the thirteen is probably Jorge i cant understand what he is saying .
  • Idol is not what you think...

    I watched the last episode for the next 3 contestants before wild card and i like previous years have picked all contestants. This is a producers choice not a people choice. My beef is why do they deliberately eliminate the African American Males when all the ones i have seen have talent and can blow you away. It seem every since Ruben won..the goal was not to let this happen again. I know there are times..that it is just not possible to satisfy the different taste of people but give me a break, you know the brother tonight is a much better singer than a Tatana. Give me a break..
  • Standing up for all of us

    Okay so I used to diss this show but I really think it gives something. There are so many amazing people in this world. Like mostly ALL of us. And this shows shows that. When people get up and show what they got, we can all get behind that. It's not like one person lording down over the world saying bow down to me. It's about celebrating and showin some love for what we have happening.

    So on American Idol it's like when someone gets up there they are standing up for me for everyone who every wanted to sing or dance and who does. That's the best.
  • I admit, this show isn't as good as it was, but some of the changes they made are for the better. This show is very underrated. Give it a chance!

    American Idol is a reality tv show singing contest that airs on FOX. This show features 3, now 4, judges (Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Kara DiGuardio) and 36 contestants who are currently trying to make it in to the top 12 for season 8. This show's loaded with drama to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. I'm constantly hearing people complain that Jamar should have made it through the top 12. Guys, if you really wanted him to go through, you should have VOTED FOR HIM. It's not their fault Jamar didn't make it through. Sure, it's hard to see people go, but there are plenty of other great singers on the show. It's not like Jamar's a god. Anyway, this show is still good. I'm surprised a lot of people hate it. Disagree with me if you want, but this is my opinion.
  • Why?

    This is just a goddawful show.
    Quite honestly in many cases I have seen better talent @ my local cafe during open mic night.
    There have been a few decent artists to come from this show, which is why I will not give it a 1.
    However with the talent pool they have available to them, a few diamonds in the rough are bound to appear.
    The formula has played itself out, & I despise the fact that the networks just love to force feed some of these hacks at every turn.
    News telecasts, ballgames, talk-shows etc.
    They're gonna get every last every penny out of their minimal investment, & my ears are on fire.

    It is the age of the disposable artist, so I see whay the show is successful.
    Irecommend heading to Myspace though if you're really looking for some hard-working & talented new artists who may sadly never see the spotlight.
  • what did they do to AI????

    American Idol used to be really good, i liked it until season 8. I don't understand why they needed to add an extra judge... She doesn't even make a great contribution... but still, what i hate hate HATE about this season is that it's more about the drama than the singing, I know that the producers think that drama is better to boost the show's ratings, but seriously? there's such a thing as too much drama, such as Tatiana or that guy who always cries. from the top 36 they automatically went to the to 12 with only 3 episodes of real singing. Many of my favorite singers were cut out because instead of 2 people leaving per episode, 3 people made it to the final 12 which really is aggravating.
  • a good show with ups and downs

    I have started with giving it as Needs fine tuning .... and to much extent i believe that . It would be good to mention here that I am not American ... and hence a review of American Idol might be different than what an American would say . I am an Indian and we have a show called Indian Idol and it is based on this very show .. and it is not much different from this. The show has its its up and down moments as I have mentioned already . What i like about the show is it showcases good drama as it is supposed to , it also displays good talent , but mostly in that order . Drama is given more coverage than talent and sometimes the judges become too overbearing when they should not and sometimes they relive themselves when they should be forthcoming . I have watched almost 3 seasons by now and every season becomes more glamorous ... in a nutshell if i have to say , i would say i like the show but i can not put it much higher up in the rankings ever ... it is just OK .
  • It's Fun to watch....

    This is American Idol - the hit FOX musical reality series following three judges, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson (II), Paula Abdul,and as of season 8,Kara DioGuardi, along with host Ryan Seacrest around the United States in search of the next American Idol, a pop star that truly shines above all the rest. With help from the viewers, they will decide from thousands of participants who will walk away with a record deal and the fame and fortune that is sure to come along with it.

    American Idol was started as a spinoff of Pop Idol, a U.K. series with the same general format and also featuring Simon Cowell as a judge. It has since emerged as hit series in its own right, propelling FOX to the top of television rankings, inspiring various merchandise, and launching the careers of many hit-stars. This show also lead to a short-lived spinoff with younger singers called American Juniors.

    The series is currently in its eighth season, featuring what the judges are describing as the best crop of new talent yet. Changes have been made to the season, with contestants allowed to play instruments during the program's famous "Hollywood Week" and a renewed focus on talent, rather than guest celebrities.

    American Idol can generally be caught Tuesday and Wednesday nights on FOX. However, watch listings, as airings are often extended from their original broadcast times, to as much as two hours in length. You can also catch American Idol: Rewind in syndication, a program narrated by Clay Aiken, featuring the best of past seasons. American Idol is also available on DVD, and specials about the program are often seen on both TV Guide Channel and FOX Reality.
  • Are Randy,Simon,Paula and Kara insane?!Were they not impressed with Jamar Rogers throughout Hollywood week, only to send him home over all of the other DORKS that were chosen for the this next season.I am sick,I don't even know how I feel anymore.

    After the poor judgement shown during this last episode i don't know how I feel about Amercan Idol anymore. Is this only a show for middle-class caucasians with teenage daughters? Because the cast they chose only seems to represent them, except for the three Blacks (3 out of 36)?
    I am so mad about the decsion to send Jamar Rogers home, and to keep so many of those dorky white boys, what were they thingking?
    I wonder if Jamar Roger posed to great of a threat to his best friend whose story line will probably make for good TV and a lot of sympathy votes. Could the Judges not handle them
  • this is unreal

    I am in shock. Jamar Rogers going home. We must have not seen something the judges did see. That hollering girl is nerve racking. You got a man with to personalities. You got a homosexual that is a drama queen. Then you got one that makes weird faces when singing. This is going to be a very exciting show. I wouldn't miss this for nothing in the world. Figure of speech of course. Only thing missing is the bikini girl. That was a joke of course. I am disappointed in not seeing why the Osmond boy did not make it or Castro's brother.
  • Is this a joke? Did they really send Jamar home and keep that Tatiana thing?

    I am not shocked at all. This show has turned into a huge joke and I have been a fan since the beginning. People come here with dreams and talent, but they are getting sent home while the jokes are going forward. I can't believe Jamar was sent home and that annoying Tatiana was put through. I am done as are a lot of my military wife friends. If I knew dressing slutty and acting a fool would get you a free trip to Hollywood, I would have done that myself. Sad thing is that I want to see people with talent. what is even sadder is that my favorite is Danny Gokey and they may have let him stay because of his loss...gotta have those ratings.
  • So it's Feb. 11 and I just got up from watching American Idol. I am completely shocked and super upset that Jamar Rogers didn't make it. Looking at some who did make it, things aren't making much sense.

    So after watching this last episode of American Idol I am completely shocked. As I stated before I cannot believe some of the idiots that made it through, yet the people with talent that got sent home. The show is starting to become more and more fake to me. I feel as though they are using people to get ratings, which is not fair. Jamar Rogers was so talented and he didn't make it. Jessi, Tatiana, and whatever that guy calls himself, Norm the wacko weirdo one!! They made it. They are part of the final crew!! I am beginning to wonder if they are even looking at talent. As Simon says pick the attractive one, how fair is that. I can definately say I am almost through watching the show. I am in total shock and honestly pretty upset that Jamar got sent home. Yes there were otheres on the show with talent, but he, he stood out in more than one way. He had his own style, his own voice, and he was a very good person. American Idol needs to invest in new judges who are looking for talent and not a pretty face!
  • American Idol are a racist bunch including Randy against black singers.

    American Idol are a racist bunch including Randy against black singers. They sent the best male vocalist home tonight which happened to be black on this date 2/11 and kept the less impressive white males which were all white. I could not believe what I saw tonight. There is no other words to explain sending this idol home. I will not waste time watching this crapped in the future.

    Can someone tell me why you can't submit a review unless it's 100 words long. I don't need a hundred words to state how I feel about the crap that's on television now but if you want a waste of words then here they are.
  • It's getting old.

    It's just getting old. It's not as interesting as it was in the beginning. I'm sick of Ryan Seacrest's "After the break!" and Simon's horrible taste in music and Paula's Paulaness. And really, who cares about Randy? And Kara? She's just been added to bring drama to the show. It's just gotten ridiculous. Especially the auditions. I dont even watch the auditions because it seems like a waste of time. We'll have to see how the Hollywood rounds. And then the top 24 or whatever. Then my opinion might change because it's not all about the judges. I really hope they dont bring a season next year.
  • certain people can sing, so freaking what!!!

    Before i go off bashing American Idol i will admit to watching it seldomly during the first few seasons although most of the shows i saw where the tryouts.

    So basically the show is showing people who can or can not sing. My question is why is it so entertaining to watch someone sing? Don't get me wrong, some of these people are very talented but getting 30 million viewers a week and having more voting on the show than in a Presidential Election, its straight up embarrassing. Plus the popularity of the winners fades so fast, was it worth it? NO!!!

  • Good Show

    People come from all over the nation to audition, in the hopes that they will make it as the next American Idol, a multi million dollar contract and the rest of their lives as an unforgettable icon. I must admit that I watch it just to watch people make a fool out of themselves, they think that they can actually sing! Now granted some actually can, but whoa! Some...should have just stayed at home! Every season I tune in to hear what Simon is going to say, and see Paula defend herself! They decided to throw in a third judge this season to spice things up, and all though she brings a little more womens perspective...I think they still need to mix it up to keep it interesting.
  • This show is OK, but it's been on for so long it's getting boring.

    I remember when this show first came out, I missed most of the first season, and I only saw the end. I enjoyed the show. Then after that I watched the rest of the seasons up until now and I have to say it's starting to lose it's charm a bit. The best part of the show for me is definitely the beginning where they have the auditions with the crappy singers; Some of them are so bad it's hilarious. But at other times I actually mute my TV. The judges were OK, I didn't mind them much, but I think Simon is the best one since he's the most honest and straightforward of all of them. But now they had to go and add another judge! I didn't really understand why, but then I found out it was because they were trying to bring up their ratings. I don't really like her that much either. It's like she's there for no reason.

    And I also noticed that most of the winners from the show don't do anything after the show. The only ones that actually went somewhere were Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. All the other ones just basically went back to their normal lives or joined Broadway or whatever. My overall opinion is that this show isn't as good as it used to be and they should rethink some of the things they've done.
  • Hope the show picks up and we can start to see some real talent.

    Very disappointed with last nights show. Way too many commercials, not enough contestants and too much time spent on the judges. Would like to see more performances and less drama. My family likes to watch the show but seriously all we saw last night were commercials. One contestant would perform (or not) and then ten commercials. My daughter has to go to bed for school the next day so I usually tape the last half hour for her to watch later but it wasnt even worth taping. What happen to only sending the ones through to hollywood that were talented?
  • L O L

    When I started watching American Idol, I was abit skeptical. Then when I watched it it was so funny! Youd end up laughing when they get booed I love that. Simon Powell is the sarcastic Judge Hes so harsh I know its bad still hes my fav, this season around paulas taking a better apporach at being a judge. Time for the Cons, I think Ryan Seacrest is a idiot and should be fired hes happy all the time. Another bad thing is that well i cant think of any bad things about this show but one bad thing is that its easliy hyped >:P
  • I really used to like American Idol, however in recent years the show has been starting to feel a little tired. They don't seem to show the best singers, or the worst anymore but rather all the mediocre mid ground singers.

    Although last years season of American Idol was reasonable, the last really good one was season 4. Season five and six were pretty dire. Season seven was average and from what I've seen so far of season eight, the show is rapidly descending into mediocre land. I don't know if it's just me, but this year there seems to be a lot more "personal stories", and a lot less actual auditions, which is a real shame because the audition process and hollywood week were the highlights of the show. Personally I would prefer the format reversed to 12 weeks of auditions and 4 weeks of live shows instead. The show just isn't capturing me this season and seems very, dare I say... bland. The chemistry between the judges just seems to have evaporated away, although I'm not sure if this is because of the addition of the fourth judge or not. A fourth judge added to the UK talent show X-Factor worked very well, so I'm inclined to think not. Perhaps the judges themselves have become bored, or maybe listening to tens of thousands of talentless muppets droning on has finally taken it's toll. Either way the show is seriously lacking something this season, and is being outshone by programs like Americas Got Talent which is usually a good indicator that it's time to call it quits.
  • And now to quote the host of 'Total Drama Island': And the word of the day for THIS show is: Mediocre!!!!

    Yeah! This show! It really used to be good. And that ain't no lie! I used to watch it soon after the first season came out. my family joined in, of course. Later on, during the 2nd or 3rd season, we were able to call in and vote for some of these contestants, who sang their hearts out. I remember...There was one very good contestant that my Mom and I really loved...Constantine Maroulis. We really wanted him to win! And of course, he lost one night. Why!? To this day, I have no Earthy Idea!! Even my high school teacher was upset over it!! After that, I never watched that junk show ever! Never again!!
  • This show is so unoriginal...wannabees wanting to become the next superstar! They shouldv'e ended the show a long time ago, but I have to admit it was good up to season 8

    I admit I used to like this show. I watched from when Kelly Clarkson won to when David Cook won last year. Carrie Underwood is amazing and one of my favorite singers. But now this show seems to be turning for the worse. It's corny and the audtions this year were not good. I only spotted a couple of truly good singers. Randy and Simon are letting any girl through that looks good. That bikini girl is one of the worse singers I've ever heard. She's terrible...I would NEVER watch the show again if she made it to the finals. Also there were some good singers they didn't let through to Hollywood and some not so good singers actually are going to Hollywood. This show's becoming a joke. I think it's time that this show got cancelled...but that'll probably never happen since so many people watch it.
  • not a bad show

    Okay, im not those kinda guilty pleasure people so i feel kinda bad for those people who got some rude sarcasm from Simon and the other judges

    BUT i do love this show because its like a talent search shows where ordinary people can become superstars (even those that didnt get in). and some of the auditions can be pretty funny too. and i have to admit one guilty pleasure i do enjoy it when the contestants fight with Simon and all xD

    And the winners are like usually not the best but ok, never mind, i wont talk

    Ok show. hope it lasts for a long time :)
  • have no idea why this show is so popular but then I don't get reality tv in general. Seriously its dreck like this that is dumbing down the population. I don't care about this show and wish it would die already. Oh and Ryan Seacrest should die too.

    Hmm well I pretty much summed up my feelings in the summary this is serious crap reality shows are a plague that needs to be exterminated. I don't get the appeal with this, Survivor, America's Top Model or any of the other countless reality shows I watch tv to escape reality not be constantly bombarded with it. Whoever thought reality tv was a good idea needs to be tortured severely. I say that all of the reality show creators need to be shipped off to a deserted island and then left there to starve to death maybe if we are lucky they will eat each other.
  • A spectacular show, basically a talent search.

    I love this show. It's cool to see all of the contestants, for better or for worse. I absolutely love the judges. Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and my personal favorite, Simon Cowell. In my opinion, Simon makes this show. American Idol would be nothing without Simon. Many think that Simon is harsh, however if you look at what he says, you realize that what he says is true. Simon's always right. It might be harsh, but it's all true. This show is very popular for a reason. I don't watch shows just to "Follow the crowd" but, this show is amazing.
  • greatest show ever on reality t.v

    i like this show the funniest part of every new season is the beginning when people try to make the cut. i don't way but all the people who sing bad always come to the place and "think" i sing good and when they get insulted by simon that makes it funny but as it goes on it gets interesting. you want to see the winner and me too. so i like those people and probably if they didn't have that part i think most people wouldn't even know that american idol existed. i can't wait until it comes again and i want to see those people that sing bad and than get insulted on LIVE T.V!!!!! that is funny
  • I present to you my opinion of Americon Idol, the show that makes dreams come true!

    I enjoy watching American Idol! When each season begins, my family gathers around the tv every week to see the auditions. We quickly pick our favorites and laugh about the 'funnies'. I can hardly wait to cast a vote! I usually stick with one or two singers and follow them to the end faithfully. I can not get enough of the judges! During the first few seasons, I compared Simon to a shock jock, with his extreme personality and no hold back opinion! Even when I don't agree with him, I respect his decisions. Paula is so awesome! She is definitely the heart of the group. I don't believe a season has past without her connecting with a contestants family and helping those who don't make it to the show feel inspired to continue their dreams! Randy, Randy, Randy. Mr. Jackson has to be the coolest cat (or should I say 'Dawg'?). I find him to be very collected and self assured! He never fails to mention his resume and celebrity connectionsJ
    Over all, my experience with Idol is a positive one. If I could sing, I would definitely give it a shot! It is the show that makes dreams come true!
  • A left handed compliment for an American Phenomenon

    For me, American Idol is best each season at the beginning of it's run. I have to admit, I get my biggest charge out of the contestants that haven't a snowball's chance in hell of making it past the first round. For instance, last season, there was this skinny contestant with wild eyes, no voice worth mentioning and long blond hair that was swaying back and forth like a snake charmer while Simon just sat there with a look of abject horror on his face. I howled with laughter and almost strangled on my popcorn while watching this. While running to the kitchen for a glass of water to clear my throat, I had this mental image of Simon sitting in his judge's seat, running a cleaning patch down the barrel of an enfield rifle and smiling a sappy smile at this particular contestant and preparing to put him out of his misery. I went back into hysterics all over again. Lot's of good tantrums during the first couple of weeks of a new season, always good for a giggle or two.
  • people in a singing contest! yee-haw!

    ive watched this show forever since i was little. ive loved every season and ive watched it. let me comment on the judges. Paula Abdul- mrs. positive. this crazy judge uses her seal clap to make the contestants happy. randy jackson- sup dawg?
    mr. middle here. simon cowell- hideous. mr.negative.

    i usally agree with randy or simon. i predicted carrie underwood would win in the 24 week- she has had the greatest success so far.good for her- watch this family show(not always) on foxnetwork two or three nights a week ! its just so coolio yo! i i i i i like it yo!
  • i am so annoyed

    i just wrote a review that was 110 words long then makes me comp crash and the window closes. so instead im going to write every word spaced out. t h i s - i s - a - f u n n y - s h o w - i n - t h e - a u d i t i o n s - a n d - v e r y - t e n s e - i n - t h e - f i n a l e - t h o s e - a r e t h e - o n l y - p a r t s - i - w a t c h
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