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  • Worst Idol Judge Ever

    Nicky Minaj lacks education, class, professionalism, dignity and integrity... So what is left? Nicky Minaj... This woman is as ignorant and belligerent as they come... She has an extend vocabulary straight from the streets, and that is being polite about it! The contestants work so hard and are dedicated to putting on a good show. The contestants like everyone else have their good and bad days and they do not deserve the harsh, ignorant criticism by the likes of Nicky...

    Randy is Randy, whether you love him or leave him, he is a pleasant character in this show; Keith Urban is very polite, professional, intelligent, and straight on with his criticism or praise; Mariah in my opinion, is respectful of the contestants, she understands how hard they work and their dedication to the show. I find Mariah to be caring and professional when she critiques the contestants and dose so in a polite and dignified manner... I really enjoy all the exceptional talent this year, and judges with the exception of the street hood!
  • How did the judges get to be there? How many beds were left unkempt?

    I have watched off and on since the beginning. Sure, some contestants are like Barney Fife in the choir.

    But, the judges in their careers (especially the older ones), were at the right place at the right time and chose their style of music, thus Aerosmith, (oh my, how many overdubs did they have?) etc. (but yet they judge those that perform music they don't like?). The younger ones have to have pitch correction on every song, and believe it or not, the "casting couch" is alive and well in LA and NYC no matter which gender it takes to make it.
  • So Disappointing!

    I have been a faithful watcher of AI since the beginning. Even thru the many changes in judges over time, I have remained faithful. This year, I can no longer watch. The panel of judges is nothing less than annoying, annoying, annoying. They out due one another in arrogance. I have a feeling that this will do the show in once and for all. Officially off my DVR. Hurry up and get off the air and allow a show with some class to replace it.
  • Disappointed - Nikki has to GO!

    I have watched AI from the first season and this by far is the worst season ever. I knew when the show announced Nikki as a judge it would be bad news but I really did not expect it to be this BAD!! I have to force myself to watch every week..... fast forwarding thru most of Nikki's comments. This week when she told the boys to get off the stage I thought I was going to loose it! AI producers that is not acceptable judge behavior! always voted and can honestly say I have not voted once this season.

  • Go Back

    I watched American Idol for years. I quit watching midshow last year. Tried it again this year. Was so disappointed. What in the world has happened? The female judges are not doing justice for the contestants. It seems that you have decided to go for craziness and for justice. Some of the judges have no idea what music is, only Randy seems to. He has been trained. What is more, one or two of the judges are crazy acting and attention getters. As for justice, it seems that you have simply brought forth people whom you believe we should vote because they have been ignored in the social world. The "Voice" has beaten you hands down. The show should have a contestant who is well rounded, has talent, has a unique voice, and is appealing to most of the population, both in talent and type of music.
  • American Idol GET RID OF NIKKI !

    Producers of American Idol what the hell were you drinking and smoking when you brought on Nikki?! She has not idea what she's talking about. Without saying a word she's so disrespectful to the other judges while they are talking just with her body language. Like she could care less what anyone else has to say, only her opinion and voice matters. Always worrying more about her hair, always acting like: "Look at me I'm the She's high maintenance and stuck on herself. Hello Nikki please stop talking! If your going to talk please talk like a normal human being and not through your nose. You sound like a martian! It's not appealing at all! If your going to act and talk like that. You may as well start doing the duck face that everyone hates! Some needs to give that girl a reality check as fame has gone to her head, big time! American Idol what a waste of $12,000,000.00! American Idol producers please do better job for next season!
  • Devin

    Devin did fantastic. He is the best male contestant.

    You must get rid of Nicki. I've disliked her since day one. She is an ugly person and I don't mean look wise. It is her. She thinks she is trying to be like Simon, but she is NOT by far. If you do not get rid of her and her nasty attitude I will not watch this show again.

    Your ratings are dropping, but having her on this show is like what is wrong with you all?

  • Nicki you need to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have watched Idol sine the second season and find Nicki Minaj to be the worst judge yet. e need someone like Simon back that can really judge. I'm so tired of watching her negative attitude and the faces that she makes along with rolling her eyes. When Nicki gives a comment it should be constructive and not to destroy their self-esteem. Last night 3/27/2013, Nicki yelled at the 3 guys that sang in the group number and told them to get off the stage. Is this how she was treated when she started out? If she was then shame on her for not learning from that treatment. I hope Nicki is gone or this will be all the Idol that I will be watching. I hope not, because I enjoy watching the improvement of the contestants from week to week. American Idol needs to make a judgement call that is good for the contestants as well as the fans and that means GOOD-BYE NICKI MINAJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What happen to meaning of IDOL

    With the show being portrayed as American Idol, can the show explain what part of Idol does Nitki fit in? She is no idol . Just because she shows explicit parts of her body and dances in an adult show , does not make her a star. I dont care how much money she has earned! And Poor Keith, he has to sit there and have her stare at him instead of looking at the contestant. She is like a "oh, pick me, pick me"
  • American idol

    I have never rated a show before but I felt compelled to rate this one because I used to love it and I afraid it's gonna come to end soon. Every time I talk to anyone about this show they say its become a pain to watch. I still love Randy. Keith is great, could be a little more critical but he is so likeable who even cares. Mariah is better tonight but has appeared lazy and uninterested in the previous shows. As for Nikki ,what were you all thinking? Did you want this show to fail? It's obvious to all that she doesn't care about anyone but herself. These people are performing hopefully for a life change and she is not emotionally present! Her comments don't make sense, she has a terrible voice, looks at her phone all the time, and is only focused on herself. She also has strange looks sometimes like she is on acid or something. Very bizarre. I'm not watching anymore until she is gone. Sorry, but I can't take it anymore. The show doesn't seem legitimate anymore. Seems like half the judging panel would rather be somewhere else. Poor contestants, what a disservice.
  • It's the Nicki factor, mostly

    I cannot stomach watching and listening to Nicki and haven't watched AI since the first show, and won't until they get rid of her. Instead of "celebrity" judges, the show should seek out professionals with real abilities. It used to be fun to watch this show and now it is too depressing and painful. Let the judges be qualified and let the show focus on the TALENT, not the "celebrity" judges, most of whom add nothing to the show except annoyance.

    Ryan Seacrest is the ONLY one worth keeping, and maybe Randy. The others should be replaced with smart people who know what they're doing.
  • Review

    I have been a long time fan of Idol. Year in and out it's something We look forward to. DVR and have a family night discussing each performance and genuinely falling in love with a couple contestants each year.

    This years talent is subpar. Judges have been awful. Keith Urban is way to nice and cares far to much about people liking him and not hurting feelings, how can they be great if youbhurt their feelings Keith? Mariah is very much like Keith (steven tyler) as well she often seems like shes on some prescription pills and is alerted to speak, they do not hold people to high standards and its transparent and a huge turn off. I honestly don't really mind Nicki she's at the very least out spoken and aggressive something this coddling snuggleville group of judges need. While I don't always agree with her I understand the need for her personality type on this show. Randy gonna randy.

    Talent is abysmal. They honestly couldn't find one male who had talent? It's dreadful to watch this lineup of people. I spent a winter in Bulgaria last fall and they debuted their Bulgarian X factor that awful show had as much talent. Get it together Idol or you will lose loyal fans to The Voice.
  • Darling Nicki :(

    I cannot believe that the leadership at Idol sat down and talked with Nicki Minaj to see if she had the competetence to handle the position she was given. She so obviously does not. I was not overly familiar with her before Idol but quite honestly I have a hard time watching the show with her on it. If she is getting anything close to the reported $12,000,000.00 this season, then it shows not only where Idol is heading, but out country as well. If someone as talentless as this person can make that amount of money for doing such a horrible job, we are all in trouble. The average American would have been fired from their average kob, making their average salary if we performed as bad as she does. Randy is still great, Mariah is surprisingly good and Keith is honest, funny and the perfect fit. Idol producers, please make the changes you know need to be made!

    OK, I tried, but I am saying goodbye to Idol. I tried to either mute or fast forward through Nicki, but t's stupid to have to do that. She is horrible and if I had kids, there is no way I would let them watch her. The voice is starting on Monday and I guess that is what I will watch. I have been with Idol from day one, never missed a show, but it is so bad now. Get rid of Nicki and I might be back. Sorry!
  • tell nicki time to go home

    I think Nicki is not a good judge. She is to concerned about her fake hair and what the singers are wearing. Her reviews are sometimes incoherent and if it one of the men she makes advances that are cheap not cute. She says the same thing over and over and she us too loud

  • The Pressure is Real for Lazaro Janelle is Back!

    We perform stellar show reviews.
  • I like Nikki!!!

    Everyone trashes Nikki on this. I think she's a great judge. She's interesting and accurate. I thought she'd be a disaster and instead she's the most interesting part of the show.

    Keith Urban is very good and is great at leading off the reviews. Randy Jackson is the same as always and is getting stale. Mariah Carey is a diva. Daaaarrrrling! She says nothing and is too into her persona. Ryan Seacrest is by far the best host on television.
  • real stuff

    Nicki minaj has really brought the show down
  • why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The judges are so mean to the people that sing. The judges don't need to put people down.
  • Primetime or Bedtime?!

    It seems to me that Mariah Carey's somewhat confused as to whether she should dress for Primetime television or bedtime? Her recent outfit would be more appropriate for a Bride on her wedding night than for a judge on American Idol. Sadly she forgets that the forum of viewers are teenagers who may be looking up to her as an example. Shame on the Producers as well! Certainly they have some control over their camera direction?! Don't worry, Mariah! We certainly won't compare you to Mother Teresa, since she had class and you do not! However, I will cut you some slack, since it is possible that you are simply trying to distract the public from your meaningless comments. I wish they would bring Steven Tyler back since even he made more since than you!
  • What a Joke!

    Keith and Ryan you should not be associated with this mess. This year has definetly shown a racist side of idol. The judges are trying to ensure a black idol since we have not had one for quite a while. They have allowed way more talented people to go home and kept some very scary people whom I would never want to call AMERICAN IDOL! Get rid of Nikki and BACK SIMON and sad I was such a loyal AI but no more can not watch, it is sad, sad, this show!
  • The Maturity and Self Confidence of the Auditioners

    As a viewer, I enjoy the progression of maturity in the one being chosen as the idol, not necessarily the best voice or character...

    Don't really know what to say....... the show just missed the mark this year. Compared to last year's talent and level of competency of the judges, this year's show should be removed from the telly. It's that BAD. And, Nicki - what idiot chose her for the show? She has absolutely nothing worth hearing and she's rude & crude. Does she even have any talent herself or is she just one of the "gimmicks" that are currently popular??? I couldn't tell you - I don't know one of her songs, have never even heard of her or seen her perform before now. And why FOUR judges??? It's bad enough having to listen to three of them prattle on.... I just record the show and fast forward to the next one who sings. And, now I can barely tolerate that. Whoa - did we find ALL the talent in the US and there are none left???? UGH!
  • The end is in sight

    Why do producers/directoris feel that more is better as a tv show ages? Seems every show with judges start adding bodies as the seasons progress. And not for the best. Three judges is just fine thank you very much. Too bad they don't get meaningful bodies to fill those judges chairs. It seems to me that Keith Urban is really trying to be professional and make valid remarks and suggestions. The remainder are 1) a female egomaniac more interested in hearing her own nasaled voice than making constructive statements, 2) a judge who has been on the show too long and just filling a seat, and 3) an apparent nice woman who can't seem to say anything bad about anyone.

    If this year's contestants are any indication, America has reached the end of the available talent pool. I use one yardstick when I view the contestants auditions. "Would I pay to see them in Vegas?" Alas, not one of the current group would get my money. Sorry AI, but you're a has been and no amount of shock value and politically correct contestants and judges will fix that. Look back to your roots and learn or wither away and die. You don't have too much longer to get it right.
  • American Idol is now the Nicki Show and no longer suited for family.

    This is the first season since the beginning that I cannot watch because of Nicki. What do the producers not get? Do loyal fans mean nothing? I am not the only person that has quit watching because of Nicki. This is the worst year ever. I am so looking forward to the Voice and X-factor.
  • What has happened to American Idol

    Sorry to say, but American Idol has gone down hill first of all when they hired Nikki Minaj that was the worst thing they ever did, she is absolutely the worst, and on top of that there is no talent this year, talent is very poor, sorry I won't be voting for anyone first time ever not voting.
  • viewers reviews

    I am done with AI. I just don't know what to say. Nigel? The queen of no talent, judges? The producers really need to read the viewers opinions and do something about it before it is too late to pull the show out of the toilet. I am going to miss you Ryan.
  • Done with Nikki

    I finally gave up on the show. Nikki is just too much to deal with-Not worth my time. I will find out who wins on the news! AI is probably fixed anyway My husband says she is totally obnoxious she distracts from the show and what it is about and he is not willing to watch as long as she is on
  • End of a ERA

    What has happened to American Idol? All it took was ONE bad Manaj .She Needs to go!!!!!!

    I can't stand listening to her talk out her nose. And, all the rude comments she makes to the other host's.

    Sad to say, I am done watching this season...

    "FOX" You better wake up and fix this before its to late!!!
  • Not what it was.

    Iv been watching AI since season 4. In this years top 20, I saw two that sounded good. When I think of great, I think of Melinda Doolittle, Crystal Bowersox and Adam Lambert, who rocked the house. There are 3 in particular, this year, that I don't consider professional at all. I saw a lot of contestants sing off pitch and not get called on it. IF a singer cant sing in pitch effortlessly, how can they possibly connect with the audience on an emotional level. Its sad to see so much stage fright on the show. I'm NOT a vocalist but I am a self produced instrumental guitarist with a highly train ear and I love to hear a great vocal performance. I will likely hold off on watching the show until the grand finally. I wish them luck.
  • Waiting to be heard

    Is anyone else hanging with AI this year just to vote out Zoanette and others that should never have gotten past Hollywood Week? My family have been w/AI since season 1. Sadly, we are leaving this year - right after we get to vote and show the judges what we think of their dramatic and "spirited" "performers" (can't call all of them singers). As others have said, we expected Randy to be the "head" judge, and continue to show judgement based on singing ability. It seems that Nicki has other ideas, and Randy just lets her make a mockery of all things Idol. If Nicki is back next year, and (presumably) much of the better talent is sent packing again, Idol will be done. Too many are upset, and no one is listening. Hopefully our votes will send a message.....