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  • It took me this long to figure out that I have better things to do.

    After two seasons of sitting through Idol just to enjoy Television without Pity's recaps of the show that much more, I stopped watching a few months ago and never looked back. Although I remained vaguely interested in each contestant's progress during the morning recap on the local Fox affiliate, I really benefited from having those extra hours in my day.
    I do want to hand out some props to the band, who were able to keep up or slow down with even the most erratic singers. I found myself trying to watch the musicians during pans or in those rare moments when the camera centered on them.

    I'm so happy that David Cook won! He really deserved it after all those amazing versions he did to his songs and so talented! Hes gonna have a great future like Kelly and Carrie! Just wished that Michael Johns didn't left early (Robbed). Totally uncalled for even when its idol gives back I was looking forward to hear him singing Vision of Love!! It's the producers fault! They just kicked him out just to get more attention for the show and how Ryan gave him and everyone false hope.But he is the next Chris Daughtry I can tell you that but in for soul! I can't wait for both of their albums to come out!
  • One of my favorite shows to watch :)

    I love this show so much :) Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell are terrific. I have been an addicted fan since their very first season with idol winner miss Kelly Clarkson. I want them to know straight from me that they are doing an excellent job and to continue on with their awesome personalities. American Idol has gotten so huge over the years and more and more celebrity guests have been appearing because of how many viewers tune in to watch it. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it may at times even piss you off. But this show looks like it's gonna stay on for a long while.
  • Ok i love this show it's my favorite and as you can tell i love David Archuleta!!!!!!! :)

    American idol is a great show that gives normal people the chance to make their dram a reality and in my opinion it's the greatest show ever!!! My favorite contestents are Season 1- Kelly Clarkson, Tamyra Gray, and Justin Guarini. Season 2- Rueben Studard, and Josh Gracin
    Season 3- Jasmine Trias, Diane Degramo, Latoya London, and Jennifer Hudson
    Season 4- Carrie Underwood, Vonzell Solomon and Bo Bice
    Season 5- Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Ace Young, Bucky Covington, Melissa McGhee
    Season 6- Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks,Chris Richardson
    Season 7- David Archuleta (my favorite), David Cook, Syesha Mercado, Brooke White, Micheal Johns, and Ramiele Malubay. Also i liked Alexandrea Lushington, Aliana Withacker, and Asia'h Epperson from Season 7 I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cool show

    A show about singers competing for a crown of fame and fortune and auditioning for comedy as well as good vocal performance, only 24 people make it to the big stages and only 12 become vignited to stardome, and then week by week they eliminate a contestant on americas opinion on who did best or worst, although the best porformer of the night is not always the safest, if you are in the bottom 3 you have a 1/3 chance of leaving. what a good reality drama with 3 judges, one who says the same things over and over againn (Randy) one who is nice 9Paula) and one who will not cut you any slack (simon) american idol is one of my many favorite reality shows.

  • Every season the contestants get better! But it getting a bit old....

    American Idol is a show where undiscovered "talented" people audition in front of 3 judges (Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell). The first seasons winner was Kelly Clarkson. 2nd season was Reuben Studdard. Who became something about a teddy bear and was on Scooby-Doo 2. Season 3 was Fantasia Barrino. She wrote her own book and there was lifetime movie on. Life is Not A Fairy-Tale:The Fantasia Barrino Story. Season four and my personal fave winner was Carrie Underwood. All of her songs have become hits! My favorite off of her CD is 'Starts With Goodbye'. Season 5 was Taylor Hicks. Who has the famous gray-hair and official president of the 'soul patrol'! But what's cool is that a lot of non-winners have become famous too. Kimberly Locke was on Disney Mania Volume 2(i think) and now is on Celebrity Fit Club. She even has her own CD. Kellie Pickler is a country singer now. i love her song 'wonder! Bucky Covington is also a country singer i love his song too! But my favorite non-winners are Katherine McPhee and especially CHRIS DAUGHTRY! HE should've won. I tune in every Tuesday and Wednesday! Jordin Sparks won season 6 and right now I love her songs. She has released "Tattoo" and "No Air feat. Chris Brown". Now it is on season 7 has officially ended. It was between both David Cooke and David Archuleta. They were both AMAZING! In the end David Cooke won in an "Upset"...? What does that mean...? Oh well I loved both Davids! Recently they have begun "Idol Gives Back" and everyone should give back to this worthy cause. All the money given during this night goes to poor families in Africa and in America. Many celebs come together to put together a great show.
  • not really good

    this show is a show that you think will be good but really isn't. with this show i serulsy thought my vote will count. now after voting i really don't think it does. serusly people who are not tanlented and who are ugly seem to beat the talented people. it just doesn't make sense. all in all i my opinion this show is rigged. some of the winners deserved it but some of them just didn't. serously we only still here of two people. all in all the show just isn't good. it is boring and not real. al;dsjfa al;psdjf
  • American Idol final singing

    As well as David Cooke blowing us away with his singing with ZZ Top, Brooke White's singing with Graham Nash caught
    us by suprise. Whow!! what a great job she did with Graham!! That song could be on the charts now. Now only if Brooke can stop talking too much it would be greater!! Why do reviews have to be 100 words long?? Why do reviews have to be 100 words long?? Again, why do reviews have to be 100 words long? Why do reviews have to be 100 words long. My review was short and to the point, complimenting Brooke on her great sing and I get this 100 words long stuff!!
  • glad david cook won, but what was jordin sparks thinking?

    granted i havent watched the entire american idol season, i feel i need the need to comment on last night's finale. again, i didnt watch all of it. i just tuned in off and on to see who would win. and david cook did; that's great. david a was so gosh darn boring. and too young. i can't see his face on a cd cover or even imagine the kind of cd he would make. but more importantly, did anyone see what jordin sparks was wearing??!?! what the F was she thinking? it was like an 80s prom dress from hell. some things should just be left in the 80s and that dress is one of them. it was probably the most disturbing thing i saw all night. well, that and michaels' performance.
    oh and just fyi, i think that carly smithson girl should have made it farther.
  • It was fun in the beginning

    Now it's become a raging bore. The only reason people tune in is to watch the reactions of people getting rejected from the show. You can't tell me that's not where the ratings are.

    There's effusive praise and idolation bordering sickening by the judges and enthusiastic audiences for the winners only to become the fall to the bottomless pit when "Idols" can't sell records and are dropped by the label.

    I don't know why anyone would want to be humiliated in front of millions because you're always judged on how successful you were in your singing career after it's all over.
  • American Idol used to be interesting but now it is so BLOATED...

    American Idol used to be interesting but now it is so BLOATED that it runs late almost every episode. I think they are trying to mess with the Tivo owners (Tivo is the only way to watch reality shows). Are British producers so incompetent that they can't end the show on time? And talk about about useless filler, why did they show 3 minutes of someone that couldn't sing? Or Aretha Franklin and Jack Black? It used to be a "singing competition" as Simon Cowell likes to call it (its a Realty Show Simon!). Now it thinks it's a variety show. These producers will keep giving us total crap as long as we keep watching. I liked it better when it was called Star Search. Time to move on...

    PS: this page wouldn't let me score a zero.
  • It was dragged out too far, 2 hours to tell us something that takes 2 min. Thank goodness I recorded it and could skip through the endless round of commercials.

    I liked a few parts of it but the majority was just plain crap. Overall I liked the series and last nights (Tues) show was much better and only 1 hour. But is this the first time they have ever announced numbers? They did say the winner got 57% of the vote? I think they should tell us every show what the numbers are because I would like to know how close it really is, and I think most people wanna know the numbers. And now they have an accounting firm? Does that mean the rest of the season they did not have an independant accounting firm, and has anyone heard of this so-called accounting firm.... Telescope?
    Sounds very suspicious to me, why did they have to tell us that there was 12 million difference in the vote?
  • great show.....

    i love this show it shows how talented the contestants. they really have to be more versatile and be more artistic about their song choice, arrangements, projection, and etc.... ita harder than i thought to be in a competition... the judges in the other hand really has this critical and ojective/subjective commnets and recommnedatins about the finalist which is really ineteresting.... simon is really a great juror i must say because he tells what he perseives about them... paula and randy are the defenders of the contestants and a like the once n while contradicting ideas of the judges because it shows that they really are to be the one to impress.....
  • you guys stoldid from that kid that was not right who won me and my family and friends dont agrey was won. samin nose that that white old men cant seing

    you guys stoldid from that kid that was not right who won me and my family and friends dont agery was won. simen nose
    that that white old men cant seing i thing that that show was bad at the end because of who they pick to win that was the warst show ever you guys did not see how sad he was when you guys said that he losed to a old men the kid should had won the show was so rigg i will say it was raeses
    all over that kid nose how to saing so will he should have won.
  • A long review on the past performances and on general on the top 5. These are impressions thoughts and assumptions. Open for debate - and rethinking of-course

    On the top 5
    I 'm giving here a long review on the past performances and on general on the top 5.
    These are impressions thoughts and assumptions. Open for debate - and rethinking of-course. (and - English - not my native tongue)

    D. Archuleta - I like his voice. He sings very well. Sometimes you can feel him enjoy the occasion and it is great. He is young and it shows -he brings about depth but not always enough and not versatile enough with the performances. He is very talented of course and has a big heart - it seems to me - so the more he grows - he'll be even better. also vocally - when now he is already great vocally.

    D. Cook - I don't enjoy his performances as much as many others do. I can't relate to it too much. The performance I liked best is Hello. I want to explain it because I want to see if other people can understand what I mean or can tell me where I get it wrong. He sings well. He is talented and very musical.
    I think performing a song is using your talent and personality to serve the song - serve the art. That is what makes it easy and natural to connect. With David C. performances I don't get that. It feels its either more about him- and a certain aspect of him- then the song - like ' look at me - look how well I do it'. It's the same sometimes with Brooke, when its more about her and not enough about the song - and that is because the anxiety takes too much space. It happens with everyone. With D.C. I feel its something with his way of prforming. The saying is: - deliver a song or give a performance. It is about giving. Serving the song the music and the lyrics to the audience. With D.C. I'm sometimes not sure he likes the song. It's more like he uses it to show his craftsmanship. Of course an artist performs also to show himself - but there has to be a balance. and here it feels too much. The important thing always needs to be the song. Another explanation - it could be that its a kind of style that keeps D.C. from getting more personal - from coming from more deep within himself , singing from a more exposed and vulnerable place. - and then its actually a kind of attitude that is a defense. With Melinda Doolittle- she delivered the songs brilliantly - she devoted herself to the song and gave a performance and enjoyed it as well. With Archuleta I feel the same. the songs comes first.
    The issue is - at what level of importance is the song in the whole performance. The artist needs to be humble in their regard to the song. And enjoy it.
    Actually I think in all good performances of talented artist its good when its about the song and not about something secondary of the artist that come in the way whether it be - anxiety or tension or 'look what I can do'. and I don't mean any disrespect to D.C. I don't know if its arrogance or a defense or both . I just say - Its hard for me to relate to his performances. It demands me as a listener to put the song aside and deal more with D.C. and that's not what its supposed to be. I'm interested more in the music.

    Syesha- I liked her last performance. I think Andrew Lloyd Webber night gave her more confidence and kind of directed her to her type of performing. Still I think she has more within her - she should let herself be more confident of her uniqueness. I think she sang well the two songs - and she can do it better. She can express more of her self, expose herself more - of her unique power and strength. To sum it - Go more deep and within and be and express who you are more fully. I think what sayisha said on Andrew Lloyd Webber night gives a clue to what interferes with her being more effective.. She could perform well when, she is sort of, being in a role, a character in a musical/play. Maybe that why she chose diva's songs before - its kind of go behind another figure. That's why I think - she does not let herself and her uniqueness come out enough. As if she feels its not enough. It feels she has more power and character and vulnerability and uniqueness from deep within to bring about. Its not about being more dramatic or big in the performance . its about being more deep and accessible and personal. Make the art - her own.

    Jayson - Unique and distinctive way of performing. Low key in a way. Lots of charm. I never quite figured out for myself - if I like it - . Its clear that I liked the Somewhere over the Rainbow performance. On his last performances - I noticed something. I liked part of the songs. And then I realized what bothered me. Its like he is not present enough all the time. As if there are fluctuations in the level of being present. there are instances or part of the song where he backs off - detach a little. Brooke - I find that when someone is older it usually gives them more depth and most of the time its easier for me to connect. She comes through as very genuine. She sings with her heart open. Her voice is warm and because she brings her personality in its more like a singer writer perform (as they said on the show) . Its personal and accessible. The problem I find - is with songs that she doesn't seem to relate to as much - and also sometimes there are problems with the vocals. Its the nervousness - her issues with the occasion that come in the way of delivering the song .
  • It's a fun show where America gets to vote for their favorite singer. The winner of the competition gets a record deal and they get a push in the right direction to accomplishing their dreams of becoming a musician.

    I think that this show is a great idea because it gives people a great opportunity to improve their singing talents as well as give some good singers exposure that can jump start their careers.
    One bad thing about the show is that I find that sometimes the worst person is not necessarily eliminated because often it is more of a popularity contest over a singing contest.
    As for the judges, I think that this season they're kind of weird. Simon is brutally honest as usual which i enjoy because more often than not he's right. Paula is just totally spaced out half the time and I think we're gonna need an interpreter soon cause nobody can understand half of what she says.
  • Ilike American Idle but?

    I've a singer/musician for 44 yrs and never have seen such bad judges as those on American Idle. i know that Randy and Paula are performers but either they really don't know talent or they have been paid off to go for certain people. there are lots of people around my area saying they are not going to watch the show anymore because they are letting good talent go down the tubes because of the judges and their prejudice toward David A. i know america votes but too but these judges are wrong to push for only one person and that's what they're doing.
  • Something that we all love or hate...

    American Idol started out as a simple not that known reality show like thing. it was the first thing that offered people a real shot at the Hollywood life. this show really started that whole thing of getting a big start at fame.

    American Idol is a singing competition where the citizens of the United States vote for who is better and who is getting there time up. It starts out with them audition for the show. The three judges say if you get to Hollywood or not going at all. On average, each season gets about 200 people out of thousands of people who will make it to Hollywood.

    Overall, this is a great show and it really shows that there is a lot of talent out there and we should go out and find it all!
  • I am so disapointed in the results. David A. is good but David C. Sucks! Are you people nuts? Syesha is talented.D C doesn't hold a candle to her. Again, Idol got it wrong, just like the year Taylor Hicks won; again totally wrong.

    I think you people are out of your minds! Syehsa is so much better than David Cook! He will surely be just a lame flash in the pan, if he makes it that far. Again, just like the year that Hicks won, you totally got it wrong! I will never watch this lame, popularity contest again. I have a doctorate in music, and know what I am talking about. too bad the rest of America obviously doesn't! I really think that Simon is usually right on, but this time, even he got it wrong, Cook sucks and also doesn't have the looks to be a star. I am done with this lame show!!!!!
  • One of the worst shows that has ever been thought up.

    Who would watch a show about people singing? I mean honestly, more people care about voting for this show than they do the American president. I asked a friend of mine today who the presidential candidates are. She had no idea, I then asked her who was left on American Idol, she could list the ones left. It seems that networks these days are leaning toward the teenage girl outlet or the outlet where people have no taste in TV. Its garbage like this that turns kids into mindless zombies. Point and case, one of my cousins cares more about who wins American Idol more than if they pass the third grade.

    Suffice to say, this show needs to be taken off the air as soon as possible.
  • I believe the talent gets better each season. This season has the most diverse group of contestants so far. I love to watch the contestants mature and perfect their abilities from week to week, most of them. Thank You.

    I would like to Thank You for creating a wonderful, talent filled show. I have enjoyed the music and watching the contestants grow and perfect their talent and performance abilities. This year,especially, has a very diverse selection of contestants. I believe that the diversity helps make the show more enjoyable. I don't think that people should vote just to oppose a certain judge. The voters should remember that this show is based on their opinion of the singer and their ability to entertain. I think some people have forgotten that. I have voted several times for a singer that I would not, personally, pay to go see. But, that week , his performance and his own touches added to the arangement made him stand out. I hope people will forget about age, dreamy eyes and type of music that the contestant prefers, and of course wether they have tattoos or not, and vote based on talent.
  • Jason Castro should have been gone two weeks ago! Sending Brooke home is totally wrong, wrong, wrong!!! She out performed him and it makes one think who really is in control????

    Jason could not get it right and Simon even said so. Brooke has so much more talent than Jason has. It was very disappointing that she is gone and Jason is still here. All I can say is, Brooke hang in there and don't give up the dream!!!!!!! Brooke has out performed Jason and she has such great talent. Jason seems to think that he doesn't have to do anything because he may have a huge fan base, but that base will not take him much farther. He needs to stop being so cocky and if he can truly sing then sing. Does he really not see how much better Brooke has been compared to him? I would hope that he can honestly look at his performance and look at Brooke's and be honest that she truly out performed him!!
  • could you please do something about this crazy stuff. you are loosing one viewer at a time beacuse of how great singers are leaving and terrible ones are staying.

    i love idol but it is pathetic that the good one keep going home. jason c should have left a long time ago. is he another sanjaya? first it was chris daughtry and now carley who is next david cook? something is wrong with this picture. you are loosing one viewer at a time because of this. brooke and jason need to go. brook is good but she has no range. carley was fantastic. there is a problem with this. this show has to be fixed someway because isnt it supposto be based on talent? obviously it is not. jason really sucks. i am so mad about this. if david cook goes home you will know there is a problem. does this happen because you all bwant more people to call in so send a good one home and more people will call because they do not want their favorite to go home?
  • The voting process needs to be re thought. Use of the internet until noon the next day would give a more accurate count for the best singer.

    American Idol is one of my personal favourites. The problem with it is the voting process. The phone lines are so busy that it is impossible to get through to vote for your favourite artist. Carly Smithson should not have been in the bottom two let alone be sent home. The two who should have been in the bottom two are Jason and Brooke. Perhaps if voting was made available until noon the next day, like on Dancing with the Stars, through the internet there would be a more realistic consensus of who the actual good artists are rather than the most popular. Obviously some people will not agree with me, but this is not a popularity vote but a contest for the best singer. Wake up people. Two of the best were in the bottom two this week. One went home. Not right.
  • Can we do something different with the voting process, so that I can feel like Im watching (great singers) and not some popularity contest. I believe that your rating are high because of the simple fact that its addicting.

    Hello & thank you for the opportunity...

    I have been a big fan of American Idol from its first seconds on the air...and every year I get disappointed,... but very addicted all at the same time....I think that they should rename American Idol to American Popularity...

    I love music, and that is the reason why I have love American Idol...but I am not watching great singers, I am watching who is the most popular person and the unpopular gets to go home...why is this...Is someone going to make a change in the voting...

    Every year I tell myself that I won't watch it, and every year I find myself watching to see what they are going to do next...

    1st...disappointment was Jennifer Hudson
    2nd...Melinda Doolittle
    and now Carly Smithson
  • American Idol is a guilty pleasure of mine. I do not like really any reality shows, but I got hooked when I first saw Taylor Hicks' audition and I really liked him. Simon said he'd never be voted by America as the next Idol by America.. and he was.

    Since watching Taylor Hicks' run to the top, I've since watched pretty regularly. I like to view videos online when there are memorable performances. Chris Daughtry has many memorable ones... I do not have any memorable ones from last year, but this year there were 2 in one night when David Cook did Billy Jean and Michael Johns did Queen... both amazing performances... concert-like in Johns' case.

    However, I have been hearing that ratings have been dropping as Idol is losing their audience. Tonight Carly got voted off and now I start to see why the show is losing their audience.

    Carly has a far superior voice to Brooke and Jason, but it's clear this has turned from a talent show to some sort of popularity contest.

    There is no reason at all for Syesha to be in the bottom 2.

    If Idol wants to preserve the remaining audience, tragedies such as tonight cannot happen. The way to remedy this is to have America vote for the worst performance because then all the fan-favorites of Jason and Brooke have to spread their votes over all the remaining contestants... and that's what I do. I don't want Syesha thrown under the bus, but I like how David and Carly have been doing, so I vote for 3 contestants while fan-favorites just redial over and over again. It's really unfair. We're talking about a million dollar prize and if that ends up in the hands of Brooke or Jason, it would truly be wasted money. Jason was horrid last night and he reminds me of some homeless kid I would see downtown with his guitar case open peddling money. He's not a star, not even close. He's not even that good looking, so I don't know why he's getting so many votes. And Brooke absolutely butchered her song last night. She's safe over Syesha? Syesha was literally red-hot.

    Well, I have to say, I'm only staying tuned to see if David or Syesha win it all because they look to be the two who would be able to make the best CD's that I would actually buy; they're most deserving based on talent. But in the future, unless the format of vote-offs changes, I will probably be another one of those devout viewers looking for something to alternatively occupy my time while Idol's on, I mean, off.

    Sorry Carly, you're better than Brooke and Jason... you do not deserve what you got. And it's not that American got it wrong... not everyone is voting for the best performers… Idol got it wrong, not America. I'm sure you had millions of votes; it makes no sense. None. You'll make album(s) and plenty of dough.

    Sincerely, Discouraged
  • A good show for the family. But, is there a possibility that it is rigged??

    American Idol has done tons for all of us. Its Idol Gives Back events are both entertaining and touching. But is Idol Gives Back just for publicity?? Maybe, maybe not.

    After Michael Johns went home last week, I'm sure we all think it may be rigged. BUT, his performance was not that good.

    Votefortheworst may be crushing our favorites' dreams, but they failed last year with Sanjaya, they will undoubtedly fail this year with their candidate this year as well.

    The judges and host are always good for a laugh. Simon, being rude, always with his hand on his head, waving his fingers. Paula, never anything bad to say, but never anything to say about the singing. Randy, with his accent, and "Yo dawg, that was hot!"s. And Ryan Seacrest, the host, he annoys us with telling us of commercials, and with snappy comebacks to Simon. Very enjoyable cast.

    Watch the show!
  • I like it, but possibly rigged? All the GREAT ones like Robbie Carrico, Michael Johns, and Amanda Overmeyer voted off, and the mood-spoiling gone home person night after Idol Gives Back? OK.

    This is a talent competition. A bunch audition for Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and the stupid SIMON COWELL! Ryan Seacrest introduces some special individuals before their audition and plays a big role through the next rounds. During the final twelve and on, America, not the judges, have the decision of who goes home. The contestants sing on a topic and the public votes on who they like the most. The 3 with the least amount of votes are the bottom 3, the one with the least goes home. Toward the end, they sing 2, then 3 songs. During the three, they choose a song, the producers choose one, then the judges choose one, and public votes for the next American Idol, reciving a record deal. I love it, but they send GOOD people home. It's a good show all in all, and has a good cause and plot, and helps kids during Idol Gives Back, but don't cheer to hard for someone, there's a large chance they'll go home.
  • American Idol is the show where America decides

    American Idol is the best show ever! #1 on my favorite list.It's amzing!It's the show where the audience gets to choose singers destiny.So much fun. I have watched American Idol since the very beginning with Kelly Clarkson. The judges are so funny when they bicker.I admit it is unfair when favs get voted off, but at the end of every season America gets it right. Everyone who says that their favorites should have won and never watches American Idol again probably are big fans of Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studder, Fantaisia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, and Jordin Sparks. Again American Idol is the best show ever.
  • Michael Johns should have been in the top four!

    I don't get Jason Castro! I don't get it, don't get him. He barely sings, its more like he is talking, not singing, with a lilt and a slight stutter. He should definitely have been voted out before Michael Johns. I know he is good looking and yeah yeah his eyes but this is a singing competition. He has been one of the weakest singers from the start.....and that song at the end of Idol gives back? Whose bright idea was it to have them sing it again on the results show? They were suprisingly good on the Rihanna song. Should have done something like that again at the end.
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