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  • Judges are delusional

    What on earth do they be thinking when they vote like come on. They always get rid of some of the good singers and pick people who arent that good. It just leaves me baffled.
  • Tonight it hit me.

    I have been watching American Idol since I was 9 years old. In 3 days, I will be 25. I can remember the days before TiVo and DVR where you had to be in the present to see the magic before you. Back then I didn't understand the emotion as I do now. I can remember sitting on my grandmothers couch voting for Kelly Clarkson over and over again. I religiously, every week wanted her to be the best, and she was. To understand emotion is a very mature trait. I have been watching the finale of American Idol this year. It has brought me more tears of Joy for what this has done to people and the happiness of what it is doing. You have touched souls and as a viewer, you have touched my heart.
  • Unprofessional Judges!!

    It was totally unprofessional for JLo to proclaim that she saw La'porsha and Trent as the two finalists.

    That had to be demoralizing to the other contestants who have tremendous talent. She may consider her opinion as the only one that matters, but others, including myself, do not agree with her opinion. Critiquing a performance is one thing, but to try and prejudice the outcome of the Idol selection is totally inappropriate.
  • Terrible judging

    Sonika getting voted through over avolon was bull for starters and the people watching idol are total dummies second come on sonika and Avalon in bottom three what crap glad this stupid show is ending over years has gotten worse and worse and hey Harry C Jr who are you god of all vocals you STINK has a judge ever since all the judges changed this shows been GARBAGE voice and Avalon try out for voice girl your vocals are amazing screw American idol

  • Need to move the show to earlier in the week

    They need to move the show to earlier in the week.. There are too many things on Thursday to watch so I keep missing parts of it or sometimes the whole thing.. I want to watch but it needs to move earlier in the week when there isn't so many things on tv..
  • contestants sing better than the judges!

    I am glad this is the last season. Although I use to love this show is has gone downhill!! And I am sorry but those judges aren't half as talented as some if not most of the top 10! Lopez just shakes her ass and sings "a little" Connick is "flat and Pitchy" Urban is ok but doesn't have the range that some of these kids have! Can't stand the faces that Connick and Lopez make. Like who the hell are you guys?? What were YOU doing at 15????? I am sick of the judges. Not sure who is voting but I was quite surprised. Oh well. Time to wrap this has been serioes up. Still wish the remaing 8 good luck though. Great bunch and I wish them well.
  • Disappointed

    Two things : I think it's awful how 2 weeks in a row one or more of the judges have said LaPorcia was going to win and then this week adding Trent to the finale with her... unfair to the other TREMENDOUSLY talented contestants. Secondly, PITCHY Harry, PITCHY!!!
  • Terrible Judging!


    I agree with JWT999. I can't believe that the judges told La'Porsha she is going to win. That was so rude and inconsiderate , given the talent of the other contestants. Shame on the judges!! I feel like they have "set the stage" for her to win now. After that incident, if she does win, a lot of people are going to think the judges had something to do with it even though it's supposed to be America voting. Bad bad move judges!!!!

    Everyone on that stage has a talent. One shouldn't be praised above all others. That's just rude. The judges should be praising and encouraging EVERYONE! Not singling out 1 contestant. Very disheartening!! I can only imagine how the other contestants felt. Unfortunately, La'Porsha is not my choice contestant. She is talented, but I don't like all of those runs throughout a whole song and every song. It gets old and annoying. That is all the opinion I am going to give about her. I am not bashing ANY contestants. Just stating a preference. So needless to say, I didn't agree with the judges comments , but to each their own. :)

  • Wrong Top 10

    America got it right for the most part. However Jenn and Jeneve should have been in the top 10 instead of Lee and Giana. That's all :)
  • It took 15 years to discover a real American Idol

    For all of those who were fortunate enough to watch La'Porsha Renae sing Rihanna's "Diamonds" last night on American Idol just witnessed what American Idol has always been looking for...... a truly blessed singer. For those who can really appreciate hearing a song sung to perfection this was it. It took 15 years of watching American Idol to hear a song sung to perfection. All I can say is that in the future when it's entertainment night in heaven God is going to ask La'Porsha to sing for him.
  • Disgraceful judging

    I couldn't believe the favoritism showed by all the judges for La'Porsha Renae. Kelly Clarkson as a guest judge came out and said she would certainly win after encouraging extended audience applause. Harry Connick said she was the best at vocal runs when he was reviewing Trent's song. They had already given her a free pass not to compete this week. I think this is the sort of unfair judging that has caused Am Idol to be having their last season. And Sonica sang much better than La'Porsha after having to put up with the judges unfair attempt to persuade the public to vote for Renae. I am surprised the judges unfair comments didn't damage her confidence and ruin her performance. Shame on them all and the producers too for allowing it to go on.
  • Am I alone???

    I am so disappointed in these comments! Personally, I love Idol and will sincerely miss it! I don't always agree with the judges but most of the time I do. And, contrary to what some of you say, these judges are very talented and knowledgeable in music!
  • The Judges are playing favorites and pushing to get America to vote their way..

    Why do they say "you should be in the top 10"... Let America decide that and stop swaying their vote.. your comments are going to sway the voters from what they would vote because of your personal opinion or likes.. STOP... Let them decide...
  • Just awful. What a terrible way to end Idol.

    What on earth is going on with the judges. The bad singers are in and the good ones are out. Too bad they can't be fired. Duets were enjoyable but the judging is terrible.
  • Are they kidding us?

    Jen & Trent picked last night?? I'm am sending hearing aides to the judges! They are both terrible! Go Dalton!
  • JLo, your hormones are showing. You're old enough to be his mother.

    I think JLo needs to be more professional when it comes to cute guys. Just because he's cute doesn't make him the best singer.
  • last season

    the judging this season is awful. voting off singers that can really sing. especially the girl with long black hair. I forgot her name. tried of seeing males playing guitar. the voice is so much better
  • Taking out the trash tv

    American Idol has been on air much longer then it ever should have and I am so glad it's finally being thrown into trash bin where it belongs. The novelty of this program wore off long ago and it just became a way for the network to make money without requiring them to actually provide viewers with quality entertainment. Television shows such as Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Big Brother, The Voice, etc have all been on air way to long and need to be thrown into the dumpster where all trash tv belongs. These kind of programs not only lack any real creativity or substance anymore, but are an insult to the intelligence of the American television viewer(s).
  • Really, Cowboy Girl?

    Did they really just pick the cowgirl over Stephenie why? Cowgirl should have been gone a looooong time ago. Stephanie's performance with Ruban was waaaaay better than Jeneve's(cowgirl) and the other guy's. I'm mean, am I the only one seeing this?? This is ridiculous! Wth man. Why am I watching this? Who's she gonna knock out next? Laporsha?, Sonika?, Mckenzie?! And worst of all, she's doing all of this in lether boots and a jean dress! Come on man! Can yall at least dress he before yall vote her over my people! They just dgaf. Apparently there's some outside pressure pushing for this cowgirl. Let cowgirl get voted past any of the 3 I mentioned earlier. I'm fckin this show all the way up, on the last season
  • American Idol

    This season sucks!!! The contestants that have vocals, the judges are misjudging but that's not unsual. Does everyone have cotton in their ears?
  • Stephany was railroaded on American Idol

    Gianna Isabella should have went home but was put through because of Jennifer's past friendship with her mom. Other great talent was overlooked because of this terrible decision. This is a talent show not a friiendship show...

    Shame on you Jennifer
  • Butchered

    Boy, they've really butchered this show. I really wanted to make it through this last season, but I don't think I'll be able to.

    I couldn't even finish watching this time.

    I don't remember the live audience being so small or being made to stand through the entire show before. Is it just my memory (which I admit is bad)?

    And for everyone screaming racism. You do realize this 'highly racist' country has elected a black man president right? Not once, but twice in a row.

    There have been many blacks who are enjoying success in their lives today as result of this show as well.

    Get a life. Work hard to develop a talent of your own and stop perpetuating a culture of hate that does nothing but hurt your own families in the long run. There was a time it was needed. That time is past.
  • American 'I DULL' 2016 Celebrates BLACKS are HISTORY Month

    Somehow, once again, these judges managed to filter out most of the black talent for a lot of lackluster run-of-the-mill singers, who interestingly enough, happen to be white. Now among the ones they did choose are a few real standouts. However, they dropped a number of dynamic black singers for a number of mediocre weak, white singers, some of whom sound pretty much alike. Sadly, most of the performances are boring and karaoke, at best.

    Nevertheless, the few blacks they did choose, could very well win, if things were possibly judged honestly and fairly, based on the best talent and skill. The young black "hootie" is very, very good and the young budding "alicia keys", I think, is even better than Alicia Keys!
  • Quit watching Idol

    I thought I would give Idol another try, but once again they disappointed me, no wonder why it is the last season the judges don't know good talent! For example LA'PORSHA RENAE should not of got to the top 24 there were so many others better than her just because she has big hair and may be likable, she can't sing.

    so we quit watching once again.

  • American Idol sure is lilly white this year

    American Idol is looking mighty white and boring this year. How many black singers in the top 24? -- 2.5??This is where we miss having Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at the judging table. Keith Urban is okay, but Harry Connick Jr. wouldn't know talent if it came up and slapped him in the face. Jennifer Lopez picks her personal favorites regardless of talent and Connick follows behind her like the little lovesick puppy he is. Show would be cancelled for sure following this season, if it hadn't already cancelled its own self.
  • american idol

    Why are they getting rid of all black is awful because of the bad judges who cannot sing worth a Lopez think she is all that and you know she cant even sing so why should she be a freaking Judge. All white you serious. Blacks do not have a snowball is such a disgrace. Glad this is the last year for the one mixed girl that got picked for the top 24 can sign and I hope she win and she will be the 1st one should file a complaint against this show for eliminating all the black contestants.
  • WTF is Going On! Where are all the Black People?

    Where are the black people? That's exactly why I stopped looking at American Idol years ago. They only pick white people who have no soul and no talent. I noticed that they didn't even show the black people singing so that we couldn't see the talent that they were getting rid of. This show is so prejudice it's unfreakin' believable. Once again, I will not be giving this show my ratings, and thank goodness it's the last season! This is a soul-less piece of crap and needs to be off the air. Good riddance.
  • Cowboy

    These judges are absolutely blind they not only can't see talent they also don't know what it sounds like or the cowboy would still be there they keep saying its a female season well it is becoming apparent. So why don't they just tell all the guys to go home and stop wasting there time. By the way cowboy if you ever see this try out for the voice they are not deaf and dumb.
  • What the heck!

    Once again you got it wrong. The cowboy who sang Keith Urbans song sang it better than him. Is he gone because he wasn't wearing his lucky hat or because the judges are stupid. The Voice has it going. They recognize talent and not looks. I was really looking forward to watching him progress on the show. This is why this is the last year. No accounting for lack of judgement. For as many years they have been on there are only a few true winners. Idol sucks!

  • American idol

    The show sucks this year!! Some of the people who made it thru ain't even that good. I'm very disappointed.
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