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  • Not bad but not great...

    This show is okay but I just can't believe of the way these people judge others. And I really hate the fact that people just seriously just totally drool over this show! It's just about viewers crawling over the contestants, hosts who are mildly cruel and finalists hoping for a big shot at fame. No one will really know what will happen! The only people I actually like in this show are the contestants who really hope to have a taste of fame. We all get them! But when they kill the hopes of many, many people and that they show it all on TV it just hurts me inside and I'm sure it also hurts the people being humuliated! It should really give more chances to those dream chasers. It's just sad...
  • Death to the people who made this show! American Idol is what other users say...a COMPLETE waste of time.

    Honestly...people is there not anything else worth watching on tv? I mean seriously, theres no point in watching this garbage when most of the contestants get kicked off because of the stupid judges!!! I would rather watch someone eat my hand then spend 2 to 3 hours of nonsense that everyone calls American Idol! Who the hell wants to watch a bunch of people singing on tv and then hear a whole bunch of negativaty from the horrible british judge (whos name i have forgeten)? one!!!! If you like American Idol so much, why don't you go down to America and actually be there in the studio everytime it's on?
  • veary songyfull

    to my expososional thoughs, i think this show si extrodinary. it makes people happy with all the cheerfull songs, even though there are songs that are depresing and sad. this show is so funny two, becasue all the remarks simon says and then you see the reaction of the singer hes telling it to. especially when the singer starts to try and atachk him. but i think its wierd that when ever they win a reward for beina nomony simon never shows up. i really want to see hat he would do when he acepts the award. this show really puts a smile on your face.
  • American Idol - Voting Just Got Serious

    You either love it, or hate it. And, since over 50 million people in America alone watch the show two/three times a week, its no suprise that this show can be deemed as a true great.

    For those who have been living in a box for the past 5 years, American Idol is a talent competition with the main focus of Singing. Each week the competitors go head to head for the public to vote out who was the worst performer of that given week. Personally speaking, being British i never got to see the first seies of the show, but from the second series onwards, i was hooked. The format, the presentation, the script and the host and judge are a fantastic combination. I am not suprised how well this show has done for itself. Who would have thought, that a singing competition would have grown to such propertions... Bravo, Bravo !
  • Idol

    This hit FOX musical reality series follows three judges, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson (II), and Paula Abdul, along with host Ryan Seacrest around the United States in search of the next American Idol, a pop star that truly shines above all the rest. With help from the viewers, they will decide from thousands of participants who will walk away with a record deal and the fame and fortune that is sure to come along with it.

    This is the American version of Pop Idol airing in the UK, where Simon Cowell is also a judge. This show also lead to a short-lived spinoff with younger singers called American Juniors.
  • The show rocks. Except for the Sanjaya gang, not trying to be mean or anything, it really shows what talent is. I am tired thought of people voting against this show, because it's really good show, after the auditions are over.

    Has to be one of the best reality t.v. shows around. It show real talent and it has also made the 1st and 2nd runner ups stars besides turning the winner into a star. Just look at Chris Daughtry. This season I am kinda mad at the fact that people keep on voting for the worst to stay in (Not to be rude or anything but the worst being Sanjaya). My top 4 for this season are 1. Blake Lewis, my absolute favorite since I am very active in the Blakers Club boards on American 2. Chris Richardson, the C in Cake (if you don't know about Cake it's the combined names of the best contestants and friends Blake and Chris. Blake + Chris = Cake.), also very talented. 3. Melinda Dolittle, her BFFs live in the same state as me Oklahoma and in a city not that far from where I live, Tulsa, I love her enthusiasum. 4. A hard choice, but I think I'm gonna have to say Jordin Sparks. Amazing voice, but Blake has a better voice plus he beat-boxes.
  • Awesomeness

    Kelly Clarkson was the first ever Am Idol award winner!Also Carrie Underwood got her start here too.I think it's great young people getting this sort of chance.It really is a treat to see such talent no matter what the judges or audience or thousands of viewers say.American Idol forever!!

    And forever and ever and guess what?American Idol forever!
  • American Idol is a show that three judges travel across the America looking for the next best singer as the American Idol. It begins with audtions of thousands of people to only one winner.

    American Idol was a good show before people starting voting the less talented singers such as Taylor Hicks, who won season 5, and now, Sanjaya is the next person that is riding the train all the way to the finals to only illegitimate the show because ultimately the show is finding the best unknown singer in American, not the person who is the cutest with the best hair or body. It is disheartening to see some of the better contestants being voted off by American voters. The show is going in the wrong direction recently because of the hype outside of the stage that is generated by the media and normal voters for the show. Overall, the format of the show must be fixed especially putting more involvement of the judges into deciding the winner.
  • not only a waste of viwers time but a waste of the singers' as well

    i know american idol is one of the most popular shows on tv right now. but regardless of its high ratings i think this show lost it's shine in the first season. the only reason this show keeps going is because the viwers pretty much control whos going to be the "next big pop star" which never seems to happen. the only ones who really made it through was kelly clarkson, karry underwood, and fantasia. all the others flopped. and of course "mr. critical" simon cowell plays a role in the ratings. but thats just my theory of why this show keeps coming back every season. maybe one day well get a break.
  • Everybody whines that Sanjaya hasn't gone home yet. I personally dislike him but someone out there is voting for him.

    What is it about Sanjaya? Is it the hair? Is it a young man with a audience of teenies voting for him? I don't get it. I find it disappointing that not only is he returning every week but the guy doesn't even hit the bottom 3. I would like to sit here and join in on the "I hate Sanjaya" parade but whats the point. There are far more people voting for him then I can even pretend to believe. My point is: instead of complaining that he hasn't gone home yet I'd like to maybe just suggest that people start voting for those they really think should move on weekly.
  • Sanjaya has to go. This show is about singing not a want to be singer. Shave you face and be clean at least.

    Sanjaya Go Home. The others have talent and its a shame to see them eliminated one by one because this little kid thinks he can make it. I'm sure if he wins no one sign him up and if because of a contract no one will buy his records.
    Go home Sanjaya, bow out, now have some pride.
  • i dont care for this season....

    This season did not catch my interest what-so-ever. i think that they kicked off there best on already for this year, and what in the world is Sanjya still doing in there???? i think he should have been booted and kicked aside. So far the Best American Idol yet was last year....and they still made a mistake by kicking Chris off instead of Katherine. yes yes she was good....but not as good as Chris...Taylor was ok...i liked his attitude more than anything though. All in all american idol is pretty good...but i was rating upon this seasons finalists. To be perfecty honest i dont like any of them. Im with Simon this season....everyone needs to toss away there singing career.
  • It was always a mediocre but glamorous show.

    Nothing has changed. The Show has always been what it was, A glorified, but glamorous, karaoke contest with a 3 dysfunctional, but individually interesting Judges. The acerbic, blunt speaking Simon Cowell, the unintelligible but sugary sweet Paula Abdul and the experienced, but annoying "dawg" Randy Jackson.

    Last night Haley Scarnato got the axe, proving it takes more than "great legs" to win a singing contest. But it might have very easily been Phil Stacey, whose living on borrowed time.

    Only 4 singers are true contenders. Melinda, Lakisha, Jordan and Blake. It would be a shock if anyone else won.
  • This show used to be my absolute favorite. I couldn't wait for Janaury to come around - Idol time was something worth waiting for after the holidays. Now I feel like I'm wasting my time and my votes. Because of Sanjaya.

    This show used to be my absolute favorite. I couldn't wait for Janaury to come around - Idol time was something worth waiting for after the holidays. Now I feel like I'm wasting my time and my votes. Sanjaya is a joke. The judges keep saying that America is voting for him and it's our fault. I say: to heck with that. The judges shouldn't have put him through in the first place. He wasn't all that in the beginning. There were many that they let go that were unbelievably better than the 24 that were brought before the public vote.

    So Simon, Randy and Paula ... you have only yourselves to blame for Sanjaya still being in the competition ... and for me changing the channel.
  • Change the way we all vote next year this show is making me crazy.... Sanjaya needed to be voted off weeks ago

    I really like this show but come on people... this years it sucks. I just hope that they change the way we all vote next year. This has got to change.... i do understand it is not all little girls but the press that are making people vote for the worst singer i have ever heard... it is makeing a joke out of the show. I just think we all should only have one vote per land line or cell phone.
  • So STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    This show is the worst show ever created in the history of TV. It's so bad I rather shove a lightbulb up my butt or eat a lightbulb this show is the worst for reasons like Simon Cowell you b!@#$%^ what you can't be nice to one horrible singer and Ryan Seacrest you freak you shouldn't be on TV you freak because you hog the TV from everyone. The creators need to work on some better shows how about this try some sit-coms you crazy b!@#$%^s how about trying to make shows people actually watch. The only good singer they ever had was Ruben Studdard.
  • Loved idol...Sanjaya is ruining it!

    I have been an avid fan of AI since my youngest son got me started on it during the 2nd season. I thought it was one of the best "talent" shows since the one I watched when I was growing up. This season is proving to be the worst I have ever had the misfortune to be discouraged by. I truly don't feel that it is a singing competition this season. Yes, for me Sanjaya is the cause of the decline of the show. One fault that I have seen with the show since its beginning is the fact that the vote for the contestants isn't limited to one vote per fan but rather as many votes as you are will to sit and punch in over the 2 hour period. Since all of the Indian subcontinent has the same access and "Americans", they are sending Sanjaya sailing to final and I am totally ill from it. He seems to be a nice enough guy but the talent of the singing contest clearly rests with other contestants...including those who have be voted off already. If Sanjaya makes it a few more weeks in the competition, I probably won't return to the "saga" of AI for any more disappointment.
  • Read Review!

    American Idol is suppose to be the number one show in America, but my likeness towards it has started to fade. The, past two seasons (6 and 7) have not been what I expected. For example, last year Chris got voted off because Kathrine had looks and Taylor Hicks had dance moves. However, they had really no singing talent. Taylor Hicks, was a failure because his CD didn't sell. It hurt the shows popularity because of it. Also, the past couple of seasons, a large amount of people have be voting for the worst person to be funny. There is nothing funny about ruining someone's chances if they deserve it. This example of these group of voters has to do with Sanjaya. I am not saying that he's not talented, but their are more deserving people on the show that are getting voted off because of it. Finally, the show's judges!?!? Personally, I think Paula adds fun and spice to the show and there trying to replace her. Also Symon needs to get a fashion raincheck. Hello! It looks like he wears the same thing every show. Ricky just says the same thing Paula says without really any encouragement.
  • i like american BUT SANJAYA SUCKS!!!

    i love american idol but the people arent as good as they use to be. i dont know why but people arent that good anymore. its just this year its a "diffrent" group on there.i think its a pretty good show. i watch it when im really bored. i really think that blake dude is cool. the one that does beat box. melinda is pretty good. so is lakisha jones. like randy says she's in the dog house lol. i do not like sanjaya . but if u hate sanjaya post me a comment for this review. i like american idol but rember not sanjaya.

    This season of american idol is a little bad with that bad Sanjaya not getting voted off so the people who can sing are getting voted off when Sanjaya needs to be voted off. Some of the good contestants are Jordin Sparks,Haley Scarnato and there is just one bad one i can think of off the top of my head is Sanjaya would you just not vote for him. Last week on the top 9 Gina Glocksen went home a really talented singer being sent home way to early. So if you take this to heart don't vote for SANJAYA vote for one of the other talented idols
  • good enough to add to my favorites, but definately needs some work.

    I've never been against american idol, but I'm starting to not appreciate it that much. I sing all the time, i take voice lessons, and everything, and all my friends always tell me, 'oh my gosh, when you get older you should soooooo try out for american idol. you could easily win.' And I acutally got my hopes up. Then the thing with Sanjaya came up, and my friend told me about I looked at it about Sajaya, but then I looked at the section called The truth about the auditions or something like that. I always knew that the audtitions werent exactely fair but wow this explained a lot. I am never going to audition now; its a complete and total waste of time. Read it and you'll see why. Look around the site and more secrets are told. Everyone thinks American Idol is totally innocent, but it isn't. I personally think the director is evil. Although I'm not saying that I hate the show. I love it. Its just getting a bit annoying.

    What can I say about American Idol! It's amazing! SImon is my favorite he does tell the honest and I usually agree with him. Randy has to stop with the same old "It wus aight faw me dawg" lol always the same. Paula is just to nice and it is pretty annoying when she knows she has to say something bad so covers it up with "first of all y- you you look beautiful!" lol once again same old same old. But then again the show wouldn't be such a classic without the defining personality of each judge! My personal favorites have been Lakeisha, Kelly P, Lisa T and Chris D!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!
  • Sanjaya needs to be voted off, he is waisting a lot of his friends talent, he & his friends should be a shamed of how thay are trying to win, this is not a good sport this is cheating to have all those people call that many times. The boy can not sing.

    Has anyone thought about, what if he wins? This whole show will be a joke. At first I tought he was a joke but now it is getting pretty bad, good voices and persons are going home. In all rights he should have went home tonight, as far as that goes he should have went home a long time ago. This is not how you win, you are cheating. This is a competition and he does not have the talent to win, all he has is the devises to rig this talent show. I am surprised that the judges have not said anything yet. I know thay have to put a lot of time and energy in the show man what a waist. I feel you have lost control on this one. How did he get-in, in the first place? If Sanjaya wins I know I will stop watching because it is just not fare.
  • YUM!!

    I can't get enough of this show. It has been on for a while, and is still going strong. I love the selection of judges, the host, and the tasks and things the performers deal with. It is so dramatic and so riveting!!!!!!!! It always keeps you watching!!! This season, is a bit different though. I don't know why. I think this year everyone is much younger and some not at all talented!!! Some of my personal favs. from the show, would be Blake, Lakisha, Melinda, Chris, Jordin, Geena,and PHIL!!!! If fricken Sanjaya, or that hoochy girl don't get voted off, I will have a fit!!!!
  • One of the best shows to watch every week with family and friends.

    I love watching American Idol. I have been a huge fan ever since the 1st season. Every season, the show is always great. All of the contestants on each season are doing a great job. Every night, it's hard to decide who to not vote for as much.
    I even have a website I have made about the show. I collect American Idol items all the time. I save every article and pictures on the show and on the contestants. I have every cd they put out for every season. Plus I have Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, Kimberley Locke, Diana DeGarmo, Fantasia, Bo Bice, Carrie Underwood, William Hung, Taylor Hicks, and Katharine McPhee albums. I also plan to get Chris Daughtry album, and I'd like Elliott Yamin's album, Josh Gracin, and so many more I would love to someday get. Making it to the top 12 is very hard to do, and I think the contestants should be happy they made it that far in the competition. Every week, it's really sad to see the contestants be voted off, but keep in mind, that someday down the road, most of them will be releasing their debut album, and possibly even going on to starring in other tv shows or movies.
  • what are you talking about

    To may it may concern
    I think that the judge are very highly racist. And the voting isn't fair. Because when a white sing the judges don't have alot of nice things to sayed. But when another idol get up there and everyone know they messed up the judge still give them a high praise. And they need to get rid of the freak. Because the last three weeks that boys sunjiya should of been out weeks ago. But somehow he figure out how to stay. And the wrong one are being put out of the show. Like Simon sayed people much have the T.V. muted when he sing so they can't hear him sing. So I think people feel sorry for him. Because that boy can not sing.

    Steven Gale DeWitt
  • This show is so addicting-

    Blake or Melinda is going to win- Blake is the best, I luv his beat boxing, and dancing. Each week I can`t wait to see what Sanjaya is going to do with his hair- even though I don`t think Sanjaya should be on the show- he can`t sing that good. Everyone else is pretty good, but all the good singers are getting kicked off, instead of the bad singers- not bad, but not good- Sanjaya. Melinda is also a very good singer, she has a good chance of winning, and I hope either her, or Blake win! VOTE 4 BLAKE L.
  • Review

    Lets face the facts - the only reason this show is even slightly good is for the bad performances by some of the people that come out to audition and the fact the Simon Cowell is just a mean guy. Simon keeps the show together, I dont care what anyone says. If Simon were to leave the show American Idol would lose massive ratings points and would go under in a few seasons, if not the season he decides not to return. Without the bad singers you have led in to the actual good parts of the show. The funny part of the show are the auditions and then everything after that is simply a guilty pleasure. There are a few hidden gems in the final 12 once it gets down that far. Singers like Clay and Ruben as well as Daughtry were fun to watch in there seasons. Overall, I think you need a very strong group in the final 12 to stay interested, otherwise this show is just for music lovers.
  • SAnjaya is the worst!

    Sanjaya is the worst, he hasnt shown any talent, or improvement. This stuff about being nervous doesnt cut it, the others are judged on their talent not how nervous or young they are. Some changes need to be made, for instance, only one vote or text vote per person. This can be monitored by caller I.D. What is stopping someone from texting 1000 times in the two hours allowed for the same person? My wife and I cant believe how others who were a lot better than him already went home. How did Sanjaya make it past the auditions? Was it bacause of his hair? Not good enough, this show was supposed to be about singing talent, which Sanjaya clearly does not have. Simon said it all the little girl crying after he sang is how we all felt! How can america be voting for him when T.V news say he is terrible, talk shows say he is terrible, and all the radio shows say how bad he is! So who is voting for him? Have the numbers been verified? I saw a web site that said vote for Sanjaya and get $500 I was shocked! Is this how he is getting his votes? If so he should be disqualified. What about Howard Stern starting some of these problems? can the show take any legal action against him for trying to fix the outcome of the show? I think the judges should have some final say in the vote , Because of problems like this.
  • A Great Show

    Simon, Randy, and Paula are judges in this show that judge singers trying to become American Idol. Americal votes for their favorite after everybody gets done singing. At first they have tryouts in major cities around North America and pick the ones that can sing, then the ones that made it sing on a stage in 3 people a group, after that they have gotten it down to 24 where America gets to start voting, then they get it down to the final 12 where you also get to vote. They send one person home each week till they get their winner.