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  • Contestants compete to be the next big star, the "American Idol".

    Didn't start watching this show until the Fantastia/Diana season...(Diana so should have won by the way) The Carrie Underwood year I watched all the way through, same with last year....but I'm getting bored...It was fun the first time, and the auditions are still funny but no one will EVER top Carrie Underwood...she is the American Idol. Not that loser Taylor Hicks...(majorly annoying) If you've never seen this show before then it may be a thrill for you but for those of us who've been watching it forever it's getting old and getiing a little boring to watch. It needs a change
  • My fav. preson is Blake Lewis so far this seson.

    so far almos everyone sucks like thay cant sing, I love it when Chris Richardson sang the geek in pink and deticated it to his grandma, I tought it was so funny becouse who would deticate that kind of song to there grandma. And sadly to say I think simon is so funny and like no one likes him, I just don't get it. And sanjaya malakar can't sing I don't get why hes still in the comitison it sounds like hes singing out of his nose. My fav. girl is Melinda Doolittle she has to be one of the best girl singers so far.

    Tonite I think that sanjaya is going to go home.
  • "Wierd"

    Last Seasons were ok, but this season the people cant sing! The people are not very starry. By starry I mean they do seem like the typacle celebrityies. Maybe one CD, but it probally wont sell too much. That sounds ssso weird comeing from someone who cant sing, but even The Judges said they were not as good as the other American Idols. I like the show, but it sometimes it is too boring. Boring! i mean, the voices are not exciting! Id rather see my friend who can see fairly sing on the stage. Um... is that it? Yes, it is BORING
  • Guys need to go. Fill the time with talented girls.

    I am amazed that the judges ever found the guys to be worthy of performing on the show. How did that happen!! Some
    of the girls actually have talent and I would enjoy listening to them all the time but the guys need to go as soon as is humanly possible. I look forward to Wed. night when the girls sing and dread Tues. night when the guys perform, my wife makes me watch both nights. This season should, for sure, be won by a female contestant. If that is
    not the case then someone is way off in the head!
  • american idol

    American idol used to be a pretty cool show. it has brought a few stars. some example of these few stars are um.. uh.. well.. actually just one real star
    Kelly Clarkson from season 1
    during the first season, every one was so excited about american idol. they all loved it.
    now, it has just gotten old and repeditive. no one really watches it any more. it has lost its appeal and its talent. none of the contestants are good anymore. the only good part is when the entrants suck. they are funny to make fun of that is the only reason i give this show higher than a 6.
  • I just started watching this show around the middle of last season and I was hooked. I even got my mother to watchs. I think it is definitly one of the better reality shows out there.

    This show is really good and I like on how the show isn't all serious because I am not a serious person at all. This show is very interesting because it can make me feel happy, sad, nervous, and a lot of other emotions that most shows can't do. Also because the judges all have very different but simalar tastes in music it makes it fun to watch them disagree with eachother and also I love Ryan Seacrest with a passion. Another reason why this show is really good is because you get attached to the people and don't want them to leave so if they become famous even if they don't win you have new music to listen to which is awesome. Like how I loved Elliot from last season and I was so sad that he was voted off and was also surprised on how many people voted for him and not Taylor. I cried so much but at the same time I was proud on how far he got and now he has a CD coming out really soon, which I can't wait for! The last reason is this show has made me like a lot of different types of music because if I like the song I just go and download it and put it on mu iPod. So overall this is a really great show and is very intersting.
  • Boring, this was just plain boring...

    I found myself yawning half-way through the show, kept waiting for something good to happen, but no suck luck for me!
    No doubt in my mind that this season we'll have a female American Idol. Not that all the boys are bad, but so far none have them has actually made an impression on me. The girl's night is basically the only reason I'm watching the show right now...
    The boy's top 8 performance will probably stick in my mind as "The Great Bore" night. Wrong song choice (some of which I didn't even recognize), mediocre vocals and unremarkable performances will probably be the defining theme of this episode (IMO anyway). Chris Sligh is and probably will be my favorite guy this season, but I can't wait to see how the girl's show this week will turn out. They won't have to work too hard to keep up with the boys, that's for sure.
  • This is actually the only reality show I like...

    I enjoy some of Simon's comments but only when he is being spunky and not mean. It really is an interesting reality show to watch some people and get up there and say they can sing and then they open their mouths, and people are like umm...maybe you should think twice before doing this. That's not to say that some people don't genuinely believe they can sing when they can't it's just that I think some people would have already been told that they can't but I guess not. Anyway, I like Paula and Randy on the show as well. I like Paula more than Randy though. I enjoy watching the auditions in front of the judges and it can be fun to listen to them sing as they go into the final rounds of the show. Hmm...that's it.
  • American Idol is a great show that gets better each season. It is the most appealling of all other reality shows because it instills hope, wishes, and dreams of achievement for others and allows the viewer to go along for the ride.

    And as with most exciting rides, you can't wait to stand in line again to get that high over and over again. AI encompasses the American way...strive for your goal and the reward is your ultimate dream coming true.But it keeps you humble because YOU did not do it alone, the American public helped you thus validating your success. Thus giving everyone a vicarious '15' minutes of fame.Look at Jennifer Hudson, she was voted off...yet American takes credit for her fame. I look for politicians to invent a new slogan....." As American as hot dogs, apple pie, and American Idol!"
  • American Idol - the big daddy of talent tv shows

    I love all of the singing talent search shows here in the UK:

    X Factor, Fame Academy and used to watch the Pop Idol ones too. I never really got into American Idol until this season. I knew that Kelly Clarkson won and Taylor Hicks but that’s about as far as my knowledge went.

    This season I have watched from the start and I have to say that it's fantastic. The best part of it by far is the preliminary auditions and watching the crazy people that actually think they're good, feel the wrath of the Judges especially our very own Simon Cowell.

    Great Show!
  • Music, Talent, Youth and The American Way appear when this show rallys each season! Revel in The Delusional, The Original and Root for The Underdog.

    Addicted to American Idol(AI). I got hooked midway in the 2nd. season. Loathing Reality shows in general; I resisted what appeared to be POP music gone Amuck! An oxymoronish affair IT IS! However, American Idol CELEBRATES diversity, music, talent, youth and the Underdog, truly the "'Ol American Way"! I adore Simon, Paula, Randy & their mixin'it up. Hands down there is nothing more hilarious than the early Delusional Auditions=QUIET RIOT! How can anyone chide such a beautiful ride to stardom for the past finalists. Any opportunity to honour and inspire talent should be relished in REALITY TV!
  • I don't even know why this is even considered a reality tv show. It should be called un-reality tv.

    They say that this is a reality show. However, I strongly disagree with this. While some of it is real, it really is fake in a lot of ways. What's the reasoning behind this you ask? Well, it's simple- stupid greedy producers who don't care for people or their dreams of singing! First off, at the beginning of the auditions shows, they show a gigantic crowd of people just waiting to make it big. You'd expect that all these people would see the judges, right? Wrong!!!! First, people are crammed into stadiums in order to meet the producers. Then, the producers call up people row by row and they come and audition for them (the producers). When the process is done, the producers will have narrowed it down from about 11,000 or some what people to about 800 or something, based on how pretty or handsome or weird the contestants are, which increase ratings for the show which in turn, gives money to the greedy producers that don't even deserve a dime of it. Then, those contestants are ushered into rooms and audition for some more producers and the comtestants are narrowed down to 300. Then, those 300 go and audition for the judges and then a small amount of those people get to go to Hollywood (oh, and by the way, instead of making it seem like a week before the contestants go to Hollywood, they actually have a month go by before they get to go, oh the lies TV gives us). Then, all 11,000 contestants are forced to sign contracts making them swear not to mention the part about auditioning before the producers and are probably bribed to seal the deal. I've learned all this from the Internet. Also, the voting is probably rigged in order to make a favorite contestant of everyone's to win the competition, which in turn, increases money and profits for the greedy producers. I feel sorry for Randy, Paula and Simon for being payed and forced to make mean remarks about singers who couldn't get a record deal even if they tried.. They have much better things to do than be bossed around by producers who only want money. I also feel sorry for Ryan Seacrest. This is why this reality tv show should be eradicted from this planet. Wait, did I say reality tv? I meant the fakest piece of garbage tv. But, some of the clips from the show are a bit funny, so I'll give it a two.

    I dont know about everyone else but im sick to death of reality tv rubbish, they should have killed this off years ago.

    I have to admit I have watched it at the beginning to see all the crap singers but who carries on watching it after it starts getting serious.

    I really dont like the way tv is at the moment when its just one reality program after another, when are they going to start making original tv.

    This show is ruining the music industry, anyone can buy their way to the top. People watch this then go out like zombies and buy the cd, stop this cycle please.
  • Although some people may think it's lost its spark, it's still as awesome as ever!

    I started watching American Idol in season three (yay Fantasia Burrino!), and ever since then, I've been addicted to this show. I always hate to see a season end, and I sometimes find myself shouting at my television when someone I like has been voted off (Chris Daughtry, for instance).

    Unfortunately, some people are less-than-fond of this season (some nonsense about the judges being too mean), and I fear that it will be cancelled after the season's finished. Hopefully the ratings will go up, and I can rest easy, knowing that American Idol will be around for, hopefully, a few years longer. What I really love about this show, is that normal people (some of whom have led less-than-fortunate lives) can have their chance at stardom. Before this show, you'd have a better chance of walking on the moon than getting a career in singing. But thanks to American Idol, people have a chance to live their dreams.
  • this is a pretty decent show....hense my classification for it...i havent really watched the first few seasons..i pretty much started watching it last 2 seasons ago..carrie underwood! yeaa!..nd there r some things i like about it nd some things i dont.

    i've never really watched this show until carrie underwoods season! which was awesome! nd even then i didnt watch ALL of it...i've never seen a WHOLE season of american idol yet...i WAS up to date w/ this season so far...but after the auditions i kept forgetting it was im gonna try to keep on track w/ it but idk..i guess that proves that its not my favorite show...i love the fact that it gives people the chance to finally get discovered nd i actually liked some of the winners [kelly clarkson;carrie underwood]..the thing i dont like is that it also really crushes nd humiliates ppl..i mean yea thats life but why put it on national television...nd i know simons just doing his job nd telling it like it is but i think he could be a little more decent..i mean c'mon..he's handling peoples passions nd sure if it were him up there he'd like a little respect..props to all the ppl who tried their best nd didnt make it but r still striving to full-fill their dreams.
  • Great singer in a great show

    I begin to watch American Idol at the season 4, i love this show at the first minute, to explain i'm french and i watch also " A la recherche de la nouvelle star " it's the french name of american idol. and the quality of singer in france is poor. My favorite contestant is taylor Hicks is has a really good voice.
    for the show the host ryan seacrest is ver very good, and i want to know where he find his clothes because they are beautiful.
    So long life to the show and i hope many debuts career
  • If bad singing, anoying judges and peoples dreams being dashed with witty comments are for you, you'll love this show.

    This is a show that since it first aired has been on my most hated list. The singers are always horrible, which isn't to bad, if singing were something on the side, but its not. Its the whole show. The competition is also a mockery of real professionals. People who are in music for real are NOT like those simpering nit wits. The whole concept is also stupid because you can't make hype from auditions, as much as people in the music Bizz would like. People never know who or what their going to like. (For instance, William Hung, who didn't even make it past the first audition is the only person who was ever on the show who I can remembers name. He was kinda cute, too.) So, I hate this show. I don't think anyone should watch it, unless maybe as back ground noise.

    I give it a 3 for Hung, a negative 7 for the show itself.

  • Many people will fight for it... but only 1 will make it!

    I think this is a great show. I like it how people with the less confidence and great voices have made it to the end. I think those of you with big egos should just go home cus you guys wont make it. I love the songs these people pick, but i dont think I like Simon very much... Oh well, we still need him for judging. I Like this show a lot, I have high hopes for those of you that have great voices, In some way, you all will win. This show truly is great, you might get the chance of your life!
  • waste of my time

    i can't stand these this perfect attempts to make people famous. the winners are a waste of time and energy, they camo out with one song and thats they last we hear of them. the songs are rubbish and last for about two weeks... why do they keep doing these silly shows? really can't they just let people with talent be discuffered naturally, the best ones on the show usually get voted of just before the final and thats because the voters are really going for the ones they fancy and not the ones who will probaly give us more, i say forget these silly talent shows and watch something thats going to leave something with u. i dont recommend this to anyone. total of 3. xxx
  • Back off Simon...

    I could watch Simon Cowell for the next 20 yrs and only love & adore him even more each year..And Ryan Seacrest really needs a hobby since all he can do is throw daggers at Simon.Makes one think Ryan has a boring sex life because he spends so much time focusing on Simon's every move.
    Simon Cowell is who he is and acts in the manner is which he is best suited for,and being an outspoken person is not a bad thing,just some people have a hard time handling the truth.That part is not for Simon to worry about,the other person should think about why he gave such a review and then make it better the next time around if they are lucky enough to get a next time.
  • Did Ryan Seacrest forget to thank Simon Cowell for being on the show?

    I must say that I am still a sucker for American Idol. I love to speak my opinions aloud even if I am the only person at home at that moment. I can become quite emotional concerning those who are left behind week by week. Great stuff.

    Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul don't like to be rude or unpopular, I believe, so tend to be a little repetitive and wishy washy sounding. Ya ya....Pitchy. Thank goodness Simon Cowell is not afraid to do his job, which is to tell these performers where they are weak, what they need to work on. Why his remarks are taken as personal critisisms, I'll never know. Were I up on that stage, I would want the truth. How can one improve if everyone around you is telling you that you are great? I believe it is called constructive critisism, which is what I'll call this statement. Please .... PLEASE!! Can't someone tell Ryan Seacrest to stick with his script? After tonight, I would say that he should be thrown out on his ear. He was discourteous, insolent, and juvenile in showing, so blatently, his dislike for Simon Cowell. Ryan Seacrest obviously does not understand subtlety in showmanship. If those of you behind the scenes have OK'd this uncouth fool's actions; shame on you. If during the next show Ryan Seacrest is still present; or if present, does not appologize to Simon Cowell and the viewing audience, then I will no longer view American Idol. This is how disgusted I am.

    We will see.
  • What is happening to American Idol?

    I have been watching American Idol for about three years now and I seriously think that last years' was the best of all!! As soon as Taylor Hicks walked into the room playing his hermonica I was sold, I knew he would be it. But Chris Daughtry was awesome too. It was a toss up between them. This year just seems bla. Non of the contestants really hit me with the thought of 'they are the next American Idol'. I don't really know what it is. No one unique, different, good, having fun. Really wish I could see more of Taylor and Chris. Oh ya!! Simon is a lot nicer and Paula is still wacky. Have to love that even if the contestants aren't doing too well.
  • It's a different story every person has.

    When people try out for American Idol I think "How nerve racking ,how random the results come to be. Simon just keeps on giving mostly nos but everyong once in a while its a "yes". If I were to audtion I'd feel so nerves that I'd well I don't know what but I'd feel like I would about to faint. Another thing is that the really close people who comeout with a no tend to cry. I know how they feel but I mean come on its just a TV Show plus if you get to the next level it does seem to me to be more likely to crack-up any way. But overall a good show.
  • Simon, Missing programming opportunities

    Whoever is producing this year's American Idol is missing a fantastic programming opportunity that is presenting itself in a big blue ribbon from the auditioning area.
    Why not take some of these outrageously naive & deluded contestants and make a "Big Brother" type of setup where they could spend 2 months together bouncing their thoughts and talents off of each other in a Habitrail environment. Heck, you could probably fill the house from Seattle alone (admit it...their schemes for lasting the longest and making alliances would be hysterical)! I know I personally wouldn't miss a second of it and I think there is a huge sleeper rating sitting out there for some network to take advantage of this bonanza program.
  • Talent Search!

    American Idol is mainly known to find the best out of the best singers in America. However American Idol is only entertaining during the auditions and the first couple weeks of singing competitions. American Idol should come up with new ideas of song choices and the style, at times the shows gets really boring because they repeat the same process each week. Singers sing, they get bad mouthed by the judges and then they get voted out by the viewers-- same process week after week. It is worth watching, for the first couple weeks and the auditions. Auditions are highly recommended to watch.
  • A unique method to bringing undiscovered talent to a pre-existing market and distribution chanel.

    The show's concept has revolutionized the process and means of creating a market for emerging artist. There are not many properties out there that come close to producing the dedicated and loyal fanbase as American Idol has. In addition to the intensely loyal viewing audience there is a seemingly evergreen post production revenue market for the talent that makes it deep into the show. The "idol' tours and success of some of the original artist at the annual award shows is a testimate to the success and profitablility of the enterprise. The unpredictable nature of the set-up and the antogonistic interactions of the judges makes for entertaining tv.
  • Feature Pre American Idol

    I love American Idol. Seems every body is discussing about American Idol but what about Pre Idol. The feature Idols. They could be feature American Idols if you boost them confidence. Also you can upload your video and test your self. Every one is not lucky enough to get in Idol completions. There could be lots of reasons. Such as you are good singer but you sings during showers only, lack of confidence and you don’t to get embarrass in front of other people.
    Its pre idol where every body have chance to test them talent, performance and voice.
  • Auditions r the best

    Hey, i dont even have a guess on who is going to be the next american idol. I havent really been able to watch the show yet, with the exceptions of some of the auditions. HA. It is really a good show for everyone. cuz if you dont like music or singing, well you can enjoy some MEAN CRUEL humor. It is fun to pick the person you think should make it and see if they win. But anyway i have not gotten to see but two episodes so i have NO idea who is good or not. But I did get to see the "blonde bombshell" and her look a like mother and that made it all worth it.
  • Bailey Brown cut in Hollywood :-( The Judges made a BIG MISTAKE

    I think that the judges made a BIG MISTAKE by cutting Bailey Brown, she was one of the best singers there (Simon said so) and they cut her, luckily for Bailey Brown she will be picked up by someone else! However there are still some good singers that are still there and some singers that shouldnt be there. I will be suprised to see who the judges pick as there final twelve contestants. I wonder if the American Idol this year will superceede that of the past American Idols. This season should be interesting to see if this years success will be better than last years record breaking success.
  • A fun show to watch with friends.

    American Idol is amazing. It represents both the best and the worst in American Culture. It reflects the American Dream and gives people the opportunity to become a household name but it also emphasizes the fact that this is a dog-eat-dog world and that one has to struggle and fight to get to the top.

    My friends and I watch every week to analyze the judge's comments and decisions but I most enjoy the voting weeks. The voting represents democracy and allows America to choose who they would want most for an idol.

    After many weeks of laughter and tears, the moment to look forward to is definately the last episode in which the winner is announced.
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