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  • American Idol is a show where people who have nothing in their lives can become somebody. Even though the judges can be extremely rude or just flat out telling the truth it can only help those people in the long run. Great show!!!

    I love this show!!! Everytime the season is over I can't wait until it starts up again. Even though young Hollywood in my opinion is getting way too out of control but this show really adds some people to the singing and even acting fields. I really think that this show really shows you how if you are somebody that doen't see a lot of potential in yourself then by trying out for this show you can really give yourself a boost of confidence and maybe then see some potential for yourself a little later on in your life. Great Show!!!!
  • Why American Idol Works

    We have arrived at a point where American Idol isn't merely the most popular show on television — it's the most commonly consumed chunk of bittersweet pop culture in the nation. And like a lot of what we chew over, it can go down easy or make you gag. We all know the recipe for this remarkably sturdy soufflé: Take a few weeks of traveling the country shopping for contestants — mostly unappetizing, sometimes revolting, occasionally scrumptious. Narrow the ingredients to 12; shake them up by having them sing everything from Cole Porter to Queen; stir in the peppery, salty comments from a trio of critic-judges who behave like temperamental chefs. Place the results under hot lights and let 'em bake until America selects its favorite flavor. If Don McLean and Jason Biggs hadn't gotten to it first, its British importers could have called the result American Pie: It's warm, it's patriotic, and it smacks you in the face with either its brilliance or its unexpected shock.

    On May 10, shock prevailed when ''rocker dad'' Chris Daughtry was voted off Idol. In a masterstroke of understatement on a show that prizes bombastic excess above all, host Ryan Seacrest tossed off Daughtry's ejection as the second half of a run-on sentence that began with, ''A lot of people predicted, Chris, that you could be the next American Idol'' and ended abruptly with, ''Chris, you are going home tonight.'' It was a jaw-dropper from a series whose immense success — averaging 30 million viewers for both nights and hitting over 47 million voter calls two weeks ago — depends upon contrasting, contradictory elements. To take just a few -

    It's Fluff/It's Therapeutic Paul Weitz, writer-director of the recent, underrated movie spoof American Dreamz, said that the idea for combining an Idol-like contest with a George Bush-like president as guest judge came to him as he was spending his days stressing out over news about terrorism and his nights vegging out in front of the TV. Multimillions of folks probably approach Idol the same way. Its success suggests that, right now, we want less TV ''ripped from the headlines'' (sorry, Law & Order and bird-flu TV movies) and more entertainment that transports us to an alternate universe (also, by the way, the answer to the pop-quiz question, ''How is Idollike Lost?'').

    We can also remain pleasantly detached: It's fun to get worked up over the competition, knowing that the bottom line isn't anything as drastic as war or suffering, but a record contract and a concert tour.

    I'm a Critic/You're a Critic Idol also feeds the fantasy that everyone, not just Simon Cowell or a scrivener in a magazine, newspaper, or blog, can be a music critic. Chatter post-AI is as often about song choice, vocal range, and timbre as it is about fashion and glitz. I've said since the first season that Cowell is, give or take Roger Ebert, the only true critic on television, making shrewd pop distinctions between the quality of a performance and its chances of succeeding in the current music marketplace. And the pros do take notice. Francis Davis, an esteemed jazz critic whose books include Bebop and Nothingness, says that he watches every week, partly for fun and partly out of genuine musical curiosity. He thinks that Randy Jackson's much-derided neologism ''pitchy'' is ''exactly right. Bad pitch is the chief flaw in a lot of the vocals on the show.'' That, and what Davis calls ''the melisma epidemic'': the uncountable number of singers who think demonstrating skill means running up and down a few octaves and holding notes longer than David Blaine holds his breath. Davis is also drawn to the ''human drama'' of AI, for the way it can accomplish metamorphosis; he cites Clay Aiken, who he says went ''from shy nerd to androgynous egotist.''

    And like any phenomenon worth its pervasiveness, there are those who find AI despicable because, in their view, it renders all pop songs bland and indistinguishable. Greil Marcus, author of numerous cultural studies, including the finest single analysis of Elvis Presley's career — ''Presliad,'' a major section of his 1975 book Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock & Roll Music — says that the May 9 all-Presley edition of AI proved one thing: ''No question — Elvis is dead. Were he not, he would have killed them all.'' Marcus views Idol as ''a play in which people pretend to believe in what they're doing, but everyone knows they don't, which leaves everyone safe.''

    It's a Soap Opera/It's a Psychological Experiment Idol has the attenuated narrative pace of a soap opera. There is abundant repetition, so that anyone who's missed an episode can still follow the ''plot'': On Tuesdays, the contestants sing, and snippets of those performances are the end of the show. The next night, we see clips of the same songs again and Seacrest summarizes the comments made by Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Jackson. All the while, we become more ensnared in dramas either incited by the producers (why was there time on May 10 for Rebecca Romijn to ''spontaneously'' request a Taylor Hicks performance in the show's always too-tight 30 minutes?) or created by the public via website dither or the phone-vote tally. Idol also illustrates examples of behavioral psychology. Viewers absorb the visual and verbal clues from the judges and Seacrest, and pick up on the night's pet favorite. I'm not saying millions then take those signals and apply them unthinkingly to their votes — in many cases, as with Cowell's barely suppressed leers at and articulated cheers for, first, Becky O'Donohue and, more recently, Katharine McPhee, voters probably try and prove their independence and vote against a contestant.

    American Idol is, then, a sped-up democracy-meritocracy. Whiplash backlash. Idol worship and idle amusement. D.H. Lawrence may as well have been thinking of Taylor or Fantasia or Ruben when he wrote, in an essay about American idolatry, ''The soul has many motions, many gods come and go.'' Which of these mortal gods — which idols — will come and go next week?
  • No one knows I'm watching this.

    American Idol is my guilty pleasures show. I tried not to get into it, but I ended up watching it anyway. I've watched all of the sixth season so far, and I'll probably end up watxhing all of it to the very end. I love watxhing the audition rounds. I like seeing all of the pople that can sing good and, all the ones that really shouldn't be there in the first place. It's fun listening to the judges' comments. I love Simon. He's that guy that you just can't help but love. He's blunt and to the point with everyone.
  • American Idol is no "Idol"

    The show needs to change its image. First of all, talent and not looks, gimmics, or favoritizm should count when deciding potential talent. Go back to 2006 Idol. Go back to 2005. Bo was the people's choice but the Idol image wasn't rock but the "Down home mush that we eat so well! " Thus, Carrie Underwood! Cute in a Country setting without the stand out talent to go with it. It's kinda like Anna Nicole...(all cover with nothing inside) for last year, who picked the grey haired guy? It sure wasn't me......what a joke that is. He will never be a superstar and that's a fact. Kelly Clarkson is just another example of no talent. Simon picked her but you just can go so far with the looks without a voice. That was a mistake that needed correcting and for once it was the public that had the choice to get her off the show and she lasted till nearly the end. Doesn't that tell us something as to how things work?
  • American Idol is a chance for a nobody to become a somebody.

    American Idol is a singing competition. Each year, they go around to major cities and people audition to become the 'American Idol'. They are judged my Paula, Simon, and Randy, who sometimes can get on your nerves. They are sometimes very insulting and rude, and at other times, very true. I think the problem with this show is that they show too many bad people in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, it's always amusing to see some of the people audition, but they don't really show any of the good people until after Hollywood. I prefer to watch the show when it comes down to the final 12 and you get to vote. I, persoanlly, do not always vote, but I am sure a lot of others enjoy voting for their favorite. The winner gets a record deal, and usually the runner up does as well, ever though they lack the title 'American Idol'. It's still a decent show to watch. but could get on your nerves.
  • So wrong it's great!

    Let me begin by saying, does anyone not have this listed as their "guilty pleasure?" If you don't, you're lying.

    I didn't get into the hype that was "American Idol" until the season two finale when I watched Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard battle it out for the title of "American Idol." After watching this, I thought that there actually were some very talented and undiscovered singers in America. So, maybe I'll tune in next season. Well, I've been hooked ever since and have only missed a handful of shows. While I do love the show, the competition, the judges and the contestants, I think that the show has taken a slight turn for the worse in its current season. The audition process thus far has alienated fans because they think that Randy, Paula and Simon are being too cruel to the contestants. I agree that they have been more harsh this season, but the contestants are the ones who chose to audition and know that it's a possibility that they'll be on television.

    Overall, the show is fun and families can watch it together. What's not great about that?
  • Read my review for more information.

    American Idol is a sensation all over the United States. It's a singing competition. What's so special about that? You might ask. Well, this is a singing competiton between people all over America. Some are good, some are bad, and some you'll just have to see to believe! Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, one of the most popular television personalities of this era, and judged by 3 different judges. 1. Randy Jackson- This big guy has a soft center. SOMETIMES!
    2. Paula Abdul- She's really nice. TOO NICE!
    3. Simon Cowell- This brit says exactly what's on his mind. Even if it's mean.

    Now if that doesn't make you want to watch it, I don't know what will.
  • Good show...

    This is pretty good show, but Simon is a whole lot meaner . He's too harsh ! But he tells it like it is, so no complaints here . Paula's nice...and she has good hair... :P. Randy... he just laughes at everybody . It's so rude, but it's so funny. This show is also good if you really need a good laugh . One audition can just make your day . A whole bunch have made mine . To me, auditions are either funny, good, pitiful, or just plain WRONG !!! (btw if anyone you know wants to audition, and you KNOW they can't sing... tell them. It's okay to be embarrassed in front of a few people, but an ENTIRE country is just sad.)
  • One of the best Shows On Tv!

    This, show 'american idol' is soo awesome! You cant turn around during this show its tottaly great! Its one of athe best shows ever I am not suprised that this Show will last about 20 seasons its a great way to become famous! and too show u have skills like Chris Daughtry and of Course Kelly Clarkson and If you make it far u ge a record deal you'll be happy to watch this show anyway its awesome for those who haven't seen it yet change to fox on Tuesday and Wendsadays at 8 You'll be suprised in how Great it is!!!!!!! Love it
  • Awesome!

    i didn't watch the first season, and i only watched the end of the 2nd, but then I like watched it all the time. It is so funny and great! Even though i do not vote it rocks! I do not know why but i just think it is awesome and can not help it! I just love watching it. I am excited about this season, it is crazy so far. I can not wait for more episodes. I have no idea what is going to happen so i am excited! Americal Idol is just the koolest! O yea! you know it!
  • I like this show a lot.

    American Idol is a great show. The audition rounds are always my favorite. It's funny to see all the bad singers, but also all the good singers. Simon is my second favorite. I like the way he's always so...honest. Paula is my all-time favorite. She's so nice and cool. My favorite Idol winners were Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Hicks, although I thought Chris Daughtry should have won. He was such a good singer. I love his new song, "It's Not Over".
    Anyway, American Idol is a really, really great show. It's funny and it's full of entertainment. I love it!
  • Okay

    American Idol used to be really good but now they're trying to make it funny by putting through anybody who sings okay but is a idiot just trying to get on tv. They did have some good people like Chris Daughtry. I think there is a scam there is no freaking way that Chris didn't get as much votes as Kathrine Mcphee. And I found out that Simon had a show similar to this in England but he was actually the nice guy and that American Idol gave him more money to be the bad guy. Well hopefully they'll come back to what they used to be in the next season.
  • This show is crazy bro, funny as hell but sad at the same time. American Idol, is a talent search show, but it seems more like a soap opera haahahaha

    American Idol 6 so far has a nice start well not really we got chicks crying whinning and begging for a shot, that stuffs got to stop u know, they makin themself look bad, but anyways this is the show for real bro, cus simon is the man, hes honset and will tell u how he feels and more, randy is the follower, he basically follows what simon says or tries to be funny, just laughs. and paula is the dirtiest chick, wtf, this lady is tries to be sensual and nice but she is just like randy, a follower, i think the show rocks because even though alot of people cant sing, they still find their star in the end. U agree?
  • It's funny to see how some people actually think they have talent, when they're denied in front of millions, on the other side of a camera feed.

    My favorite part has to be the auditions, sometimes seing over 50% of the aired auditions being turned down. I think Simon is a little too rough, even though I'm never really outraged at his choices. I've seen every season, more of some than others, but remember each winner, in order. I also like seeing the end, to see who is the winner. I really hope they continue this show in the future,because it's fun to see people embarass themselves sometimes. I sometimes feel a little something when some don't win, and others I just watch and laugh like crazy.
  • Kinda for me I think it is sinking fast.

    Kinda for me I think it is sinking fast. It is sad to say that it is sinking fast because the one during 2005 (Season 4) was actually the best and nothing is much exciting now, although it could be given a chance and you know Season 6 might be even a whole lot better hopefully!
  • The best show to watch people make fools of themselves!

    I never really got into American Idol until this new season and my newly acquired DVR. I love the auditions because the judges' reactions are priceless. Plus now, I finally get to follow the entire show and find my own favorites. Plus it's all people talk about and now I can contribute my two cents when comparing favorite singers. From what I've seen, they have found quite a few good talents and I am very excited to see when the actual competition gets underway. I never actually watch it when it comes on, but since I have DVR, I'll be able to make up for lost time.
  • This show is Hit all across America. I love how this show is the real deal.

    In American Idol they actualy take in people to audition for the show and not only are you on the show to have fun and get famouse but you must compete in a series of battles from singing. Will the Judges like your singing. Probley not Simon Cowell he hardly ever like anything. Don't get me wrong he likes lots of peoples songs just not that many. The new season just started so who will be the next American Idol to win. I personaly love this show because you are actualy able to Audition to see if your a hit or if your very bad at singing.
  • A very funny show indeed!

    Many people try out so they can become pop stars. Of course, the auditions are the first step, and a lot of those people can't sing a lick! I've heard a lot of people who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with handles! Then they have to deal with Simon's insults because they're so bad. But even the ones with good voices get constructive criticism from Simon. Well, Simon is only being honest, and all the singers have to know if they're good enough or not, and they need to know what to work on to improve. Simon is HARSH but honest. And he's also English. English people are VERY honest people and they tell you the real truth. Take it from me. I'm English.

    I love American Idol. This is a good way to become a singer.
  • American Idol is an awesome show with a lot of excitement to find out who the next American Idol is, and produces many new stars.

    I started watching American Idol on the fifth season and ever since then, I have been hooked to this show. Simon Cowell is the best judge, cause he is honest. Randy and Paula are good, they just sometimes sugarcoat things with the singers. This show is a joy to watch, and to try to guess who the next American Idol is. I hope they make many many more seasons to watch and get new American Idols every year. American Idol is an awesome show with a lot of excitement to find out who the next American Idol is, and produces many new stars.
  • this show is hilarious!!!!!

    this show is hilarious. there are some pretty funny ppl who try out for american idle tht is what it makes soo good. at the end of the season the audiensve picks some good singer and they become famous and get to live out there dream. the audience gets fun entertainment and u also get the chance to vote for someone u want to win. some one gets to live there dream and aget a secon chance. this show is also hiarious when they have the fun to wathc and very interesting at times. this show is very good.
  • American Idol is a great show to watch! :)

    When I first started watching American Idol, I didn't like it all that much because I thought it was just another one of those shows that would get canceled after the first few seasons. When I heard Kelly Clarkson's music after she won, I completely fell in love with this show and I've been watching it since. This show is one of my personal favorites now. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson have been the most successful after winning in the finals and there music is spectacular. Alot of the runners up and the people that made it to the Top 12 have all had some luck in finding what they should do with there lives and if singing or acting was what they wanted. Chris Daughtry was voted off the show, but that didn't stop him from having a #1 album. He created his own band and is currently #1 on VH1's Top 20 Countdown. His song is so meaningful and I can't help but wonder if it has anything to do with his ride on American Idol. I'm looking forward to seeing the next winner and hoping that they would get as much success as the previous winners before that. Can't wait to watch the finals coming up this late spring! :)
  • You think your better?

    Ok i admit that having all the losers audition is pretty embaresing for them and watching them scream,yell,and shout out at the camera is just lame for them...but the show is about finding the best and all those that did not get in just aren't.

    Look at all hat American Idol has given the world ( Kelly Clarkson,Ruben studdard,Fantasia Berino,Carrie Underwood and the newest edition of Taylor Hicks)some have gone into acting and others into their call of singing but all the winners are 1st class singers and have talent.

    But the icing on my cake when I watch AI is seeing the lame-os think that they actually have a chance to sing to the world or that they are better than the best when they are clearly tone-deaf.

    I pity all those tuneless freaks of nature!
  • Yes i said trendsetter, its true because how many types of talent shows have you seen since this one?..Well anywho these poeple know they suck at singing,and slit their own throats. And I love every second of it...and Simon is honest...

    In my opinion this show is only for the auditions and the last episode. People are always saying that "oh Simon is soooooo mean!" thats honesty. People think they are good but they really suck...really. Simon knows what sounds good and I want to hear something good on the radio. Most people who tryout sound like a sack full of hungry wet cats being hit with a baseball bat. Now the only real problem that I have is ummmm ahhhh (think,think) oh got its not Ryan Seacrest,he knows how to do his job,its the fact thats sometimes they don't show enough good people singing. I like the show(in the beginning/tryouts)to see people screw up. People have to get rid of their false hope and realize the suck. Now the criticism can be a bit harsh like saying somthing like "Thank you for singing now I can't wait for death" or somthing harsh like that. But also remember that its a "competition" not a pagent show. Like I said people slit their own throats. So don't hate the judge hate the game, and the people that sing and suck and the people who go there just to go on T.V.. Also the people who say "Oh they are gona love me!" and when they get turned down they say "oh they don't know music!, who the hell are they?" So don't like it dont watch.
  • Its gone way to far!! Horrible people should not be able to try out!!!!

    I am so tired of seeing horrible people, looking for 5 minutes of fame on this show! Yes, I understand that if it was just good audition after good audition then it wouldnt be very interesting. But seriously, it's gone over board! I predict that if things do not start changing, American Idol will go down hill, and NOT be able to save itself. 'm going to continue to watch American Idol, I hope it gets better as the season continues. By the way, Simon is getting to become ridiculous, and VERY rude..... Its obnoxious. That is my opinion.
  • American idol is a great show because it give people who have a dream to become a singer a chance without having to start at the bottom. My favorite season was the fifth season becasue the person I wanted to win won.

    American idol is a great show because it give people who have a dream to become a singer a chance without having to start from the bottom. if I had to rait this show I would give it a 100 but sence it goes fron 1-10 I will give it a 10. American Idol forfills dreams for many people . like myself I would like to some day be a singer and maybe I probably will audition for American Idol because it will give me a chance at forfilling my dream. In conclusion, American Idol is the best show ever and it will always be a 10 in my book.
  • A singing compitition

    American idol sucks, There are a buch of people who think they can sing. When they get rejected they cry til they have to life left in them. Simon has gone to far, he can't make fun of someone who looks funny. He cant help that. American Idol is a joke. America votes out the best singers. Chris if more famous than Taylor. Clay is more famous than ruben. Its just dumb. American Idol is to mean to the contestants and should be ban for that. I don't apreciate the show at all. I watched it once and gave up on it. Its just... terrible.
  • Okay the first 20 weird people audtioning for american idol were remotly interesting but in my opinion the show never peaked and it never will.

    American Idol is very boring. Not to mention what kind of jerk insults people like Simon does. I'm sorry but what has this country come to if we need to see someone else get hurt or insulted in order to enjoy something. Plus the fewer reality shows the better. Pardon me for being old fashioned but i'd rather see actors acting than people who have no lives making a fool of them selves on tv. American Idol does at least only keep the people with some talent but still it's the same thing every week. I'd rather not spend an hour listening to people sing then get judged when instead i can look up who moved on and who didn't on the internet the next day. Also I'd rather see a talented artist creating their own songs than a good singer singing some song I've heard eight million times. The show just bores me. I understand some people liking it but come on how can so many people watch it. Get yourselves out of the trance while you still can. Besides, all those auditions ahead of time are set up by the producers. There is no way there are that many strange and stupid people who think they can sing and go through that kind of effort to get to audition. I mean some on. They probably audition eveyone ahead of time and then take some of the people that suck and give them some wierd thing to do on the show.
  • I enjoy the show; I enjoy the post-show discussions even more!

    American Idol has it's share of detractors and loyal followers. Love it or hate it, it is one of the rare shows that the entire family can enjoy together. Everyone has an opinion on music, and in our family we often find ourselves discussing the performances, debating the judges remarks and predicting "who will go home next week" and "who will win it all" throughout the week. Indeed, the show itself is almost secondary to the heated and sometimes hilarious discussions it invokes! Ryan, Randy, Paula and Simon have all become caricatures of themselves, but it is nevertheless interesting to witness new talent trying in earnest. It will be equally interesting, in years to come, to see how many American Idol finalists achieve successful careers.
  • The only part of this show I like is the auditions, the rest is kind of cheesy with the posters and stuff. I have went past it and caught bits of it on occasion.

    I never liked this show because they took off Greg the Bunny when this show started, and I still don't really like much except the auditions. I also think Simon got funny from the other auditions I have watched. I don't catch whole shows but from the little bits of the just the audition parts Simon seems to be more funny than mean-spirited this year. I think they put some of the people past that suck for entertainment, and drop some good people sometimes, which isn't good. This show is really like MTV it's not really for adults. I think the auditions is the only part that is kind of for adults, because you see these people who are still on there that you know are horrible, and you know that they have to know that they are horrible singers as well.
  • Whoo!

    This show is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very funny. You should really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really reall really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really watch it.
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