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  • I enjoy the show; I enjoy the post-show discussions even more!

    American Idol has it's share of detractors and loyal followers. Love it or hate it, it is one of the rare shows that the entire family can enjoy together. Everyone has an opinion on music, and in our family we often find ourselves discussing the performances, debating the judges remarks and predicting "who will go home next week" and "who will win it all" throughout the week. Indeed, the show itself is almost secondary to the heated and sometimes hilarious discussions it invokes! Ryan, Randy, Paula and Simon have all become caricatures of themselves, but it is nevertheless interesting to witness new talent trying in earnest. It will be equally interesting, in years to come, to see how many American Idol finalists achieve successful careers.
  • The only part of this show I like is the auditions, the rest is kind of cheesy with the posters and stuff. I have went past it and caught bits of it on occasion.

    I never liked this show because they took off Greg the Bunny when this show started, and I still don't really like much except the auditions. I also think Simon got funny from the other auditions I have watched. I don't catch whole shows but from the little bits of the just the audition parts Simon seems to be more funny than mean-spirited this year. I think they put some of the people past that suck for entertainment, and drop some good people sometimes, which isn't good. This show is really like MTV it's not really for adults. I think the auditions is the only part that is kind of for adults, because you see these people who are still on there that you know are horrible, and you know that they have to know that they are horrible singers as well.
  • Whoo!

    This show is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very funny. You should really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really reall really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really watch it.
  • "American Idol" is a spin-off of the British reality show, "Pop Idol". It is a contest to find the next hidden singing talent in the United States. There are three Judges, who determines their advancement into later rounds, finals being voted by the fans.

    American Idol has long been a popular reality series and has entertained me the last couple of years. The high points of the show are obviously, for the those who have watched it, not the talented singers but the bad ones, some being REALLY bad. Now obviously some of the acts are obviously staged by the producers in order to make it interesting. However after years and years of watching the same sort of losers they show on the program, the concept and its entertainment value goes down due to its repetitiveness. The recent seasons have occassionally failed to live up to its hype. Simon, the most critical judge on the show, has lately become soft and less antagonistic as he used to be. He was one of the main factors that made and still makes the show popular however, if his ferocity level decreases it just makes it more uninteresting. How about airing some more of that juicy conflict or at least stage a couple to make it interesting, please... Unless some elements of the show are revamped in order to surprise the audience, I don't see FOX studios allowing this show to go on for another two years or so. Still, it is indeed a good show still and would be good to have the family around and watch and enjoy a few laughs. The show can be enjoyed by all age groups, and since all bad language is bleeped out, parents need not worry about supervising their child.
  • Its getting harder and harder for me to watch American idol...sorry to the crazy fans out there!

    This show really has "past its prime," I use to watch it ritually but now I just watch it if nothing else is on. I don't really like the show now because I have heard all these different people and have read all these different articles that say American idol is rigged and that people don't really have a say. I just don't really like it anymore to because the judges are extra mean this season and you hardly ever hear any constructive criticism. I think that this is such a mean show that is just on so people can watch other people get put down. Although there are some great singers on here I don't really like watching it, if I had to rate it 1 to 10 I would rate it a 6, bacuse when it gets to the whole singing competition who doesn't pick their own favorite!
  • Its about three judges and sometimes they bring a guest judge.To see who can become the next american idol by singing.

    This show is really funny during the auditions at the beinging of the. Its funny because that know that they can't sing unless they have some condition. But most of the people on the show try to impress simon cowell basicly because he's the meanest judge on the panel. People love to see simon go at it with anybody whether with the other judges or people who try to be the next american idol. My favorite person that won the show was kelly clarkson and my least favorite was really none of them. You can't help this show its the new phoneathon so please watch it.
  • Its about singers who audition to be the next American Idol, infront of Paula, Randy, and Simon. They are judged on their uniqueness, singing ability, and sometimes personality.

    I think american idol is one of the most unpredictable show ever. You can find some of the leading pop singers of tomorrow, and you can find the worst singers in the world. This season to me isn't my favorite, but I think america will be for a treat with some up coming singers, like the two best friends, the brother, and sister combo, and the jazzie singer. I think american idol has a different style to it, better then most reality shows, an that is why I think this show will continue to grow, bigger funnier, and just plain amazing.
  • its so funny to watch because the singers..........

    the singer you think you know if they can sing or not basicly itsa surprize to know you going to go on to the next level or anything i mean you get to chose who you want to be the next top star of america and only one can win out of like millions of millions of ppl who try out for the thing thinking that hey can sing its so funny and i watch it alot.
  • I find myself forgetting about it.

    This show started out great... then all of the sudden I found myself forgetting that it was on. I hate when that happens. I wish they would just pick a winner.

    I usually stop watching after the auditions. They need to make the competition part a bit more entertaining. If I do watch it after the auditions I end fast forwarding through half of it trying to find something interesting. There needs to be another element added to it. Like maybe show some of the behind the scenes drama that goes on all week. You don't really expect us to believe that it is one big love-fest, do you? I don't know what it needs but it really gets lost when the competition phase starts.
  • I am so bored with this series

    I've never been a big fan, quite honestly. I dislike how mean the judges are to aspiring singers and I can't get over that to enjoy the rest of the season. Why would contestants go on a show only to be badgered and have their spirit broken? Is this the same reason why people go on the Jerry Springer or Maury Povich shows? That they have no self esteem and don't mind being the butt of bad jokes? I don't call that entertainment, sorry. Once the season gets going I might look in but I don't vote and don't care.
  • This show started on an amazing note but soon went downhill so fast.

    This show used to be fun. I will admit that I watched the first two season and when the third season rolled around I was done! The whole show is the same and nobody really knows the American Idol's name anymore. I really hope that this show gets canceled soon before it becomes like who wants to be a millionaire.

    Like other shows of its type like "Dancing with the [3rd rate] Stars", this is brain dead TV. Watching these shows even on clip shows like "The Soup" and "Best Week Ever" I can feel my brain cells screaming in agony and dying.

    What makes Idol worse than Dancing is the downward spiral into outright cruelty where they parade people with zero talent out in front of America then tear them to shreds and totally humiliate them. How do these people sleep at night?

    The drunken Paula Abdul is the least of this shows problems.

    Simon Cowell is the worst - he deserves to be disfigured somehow so all the people he humiliated can laugh at his ugly face.

    The fact that so many people actually watch this junk is beyond comprehension. Youll notice that the ratings that many of these types of talent shows are in the 7's despite being top rated shows. Why is this? Well, most people who watch it are too brain dead to figure out how to get access the internet. Thats my theory and Im sticking to it.

    I could only rate this junk 1.0, its a real tragedy that I cant rate it 0.0 because of some bug in the software.
  • I was a hardcore fan of the show, until it got really boring and dull, ugh.

    Season 2 is the best season, since I like both Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, and it was very intense to see who would win. But Season 3 was too obvious, Season 4 is alright, and Season 5 was horrible. And about Season 1, it's ok. Season 2 is the main reason I became a big fan in the first place. But more seasons just can't keep up with how awesome 2 was, and 5 had destroyed all my hope into this show. I mean, Taylor Hicks, someone who can't sing, wins. What the, no way, that can't be possible. As much as I would give the show a higher rating(thanks to 3 fair good and predictable seasons like 1, 3 and 4), Season 5 ruined it. If more Seasons were like 2, I would rate this show a 10.

    I find it funny to see people who audition can't sing worth a damn when they give it their first try, and how the judges say that they suck really bad and seeing the pissed off contestant act crazy does bring laughter, but too many of them is more than enough. All they do is waste air time for other good singers out there(which isn't many) and they carry it too far sometimes. Admit it, you can't sing, go home, acting like a fool isn't going to help at all, I hope you know that. And Simon Cowell's remarks are really funny when someone sings horribly, and I kind of like how the judges make jokes about each other.

    But really, we don't need another season, and I thought Season 5 was the last for piece sakes. It's the exact same thing every time they do this show: They follow a routine that rarely changes when it comes down to the best singers, which I find boring since I can already predict this. Also, the show can be really boring when you watch the best sing: All you need to do is watch the results show since watching people sing can be exciting but also boring since nothing huge is truly happening. It's good to hear your favorite singer sing, but bad to watch if you already know that he/she has a voice and want to do something else besides seeing the exact same thing every week. While this show has it's twists, you'll probably predict it half of the time.

    Overall, it used to be the best show on T.V., but now it's not. If seeing the same thing over and over again is good for you, please watch this show, it could be really awesome. If you, like me, want more variety in their shows and don't want repetition most of the time and see singers that are just like Taylor Hicks(if Chris Daughtry won, this show would have a 9 at least), who can't sing really good, win with no talent whatsoever, avoid this show at all cost.

    i love this show, its the best thing ever. i has J j j j j j jj j j jj jj jj j j jj j j jj j jj j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j jj j kkk k k kk k kk k k k k kk k k k but yea its like REALLY good and everyone should watch it cuz its amazing. its funny and the beginning rocks. if you cant watch it, then just watch the first few episodes those are the best, then stop watching. Ok? sounds great.
  • This show is so awesome. I started watching this show a couple weeks ago.

    I like this show a lot. I like a lot of people who sing on this show,even if they don't get in. A couple of weeks ago I started to watch this show and I liked it. I think that the judges are cool. My favorite singer on the show is Carrie Underwood, she was a really good singer. I liked the girl that sang "Hips Don't Lie", she sings spanish songs really good. A lot of people are good singers. The show is really cool. I love it, this is like my 3rd favorite show! It's so awesome.
  • it's great.

    I think the best part of american idol is that in the beginning when the who can't sing try out and that's suprisingly funny and it's the end i don't care for, i just want to laugh and watch them ruin some good songs and it's a good show. but there's always someone that you like and that you want to win and that's people vote for there favorite person. it's a great show.
  • A decent show...

    This is a pretty good reality show. Simon Cowell, one of the judges, provides creative feedback, although he often gets overly critical. Paula Abdul, to couter Simon, tries to be as nice as possible. Randy is in the middle - not overly critical nor overly positive. The 'picking of singers' round is entertaining - so many bad singers show up. The actual singing part is more dramatic and suspenseful. Anyway, I always enjoy the show, although I rarely watch it (actually, the only season I really watched was the one with Carrey Underwood and some parts of the current season).
  • Simply The Best!

    As far as I'm concerned, AI is the number #1 reality show!
    I find it totally entertaining.I don't understand all the hype on how CRUEL the judges are,and how sickening the show has become.We all have choices, and if you don't want to watch it, change the channel! It's that easy. The individuals who audition for this show, know exactly what their getting into, when they sign up. And who knows,even though they are not America's next idol, they could end up being the next William Hung. How many people watched this last episode? Wasn't it over 37 MILLION? It's obvious FOX knows what their doing. Kudos to all involved and to Simon,
    Paula & Randy! I think you're the best!
  • This show is getting a little boring

    I got to say that iv been watching american idol for a while and the show is getting boring
    you see the same old judges and some people cant sing simon got a little soft over a period of time wow
    the new season came on resently and i did not even see the whole thing the show is still good but it is not going to last forever
  • Disappointing this year....

    American Idol has gone from a first class show to a rip-off of a Jerry Springer show. The judges are acting like 2nd graders. I watch this show to see talent so where is it? Why aren't some of these poor people pre-screened before they get to the judges? I can't imagine that anyone is getting any pleasure out of seeing these poor disillusioned people have their feelings crushed and their personal appearance ridiculed. I have watched this show religiously every year but I am seriously considering skipping the audition part this year and waiting until they get to the final 20.
  • Simon has gotten so soft!

    American Idol is a fairly good reality show for it's time. WE have the joy of experiencing anything from the talentless folks of America, to the folks with the most beautifal voices to be found. However, there are a few things about the show that I have grow to dislike. Most of all ,I think Simon has gotten rather soft with the horrible singers. First off, in the show's earlier seasons, it was a straight no and maybe a **** or bloody here and there. However, he NEVER would of offered them a second chance, which personally, I wathced the show for the humor he did create. So overall, it's still a good show, but what happened to the random humor from the judges, particularily simon?
  • I'm hooked to this show!

    American Idol is the greatest reality show on television right now. I find myself watching every episode just to see if these experts can really find the next big superstar. The auditions are hilarious! Some people really think they are the next American Idol, but when they open their mouths to sing, it's all downhill. Eventually, they find a couple diamonds in the rough. Every season, I'm excited to see if the newest season can top the previous season. My favorite season so far had to be last season because there was so much talent in the top 12! My favorite idol from Season 5 had to be Elliott Yamin because his voice was so soulful and amazing. There are a couple of things that get on my nerves about this show, including the repetitive criticisms that Simon Cowell says every week. Simon, it's getting old! Also, the fact that there has to be a theme to every week of competition is very annoying. Not everyone can sing country music! Not everyone wants to sing an old song from the 70's that I've heard a million times before! Other than those cons, the show is fantastic. I can't wait to see who will be the next American Idol! Of course, you don't have to win American Idol to be a star - see Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson!
  • American Idol show goes to several cities to find the next big singer. Was ok the first season but should have ended after William Hung opened his mouth!

    The “American Idol” is under the control of judges Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. They go through out the country to find the next big singer, blah blah. This show is so overrated!!! The only good thing about the show is the auditions. I know I can’t sing, but how can some of these people believe that they can! Now it’s only about the ratings and all the bad singers are coming to the audition, it looks too fake. Not all the winners have become supposedly idols. The only ones I believe are Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Simon Cowell is not a mean person, he just tells the truth. Paula and Simon fights are just for ratings. I don't know how long this show will last but I hope it ends soon!
  • I really love watching this show.

    What will Simon say next? I love that he is so blunt. We need more people like him in the world. People complain about "posers"...Simon is certainly NOT that. This show rocks! Paula Im kind of worried about after seeing her interview with (can't recall who the dang interview was with)...anyways whomever it was I recall her acting so biligerant, she seemed to be on all sorts of pills. She was just all over the place. Say no to drugs people.
  • There's nothing better than watching this show.

    This show is absolutely fantastic! Even when the auditions are painful they're so bad it's hysterical! Kelly Clarkson is one of the most talented people on this planet and if it weren't for this show the world would not have known about her so thank God for this show!! Every Tuesday and Wednesday everyone in our house congregrates in the living room to watch this show. We never miss an episode!!! This year the auditions have found some really talented people. I hope alot of them make it through Hollywood and end up on the show. The Best Show Ever!!
  • Most likely one of the greatest programs of the decade!

    When more American citizens vote for the 'American Idol' than for the President of the U.S., you know there's a hit on your hands! People have been tuning into American Idol going on six seasons straight, earning it some of the highest ratings on television. With it's zany, wanna-be clowns that don't make it past the first round, to the hair-raising sweethearts and Bruce Springsteens that make it to the finals, once you begin watching, you just can't stop! I have found this show highly addicting and hilarious at times. By far, this is probably one of the shows of those shows that will remain a classic icon for this decade! Here's to many more seasons of the show we can't get enough of! *Cheers!*
  • We all love to hate Simon!

    Wow American idol, where to begin, this show is about contestants that try to make it in the big time. They go through some gruwling experiences, but the worst is being embarassed by millions of people. There is a lot of people with talent that go on these show and some who don't have talent. So you probly heard about him before his name is Simon Cowel, he is a judge and he says the meanest things to these hopfuls. Thats why all of America loves to hate simon, this show has gotten away from finding talent and is focusing on Simon Cowell, this show is a must watch!
  • The best tallent show on television!!!!

    When I first saw American Idol my first thought was directed toward the dreadful Simon I said: \"Who the hell is this guy?\" But I really loved the show from the start. Some really great singers on there. Every season it got better. I think last season was the best. They really found great tallent. Record sales on everyone in that cast whent up. I was also happy to see Simon give more praise to these hardworking singers. Even the established singers said they were all great. It\'s a really take no prisoners show. I\'m not sure how Ryan Seacrest can handle that pressure. I know I couldn\'t. Overall, a wonderful reality show. The greatest reality show ever in my opnion!!!!
  • It isn't as good as it used to.

    American Idol used to be really good but now they're trying to make it funny by putting through anybody who sings okay but is a idiot just trying to get on tv. They did have some good people like Chris Daughtry. I think there is a scam there is no freaking way that Chris didn't get as much votes as Kathrine Mcphee. And I found out that Simon had a show similar to this in England but he was actually the nice guy and that American Idol gave him more money to be the bad guy. I'm starting a boycott. I won't watch a second of the next season.
    Peace out
  • I dont find this show funny or amusing.

    This show got old quickly. I think Simon is rude and he has nothing but rude comments to say about people. I dont find this show amusing or funny anymore. They should take it off the air. It was fun and cool for a little while, but then it got old and boring. I think this show really takes away peoples self confidince in singing. I think this show is a waste of time to watch. I think this show is next in line to be canceled. Nobody wants to watch Simon embarass people of T.v. its just mean .